No Feelings feat. Travi$ Scott – PARTYNEXTDOOR

Mendengarkan alunan lagu dari PARTYNEXTDOOR memang keren, lirik No Feelings feat. Travi$ Scott juga tidak kalah bagusnya, Tapi tahukah anda kalau PARTYNEXTDOOR kemungkinan memiliki lagu lainnya seperti Over Here feat. Drake yang modis, atau I Don't yang wow, dan apalagi jika mendengarkan Woo feat. Travis Scott - Rihanna akan menambah semarak hidup kita ini.

Smoke so much purp that I just might go colorblind
Dick so long, you can land a plane on it, I’m just being honest
Taking your like you been taught to lay up, yeah what’s up?
She ringing me cause she know I’m a only pick up for the pay up
Get that pussy wet, my lifestyle aquatic
My bad bitch, she exotic, she is a
Native, Egyptian, American, she’s every woman, she’s swearing it
I told her, I need my reefer
Fuck me, suck me and rub my tummy
Can’t believe that she keep our little secret for so long

She said, all I’m ever good for is sex and money
Di dick and money

I said all I wanna give to you girl, is this dick and money
This dick and money
No feelings, no feelings, no feelings
No feelings, no feelings, no feelings

Drank so much codeine, drinking til I’m colorblind
She gon do the coke until she can’t see the line
I re-ed up on my reefer
Xanax got me sleeper
Leaner by the liter
I drown in my bitch, she aquarius
All this codeine got me nodding off
Yo bitch at the crib, nodding off
All these pills got me nodding off
I’m a get turnt til my knob is off
Give her my love, nigga not at all, nod it off you know


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