Human – Anggun

Anggun berhasil membuat Human dengan lirik yang cocok dengan lagu seperti Satan State - The SIGIT ataupun Feels Like Rock n Roll - Fariz RM, karena kita tahu mungkin Human juga sama dengan Human - Ning Baizura yang memiliki irama keren dan bagus. Kita lihat saja Human dibawah.

Am I look like angels’
But why there’s a prize
Cause inside these mottos
There’s a devil in disguise

The lies and betrayals
Make you wonder why
The evil that once rocking cradles
The devil that decides

Can you tell the friends from foes’
Do you know’

Hey’ are you a human’
Hey’ loves other human
Hey’ is there a human’
Hey’ an evil for human

Fought my every battle
With my head up high
Something cruel and endless rebel
Make me want to roll and hide

Should I read the bible’
Should I carry one’
Inside I caught what in the middle
Is the truth to be defined’

Do I know my friend and foes’
I’m not quite sure anymore


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