Mortal Combat – Afu-Ra

Mendengarkan alunan lagu dari Afu-Ra memang keren, lirik Mortal Combat juga tidak kalah bagusnya, Tapi tahukah anda kalau Afu-Ra kemungkinan memiliki lagu lainnya seperti Flesh And Bone - Bon Jovi yang modis, atau Shadows - Nidji yang wow, dan apalagi jika mendengarkan I'm Talkin - Missy Elliott akan menambah semarak hidup kita ini.
featuring Masta Killa


Nine-nine style, you know what'm sayin? Comin at ya

This is how we do...

Parapalegic, my fighting stance too strategic

No shadows on my kicks too much chi

Horrific, to be specific, I'm comin through with Ju-Jitzu

Bone-crushin, bone-breakin, as I get into

Scorpion styles, with the speed of a cheeta

Hit your pressure points with light skills I be the

Master, Iron palms is elemental

Combinations damaging nations in the mental

Cerebral cortex is obselete

You'll die ten times if your tryin to test me

Taoist master, rhyme styles disaster

Studied on the cliffs of mountains readin scrolls

Holdin it down, Iron Shirt Chi Kung

Apprenticed in the temple with the ???

I went through torture, deadly styles I'm the author

Ingested metals, yeah, they make me supernova

Triple-spinnin, kicks, side-kicks, and hook-kicks

They comin chiller, so, you must be Masta Killa

Chorus: Afu-Ra

Its Afu, change my style, change the weather

Its Afu, change your mind, just too clever

Its Afu, all the weak styles I sever

Combinin two styles on the mic with Masta Killa


[Masta Killa]

Comin through, nuff respect due, check...

The great ones have searched for the richeous data

To show and prove and master the seperation of matter

The ?? rep, never lose conscience of self

Shed a cell, keep it moving factor

Sword swing in the temple, mental state, danger chamber

Eight yang slang, Wu-Tang train vibrant soldiers in this rap game

Like that Shanghai, chinky-eyed chick from Bed Stuy

Win Chung from Lafayette, prophecy of Malcolm X

57 park it, might spark, its the heart

One blood cell featuring Masta Kill

At dark he goes, bust guns

Trust none, touch one, young sun

Prodigal Sun, Killer Bees disease

Homegrown flown from overseas city under siege

Your eyes bleed, the weed got a red dred

Like spinnin roundhouse kicks to the head, leave dead


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