Lirik Jumpshot – Dawin

lirik Jumpshot – DawinLet's give it a shot, you and I on the courtTime ticking on the clock, baby, I'mma try to scoreCause you the hottest on the blockNothin' dimmin' your lightBut all the options that you got wouldn't

Lirik Just One Day – BTS

lirik Just One Day – BTSHaruman naege sigani itdamyeonDalkomhan ni hyanggie chwihaeseo gonhi nan jamdeulgopaPpakppakhan seukejul saie gihoega itdamyeonTtaseuhago gipeun nun ane mom damgeugopaI like that,Neoui geu gilgo gin

Lirik Final Hour – Bastille

lirik Final Hour – BastilleSo, what would you little maniacs like to do first?Watching through my fingers, watching through my fingersShut my eyes and count to tenIt goes in one ear out the other, one ear out the otherBurning

Lirik Innocent – Bruno Mars

lirik Innocent – Bruno MarsDon't say it's overCoz your girl in you earAll the timeIt's paranoiaThey've been playingTricks on you mindDo they control yaGirl you know me better than IOh let me show yaOh let me show yaNo I would

Lirik A Case Of You – Passenger

lirik A Case Of You – PassengerJust before our love got lost you saidI am as constant as a northern star I said Constantly in the darkness Where's that at?If you want me I'll be in the bar On the back of a cartoon coaster By the

Lirik Oil On Water – Bastille

lirik Oil On Water – BastilleSo her fingers ran away with themselves'Till everything was documentedOur mind it was reaching outTo put into words what their bodies had doneThey lie together, ohOil on waterAnd they lie upon her,

Lirik Boyz with Fun – BTS

lirik Boyz with Fun – BTSJa wasseo a heungtansonyeondanWasseo wasseo a heungtansonyeondanJa wasseo a heungtansonyeondanHeung (heung) tan (tan) heung (heung) tan (tan)Nado nal jal mollaJa wasseo a heungtansonyeondanWasseo

Lirik Who Are You – Bruno Mars

lirik Who Are You – Bruno MarsYou use to tell that you loved meYeah that's what you would sayYou use to buy flowers even out on valentines dayYou would surprise me with a dinner even though you just ateBut what happened? baby,

Lirik Tonight – Bruno Mars

lirik Tonight – Bruno Mars[Bruno Mars: Chorus]Maybe if I jump or spread my wingsI know I've been wrong about these thingsI don't care if no one else believesI think that if you believe it then maybe we'll make itTonightOh

Lirik 24K Magic – Bruno Mars

lirik 24K Magic – Bruno MarsTonightI just want to take you higherThrow your hands up in the skyLet's set this party off rightPlayers, put yo' pinky rings up to the moonGirls, what y'all trying to do?24 karat magic in the airHead

Lirik Shore – Daniela Andrade

lirik Shore – Daniela AndradeStop being mysteriousTell me what you wantOh, give me somethingSomething I can workOh, are you feeling this?Is it just the way the dusk is falling?ChorusCause I want something realThese days, it's

Lirik Shame – Bastille

lirik Shame – BastilleThere is no love lost here between usWhere are those friends who pulled no punchesShock from my hip with one anotherWe got so far from themWe're miles from way back whenI'm so nervous saying this out

Lirik The Anchor – Bastille

lirik The Anchor – BastilleWhat do you know about it?Well, you gonna tell meWhy, I can't tell you. You don't - you can't - you can't explain now what's going on in your brain. You can't tell somebody how - wha-what's happening

Lirik Hanggang Ngayon – Kyla

lirik Hanggang Ngayon – Kyla Sa 'king pag-iisa Ala ala ka Bakit hanggang ngayon Ay ikaw pa rin sinta'At sa hatinggabi Sa pagtulog mo Hanap mo ba ako Hanggang sa paggising mo Kailanman ika'y inibig ng tunay'Wag mong limutin pag-

Lirik Shout Out to My Ex – Little Mix

lirik Shout Out to My Ex – Little MixThis is a shout out to my exHeard he in love with some other chickYeah yeah, that hurt me, I'll admitForget that boy, I'm over itI hope she gettin' better sexHope she ain't fakin' it like I did,

Lirik Whatching Her Move – Bruno Mars

lirik Whatching Her Move – Bruno MarsShe Got It She Looking GoodI'm Just Watching Her MoveShe Walks On In With Her Retros OnHer Lips As Bright As The SunHer Curves Goes Every Which WayGot Skin Like PorcelainThe Way Her Hair Falls Down

Lirik Question Is – Tory Lanez

lirik Question Is – Tory LanezQuestion is, can you forgive me babyCan you forgive me for the way I love you?Can you forgive me for the way I love you?Can you forgive me for the way I love you?I love you from a distanceI love you,

Lirik Bad Reputation – Shawn Mendes

lirik Bad Reputation – Shawn MendesShe got a bad reputationShe takes the long way homeAnd all of my friends've seen her nakedOr so the story goesMistakes we all make themBut they won't let it go, noCause she's got a bad reputationBut I

Lirik Reign Of Terror – Sabaton

lirik Reign Of Terror – SabatonThe sky is on fire burning black goldEyes of the west turn to eastDriven by greed and an urge to destroyMerciless killing your ownSlave to the power a slave to the goldRuthlessly ruling the eastYour

Lirik Understand – Shawn Mendes

lirik Understand – Shawn MendesAm I asking all these questions for nothing?I'm wondering if anyone's thereAnd I really need to make a confessionI hate to say that I'm a little bit scared, yeahThat I've been on this train too

