Little Things – Anggun

Mengapa hanya mendengarkan lagu dari Anggun yang berjudul Little Things ?, ada lirik lain yang bisa dibaca! Ane kasih contoh Burn For You - Superman Is Dead juga ena didengar kan, atau mungkin Always You juga bagus. Kalau suka dengan Anggun mungkin juga bisa membaca Suicide Phenomena - Killing Me Inside.
You once gave me something
I should always keep
Little stone with the hope
But it's not from you
I still hide it smooth in my pocket
Wrapping luck to coins I never seem to use

Little things, little things remain me
Want to erase, give the space to someone else
Little things, little things always catch me
I'm unware, unprepared to let it go

Would it have mattered'
Would it have change anything'
If I have loved you more
Would it have mattered'
Does it matter now'
Now that you got it all

Oh little things
Cut like knives, hurt and sting
Oh little things
Cut like blades, like regrets cut my face

You once gave me something
I should always keep
Little spark that should grow to a flame
It still glows here hidden in my heart
Burning me and you
When every someone speaks your name

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