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1. Lirik Reach Out – Westlife

lirik Reach Out – WestlifeWhen everything is warYoure living in a battle zoneWhen everything is tornAnd the world is cold as stoneDont lock all the doorsClose your heartShut me out of your lifeAnd throw all the keysChorus:Will

3. Lirik Run This Town – Lucy Hale

lirik Run This Town – Lucy HaleHold on cause I'm letting goI'm gonna lasso your heart like a rodeoI'm gonna give you some till you want some moreCause all I see is an open doorAnd I see where it's leading meAll of this energy been

7. Lirik Always You – Anggun

lirik Always You – AnggunWent from the east to the westWith stories to eraseFrom my heart, my fingers and my faceI've tried my very bestNo matter wherever I amThere's nothing I can doCause my love has only one nameAnd it's

8. Lirik Yes I Am – Radiohead

lirik Yes I Am – RadioheadI resent you callingI resent your voiceI resent that I don't have a choiceAnywhere I goYou are always thereOutside the carOr in my hairI think I've been here beforeYes I've been here beforeThe last

9. Lirik Symba – Jaden Smith

lirik Symba – Jaden SmithI got the famUm, I got the tunesUh, we got the crystalsWe got the candlesWere sitting in a circle, were sitting in a circleCircles and squares, circles and squaresErkels and bears, lets go lets goI'm

10. Lirik Lucky Man – Mocca

lirik Lucky Man – MoccaLucky Man - MoccaSome people say you;re a lucky manTo win the first prize lotterySome people say you’re a lucky manTo have a high-flying briht careerBut i know they’re wrongAnd i’m

11. Lirik Keep It On The Hush – Ludacris

lirik Keep It On The Hush – Ludacris Sister Martha so glad to see you So glad your parol came through So glad everybody came out this morning We reading from the book of hush, todayVerse sixty-nine, come on somebody, come on somebody

12. Lirik Lamborghini – Lupe Fiasco

lirik Lamborghini – Lupe FiascoIt’s a mad world out here, I tell youThe world’s gone stark, raving madEveryone in the world is madIt’s a mad crazy worldI see diamond-flooded demonsLamborghini angelsLamborghini

13. Lirik The Vampire Sleep – Avatar

lirik The Vampire Sleep – AvatarHe has raised the draw-bridge above the moat He has locked and bolted all doors he passed He has taken care of it all for he is the one Who can lay himself to rest Who can sleep for a thousand

14. Lirik I Got This – Big K.r.i.t.

lirik I Got This – Big K.r.i.t. I got this here, I got this here, nigga I got this here I got this here, I got this here, nigga I got this here I got this here, I got this here, nigga I got this here Big backyard with a house on

15. Lirik Thank You Allah – Maher Zain

lirik Thank You Allah – Maher ZainI was so far from youYet to me you were always so closeI wandered lost in the darkI closed my eyes toward the signsYou put in my wayI walked everydayFurther and further away from youOoooo Allah, you

16. Lirik Bossy – Kelis, Too Short – Kelis

lirik Bossy – Kelis, Too Short – Kelis [Kelis' introduction:] [Laughter] Hey Ya, You don't have love me, you don't even have to like me, but you will respect me, you know why? cause I'm a boss!Uh uh... watch the beat go... Uh uh... watch

18. Lirik Up To No Good – Rancid

lirik Up To No Good – Rancid1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8NO one is safe hereWe're all in dangerthrough the corridorI see a strangerRobbin and RansackingI see him walkingLock your doors nowI hear him knockingUp to no goodUp to no goodLike a

19. Lirik Free Granny – Edane

lirik Free Granny – EdaneA little old lady won a hundred million dollars just the other day Now at night you can hear what the people are saying But she was lonely yeah with no one there And now people are singing real bad

20. Lirik Let It Go – James Bay

lirik Let It Go – James BayFrom walkin' home and talkin' loadsSeein' chirps in evenin' clothes with youFrom nervous touch and gettin' drunkTo stayin' up and wakin' up with youAnd now we're slippin' at the edgeHoldin' somethin'

