Colors – Chief Keef

Colors adalah judul lirik lagu dari artis bernama Chief Keef, tapi jika anda mau dengar Colors of the Wind - Tori Kelly ataupun Citgo , mereka juga adalah lagu yang sangat menarik untuk didengar. Anda mungkin tidak terkejut Chief Keef memiliki lagu lain Colors with Tiestofeat feat. Andreas Moe - Hardwell, yang mirip dengan Colors

I’m coolin’ with my brothers, my brothers
Red and blue our colors, our colors
Catch you at the red light, I’m bustin’, mothafucka
Since I was a youngin I ain’t care ’bout nothin’
I do not give one fucks, two fucks
Red fucks, blue fucks, yellow fucks
I’m about my green bucks
I’ma make a scene for my green bucks
I’ma get some red on my Nina

Pulled up in black trucks
Pulled dem black Macs up
We don’t need no back up
Fuck boy, we strapped up
Pulled up in my silver SRT8
Pulled up with my silver AK
Black hollows same height as Kay Kay
White chalk, we can do this everyday
Big whip, big house, six car garage
Young black nigga and I made it far
Yeah it’s green now my pocket
Black 50 in my car white
Bitches knockin’ at my door
Tryna hop the fuck on but nah


We some young wild niggas
You can’t get your money back nigga
For your green, better be a running back nigga
No slammer’s gonna slam your ass nigga

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