No Fucks with Bloody Jay – Young Thug

Young Thug berhasil membuat No Fucks with Bloody Jay dengan lirik yang cocok dengan lagu seperti Florida Water with Bloody Jay ataupun Thug In Me, Thug In You - 2pac, karena kita tahu mungkin No Fucks with Bloody Jay juga sama dengan Again yang memiliki irama keren dan bagus. Kita lihat saja No Fucks with Bloody Jay dibawah.

Aye, Bloody Jay
Let’s hit the club and order a 100 bottles of Rose’
We ain’t Ku Klux Klan but that jet hold 3 K’s
I spent 100k on my ring so she can skate

I Don’t Give No Fuck

I don’t give no motherfuckin’ fuuucckk
Mud on my shoes. steppin on $100,000 fuckin ruuuggg
Bitches just wanna take pictures of these $20,000 sluuugggs
SMM don’t have a leader everyone we be look like the plug
Woke up and bought a pimpin’ business
Learned that from OG Double D
Nigga we killin witnesses, R.I.P. OGD
She know she not winnin’ if she stay away from me
She say she not with it, I see straight through her like linen
Havin’ babies, cookin’ babies, water whipping
Casting call for this porn, I need a leading lady
Serving J’s alka seltzer, Bloody Jay gone tell em
I don’t either

Thug you my brother
You know its love motherfucka
And death to anybody that approach blood motherfucka
So that go for Thug motherfucka, he blood motherfucka
Imma wet a nigga block until that bitch flood motherfucka
You know I don’t give no fuck, Like a virgin ho that won’t fuck
My neck and wrist froze up, like a scary nigga that won’t buss
Any body get it nigga you know we gone buss
Like a pipe with pressure
Me and blood posted at the spot
With more P’s than Peter Piper Pick a Pepper
We crime bosses, no goodfella
We bad guys, convicted felons
Quick to buss on niggas watermelons
Let the dp the talkin and the stick do the yellin
Put holes all in his Srah Bella
I don’t give no fuck, Thug tell em


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