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1. Lirik Summer Wind – Westlife

lirik Summer Wind – WestlifeThe summer wind, came blowin' in - from across the seaIt lingered there, so warm and fair - to walk with meAll summer long, we sang a song - and strolled on golden sandTwo sweethearts, and the summer

5. Lirik Summer Rain – Sia

lirik Summer Rain – SiaMy summer rainI prepared for the worst in a stormIt doesn't take long before I'm shakingI watch the news end, wait for the forecastI fill a tall glass, try to be patientIt's been a long time, I feel

6. Lirik Summer Nights – Grease

lirik Summer Nights – Grease[Danny]Summer lovin’ had me a blast[Sandy]Summer lovin’ happened so fast [Danny]I met a girl crazy for me [Sandy]Met a boy cute as can be [Both]Summer days driftin’ away, to uh-oh

8. Lirik Pull The Plug – I Prevail

lirik Pull The Plug – I PrevailSomebody wake me upBreathe in and breathe out, thats what I tell myselfWhen the voices inside say that I wont surviveWhen did I become so cold and so numb?To the hope in my mind, to the fire drowning

9. Lirik Summer Of Love – Cascada

lirik Summer Of Love – CascadaThis is the summer of love,OhoohI feel my heart is dancing.If you wanna dance with me,Get ready there’s a party tonight.WohoohWe gonna dance so free,Let’s do it for the very first time.

14. Lirik All Summer – Kid Cudi

lirik All Summer – Kid Cudi All year long We wait for sun At the beach We come undoneHeyyy, hello world Hello sweet summer Cudder Ain't nobody rowdy The cops won't hound me The women of the women love the Chucks I'm wearing

15. Lirik Summer Days – Pixie Lott

lirik Summer Days – Pixie Lott10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 zeroWearing nothing but a sombre dress on my bodyWe've come back to all the emptiness and IFeel the sun on my skinWarming up my heart withinCounting the daysLying in the

19. Lirik Danzig Summer – Aurora

lirik Danzig Summer – Aurorasilent we are laying here in the desert no trues, no flowers just us bathing in eachothers blood and passions stoned we are the sun glows like an inflamed eye the light is bright and the eye

21. Lirik I Love Summer – Honey Claws

lirik I Love Summer – Honey ClawsI love summer, I love the heatI love half dressed women by the beachI love life, I love livingI love every damn thing in my visionI love summer, I love the heatI love half dressed women by the beachI

22. Lirik Always – Weezer

lirik Always – WeezerAlways, send your love to me softly.Sweetly, turn the pages on always.In the night, I was bornLived a new, summer 'morn. Always, send you love, come to me.Cause I was destined to be. Always, rue the

23. Lirik One Wish – Fifth Harmony

lirik One Wish – Fifth HarmonyWoke up to the same old uh ohHeartbreak cause I won't let go-ohSix weeks and I still don't knowWho or where we went wrongLovesick and I feel so uh-ohThat's it gotta let you go-ohAll good but I still

24. Lirik Serve It Up – Trey Songz

lirik Serve It Up – Trey Songz [Chorus] Serve it up, serve it up, girl your lovin' is the bestest Workin' up an appetite and baby you're my breakfast Ooh you're so delicious I'll do your dirty dishes Serve it up, serve it up, I'm

25. Lirik Don’t Make Me Sad – Letto

lirik Don’t Make Me Sad – LettoI think it was Sunday when we went out that dayA simple glance to her, a blunderOh boy, oh my Lord say oh you keep your head straightOh no can I do that?She really drives me madBut it wasn’t all

27. Lirik Lush Life – Zara Larsson

lirik Lush Life – Zara LarssonI live my day as if it was the lastLive my day as if there was no pastDoin' it all night, all summerDoin' it the way I wannaYeah I'm a dance my heart out 'til the dawnBut I won't be done when morning

28. Lirik I Deserve It – Faith Evans

lirik I Deserve It – Faith Evans Make it hot for the summer, make it hot Make it hot for the summer, make it hot We gon' make it, make it hot We gon' make it, make it hotEverybody is looking for their one and only love And I'd be