22. Lirik Welcome Home – Metallica

lirik Welcome Home – MetallicaWelcome to where time stands stillNo one leaves and no one willMoon is full, never seems to changeJust labeled mentally derangedDream the same thing every nightI see our freedom in my sightNo locked

23. Lirik The Price Of Love – Bon Jovi

lirik The Price Of Love – Bon JoviOne heart one other They met last summer One move she started Now they love this way The pain of pleasure Lying together You're at their mercy As the telephone' ringing on No one said there'd be

27. Lirik Star Castle – Avatar

lirik Star Castle – AvatarDomes cover underground Chambers raising a (Mighty) tower tall to the Sky Where the Lords of the West gather Once again to explore the Crystal Night Instruments of Oak and Brass at hand Before

28. Lirik Keep It Coming – Rock City

lirik Keep It Coming – Rock City All the way that monkey swinging .... One more .... I need you to know that you are my official unofficial sexy .. Make it whistle baby roll down You may be .. baby girl .. monster ... in the sheets

29. Lirik Alhamdulillah – Maher Zain

lirik Alhamdulillah – Maher ZainI was so far from you Yet to me you were always so close I wandered lost in the dark I closed my eyes toward the signs You put in my way I walked everyday Further and further away from you Ooooo Allah

30. Lirik Talk That Shit – Timbaland

lirik Talk That Shit – Timbaland [Intro] They can talk that shit, they can talk that shit They can talk that shit, they can talk that shit They can talk that shit, they can talk that shit They can talk that shit, they can talk that

32. Lirik Thief Of Hearts – Bon Jovi

lirik Thief Of Hearts – Bon Jovi(written by: Bon Jovi)You can lock up all the doors,Pull up the coversTurn out the lights,I'll know where you are,It's alright.You can go ahead and hide,You know you can't keep me out,I'll find my

34. Lirik Sarah's Song – Rich Hil

lirik Sarah's Song – Rich Hil She comes by herself, Praises us gifts Its hard to tell, She leaves so swift She don't love you, She don't love me Who ever she loves, That man must be free I don't know, Maybe you do What she be

35. Lirik D.D. – The Weeknd

lirik D.D. – The WeekndYoull never make me staySo take your weight off of meI know your every moveSo wont you please let me beIve been here times beforeBut I was to blind to seeThat you seduce every manThis time you wont

42. Lirik With A Smile – Eraserheads

lirik With A Smile – Eraserheads Lift your head, baby, don't be scared Of the things that could go wrong along the way You'll get by with a smile You can't win at everything but you can try.Baby, you don't have to worry 'Coz there

43. Lirik Body Bag Remix – Fabolous

lirik Body Bag Remix – Fabolous [Intro: Cam'Ron] Yo Fab what up nigga Funeral Service, Killa Season, Slime Flu Lot of shit going on Let's get ready to go in though[Verse 1: Cam'Ron] Huh, I said, ice in a ceramic van? Dammit Cam,

44. Lirik Eye Of The Beholder – Metallica

lirik Eye Of The Beholder – MetallicaDo you see what I see?Truth is an offenceYou silence for your confidenceDo you hear what I hear?Doors are slamming shutLimit your imagination, keep you where they mustDo you feel what I feel?Bittering

47. Lirik Astronomy – Metallica

lirik Astronomy – MetallicaSongwriters: Bouchard, Albert; Bouchard, Joseph J; Pearlman, Samuel C;The clock strikes twelve and moondrops burstOut at you from their hiding place?Like acid and oil on a madman's faceHis reasons

49. Lirik Real Nigga (remix) – Troy Ave

lirik Real Nigga (remix) – Troy Ave I made my name up in these streets like a real nigga I keep them pistols in my Jeep like a real nigga I make sure all my homies eat like a real nigga I fuck your bitch and go to sleep like a real
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