Achilles Heel – Plan Three

Lirik dari Achilles Heel yang dibuat oleh artis Plan Three memang layaknya puisi, bagus! Coba anda bandingkan dengan lirik dari Blessing (remix) - T Pain atau All For Nothing , bukankah lagu-lagu itu mirip dengan In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning - Frank Sinatra. iya kan kalau anda perhatikan!

Wheels spin faster
Servant master
Naked in your eyes
You reach out defenseless
My strongest weakness
Blindsided by your smile
My only vice

I thought I’d done my time

But no matter how I try
In a flash you got me open wide
I don’t know what is fiction what is real
If I just could flip a switch and not feel
You’re my Achilles heel

You blow hot and cold
So much untold
You’re a blessing and a curse
Now I walk my own way
Thought I could handle it
Thought I could just play
I’m losing this war of nerves

There’s no lesson learned


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