3 Gold Chains – Waka Flocka

Gold Like This - Gold Top adalah lagu yang mungkin mirip dengan 3 Gold Chains , bukan dari musik tapi lirik. Waka Flocka mungkin terinspirasi dari lagu milik Flockaveli Flame dan Murda Flame dalam pembuatan lirik dari 3 Gold Chains.

All these presidents my pocket like the white house
I’m the type of nigga niggas read about
I get cake, cake, cake like Rihanna nigga
Getting to this cash what my life about
3 gold chains like I’m dealing dope
Off the weed [?] I will show you the ropes
Ain’t nothing worse than being broke
I know the fucking feeling
I’m a rich nigga tryna touch a nigga million
Trap money
Fucking bitches and they best friends
Rap money
Fucking groupies in the west end
Tryna jack
Catch the lad like he Zepplin
I ain’t talking Harlem
Ballin off trees feel like I’m James Harden

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