Go Round – Charlie Puth

Lirik dari Go Round yang dibuat oleh artis Charlie Puth memang layaknya puisi, bagus! Coba anda bandingkan dengan lirik dari One Call Away atau Instagram Models , bukankah lagu-lagu itu mirip dengan I Won't Tell a Soul . iya kan kalau anda perhatikan!

I gotta have you now, it’s not an option
You’re taking off your blouse and I’m watching
In front of your mirror, I turn the curtain down
I couldn’t be any clearer what we’re gonna do now

I wanna see you riding and grinding and
We’re gonna get it right we’re colliding we’re
Gonna have to keep quiet, trying to keep it down
You’re taking off my shirt, for another go round
For another go round
For another go round

I gotta have you now, just can’t take it
I wanna put you down when we’re faded
At the top of your lungs, you’ll be screaming my name
And we’ve gone too far to call it all the way

I’ll pick you up and lay you on the kitchen counter
Say you couldn’t do without it, I’m okay if you’re about it
Down on every direction, got me hypnotized
I’m hallucinating, going out of my mind
For another go round
For another go round

It’s like every other evening let me see what you can do
Yeah, ohohoh I got all this paper, let me throw it all on you
For another go round
For another go round


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