Don’t Cry – Vierra

Truth, Cry, and Lie - Letto adalah lagu yang mungkin mirip dengan Don’t Cry , bukan dari musik tapi lirik. Vierra mungkin terinspirasi dari lagu milik This Is Me Versi Rap - The Broadcaster MRA dan You Make Me Cry - Oka dalam pembuatan lirik dari Don’t Cry.

i want you to stay tonight
i want you to say that ”i’ll be here”
i need to hear it
let us go outside and see
see the stars that glows and feel with love
i don’t wanna miss it

hey wait up wait up don’t you run too fast
because i care we care though the story must go on

don’t cry i want you to know that we still need you
don’t cry listen to our heart and never whisper
don’t try to forget our dreams and get away with it

listen to the radio
we used to sing along with our song hey
our memories stay inside

repeat reff

come on everybody come outside and share your dreams
don’t you fake it, fake it, fake it, fake it

repeat reff


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