Lirik Somebody’s Love – Passenger

lirik Somebody’s Love – PassengerOh when the winds they blow You're gonna need somebody to know youYou're gonna need somebody's love to fall intoOh when the leaves they fallYou're gonna need somebody to call youYou're gonna need

Lirik Counterstrike – Sabaton

lirik Counterstrike – SabatonKickstart fighter launchThrottle set to fullSpeed king race to winAfterburners roaringGhostlike counterstrikeTakes them by surpriseScore 307Israelis rule the heavenJordan attacks Israel crush

Lirik Luv – Tory Lanez

lirik Luv – Tory LanezWe all sip the henny for the day babyBodmon, we no stray babyOops I done fell for your way babyI know girl but, everyone fallsAnd I know from the first time, the first timeI seen your love, you got me

Lirik The Long Road – Passenger

lirik The Long Road – PassengerWe've walked the long road and you've worn it wellYou stitched yourself up when you fellKeep your memories in jarsCarry secrets in scarsBeneath your shellYou've seen some good days and some bad ones

Lirik Dirty Money – Tory Lanez

lirik Dirty Money – Tory LanezMoney on my mindAll the time, all the timeSlangin', sellin', niggas tellin'Catchin' feelings, on the lowFriends switchin', different womenWith you every nightPrayin', sinnin', sinnin', prayin'That the

Lirik All The Girls – Tory Lanez

lirik All The Girls – Tory LanezOut of all the damn girls in the world, I done ended up with youI'm talkin' all the bad bitches in the world, and I ended up with youNow I ain't still dwellin' on them girls, but I know that it's

Lirik Fool’s Gold – Passenger

lirik Fool’s Gold – PassengerCan't you show me something I've not seen beforeMagic tricks and pirate ships - they just don't work no moreGiven up on treasure chests that wash upon the shore'Cause fool's gold never seems to keep

Lirik Patience – Shawn Mendes

lirik Patience – Shawn MendesYou hit me up, it's late at night, this is the same old storyYour friends should take your phone awayI always give in when you tell me lies to reassure meI always make the same mistakes, yeahOoh, you

Lirik Beautiful Birds – Passenger

lirik Beautiful Birds – PassengerYou remember when we were two beautiful birds we would light up the sky when wed flyYou were orange and red like the sun when it sets I was green as an apples eyeYou said you loved all the songs that

Lirik Roses – Shawn Mendes

lirik Roses – Shawn MendesIt's not that I'm afraid I'm not enough for herIt's not that I can't find the words to sayBut when she's with him, she seems happierAnd I don't want to take that awayHow many times can I see your face

Lirik Stalingrad – Sabaton

lirik Stalingrad – SabatonFresh from MoscowOver Volga came to comrades aidCity in despairAlmost crushed by the fhrers armyOh it's colder than hellHitlers forces advancingThe sound of mortarsThe music of deathA grand

Lirik Loners Blvd – Tory Lanez

lirik Loners Blvd – Tory LanezYou catch my rock, rolling down Loners BlvdYou've got dreams, keep on dreamingHigh school teen, never got acceptedGuess it didn't get to go how I expectedNow a nigga pissedSteady lookin' at the bottom

Lirik Panzer Battalion – Sabaton

lirik Panzer Battalion – SabatonUnder this sun no shadows will fallPiercing our eyes as we chargeAn armoured battalion on course to the eastClosing the end of it's marchThis time we're here to finish a jobStarted a decade agoDriving

Lirik Hold On – Shawn Mendes

lirik Hold On – Shawn MendesStop, take it inAnd I breath for a minuteI think too much when I'm aloneI never win when IKeep all my thoughts insideSo I pick up the phoneAnd my dad said "Shawn, stay with meEverything will be

Lirik Wolfpack – Sabaton

lirik Wolfpack – SabatonTo their own shore came the world warGleaves and InghamLeading the bury westTook the short way inThe long route back convoy 92Bury Gleaves and Ingham leadingTankers to the westAnd upon the north

Lirik Still Into You – Paramore

lirik Still Into You – Paramore Can't count the years on one hand that we've been together I need the other one to hold you Make you feel, make you feel better It's not a walk in the park to love each other But when our fingers

Lirik Shout Out To My Ex – Little Mix

lirik Shout Out To My Ex – Little Mix [Verse 1: Perrie] This is a shout out to my ex Heard he in love with some other chick Yeah yeah, that hurt me, I'll admit Forget that boy, I'm over it I hope she gettin' better sex Hope she ain't

Lirik Winter Of Our Youth – Bastille

lirik Winter Of Our Youth – BastilleSo the question is, why doesn't he grow upWhy does he still behave as a childHow can we help him get rid of these Leftovers from chidish behaviorThis is the winter of our youthOh but I'm not there

Lirik Brick Wall – This Wild Life

lirik Brick Wall – This Wild LifeI've got a feeling that we're closer to the end than where we beganSo just let me go, send me home, give me awayAnd throw me awayI think we're better off just being friends than to sleep in one

Lirik Snakes – Bastille

lirik Snakes – BastilleOoh, I'm not readyOoh, I'm not readyOoh, I'm not readyOoh, I'm not readySnakes are biting in my heelsThe worries that refuse to let us goI've been kicking them awayWhen hoping not to let them take

Lirik Way Beyond – Bastille

lirik Way Beyond – BastilleIn my left hand there is the familiarIn my right hand there's the great unknownI can see the madly different grass thereBut I'm drawn to wilder nights at homeDon't listen to your friendsSee the