31. Lirik Summer Wit Miami – Jim Jones

lirik Summer Wit Miami – Jim Jones They say rap music is subliminal But the music for us is like our own diary Something like a confession They tell me life is a bitchShe's something like the seasons Just like mother nature She come

32. Lirik Someone – Duette

lirik Someone – Duettehave you ever heard the story of my lifehave you ever known these feelings are for youoh can’t you see, oh can’t you feelwhen two hearts are one love becomes reali’ll be your summer

33. Lirik Meet Ya – Rita Ora

lirik Meet Ya – Rita OraOh,Oh, oh, ohOh, oh, ohDid you know that they tore downWhere I lived, yea, my mom's houseCouple summers agoMaking loveAll the way till the sun downI remember you were the king and I was the queenAnd I

34. Lirik Radio – Protocol Afro

lirik Radio – Protocol AfroRadio plays my favorite songAs i try to deceive you i once belongI asked if she come but she said so longIt’s as if … she won’t come along* the streets are full of falling

35. Lirik More – Usher

lirik More – Usher Watch me as I dance under the spotlight, Listen to the people screaming out more, and more 'Cause I create the feeling that keep 'em coming back, Yeah, I create the feeling that keep 'em coming back

36. Lirik Cold One – Eric Church

lirik Cold One – Eric ChurchIt was a perfect day for the end of May, they say a record highI was starin' at that green water when out of the blue and by surpriseShe had her feet up on the cooler as she put our love on iceShe

37. Lirik Summer’s Over – Drake

lirik Summer’s Over – DrakeOh, baby, yeahDays in the sunAnd nights in the rainSummer is over, simple and plainFound me some fun that's good for the painAlready told you, I don't feel the sameI don't feel the sameAnywhere I goI

39. Lirik Rise – Selena Gomez

lirik Rise – Selena GomezYou can stand beside the madness like a falling tearYou can hold onto the sadness like a souvenirOr you can close your eyes and see your lifeLike the airYou can tap into the strength you never knew

40. Lirik Years From Now – Aizat

lirik Years From Now – AizatWhat will I be years from nowWhat will I wear, how will I lookI think too much, I think too muchSometimes ita€™s scary over thinkingWhat you have or havena€™t doneYou think too much, you think too

44. Lirik Bring On the Night – The Corrs

lirik Bring On the Night – The CorrsI read the book you read, tasted the words you saidOur story is darkening with timeOne fading afternoonThe leaves dried in your car, no picture understoodBut I had a feeling I would find, you hid it

45. Lirik Lagu Western Yang Up To Date ?

lirik Lagu Western Yang Up To Date ? ada yg tau gak lagu barat yg enak di dengar, bukan lagu yg slow ya! NO JADUL! ? green_boys Easy listening rap: Ed Sheeran - you need me I don't need you OliviaOlive! Jawaban terbaik lagu

46. Lirik You and I – One Direction

lirik You and I – One DirectionI figured it out.I figured it out from black and white.Seconds and hours.Maybe they had to take some time.I know how it goes.I know how it goes from wrong to right.Silence and sound.Did they ever hold

47. Lirik A Pertect Light – Aurora

lirik A Pertect Light – AuroraBeyond the metaphysical spectre there was perfect light Only light, there was no hint of darkness Nor was this moment ever in the past Nor could it ever be. Outside time It simply was. Perfect.

48. Lirik Watch Dis – Plies

lirik Watch Dis – Plies Ay brah, I woke up this morning, brah And I check my stash, dawg (Check my stash dawg) And my cash was lookin truly beautiful (Truly beautiful) I think I'm goin out stuntin today (What?)Watch dis Man

49. Lirik Wildfire – Rascal Flatts

lirik Wildfire – Rascal FlattsRiver's strong you can't swim inside itWe could string some lights up the hill beside itTonight the moon's so brightYou could drive with your headlights out, hmmm with your headlights out'Cause a

50. Lirik Bright Tonight – Garbage

lirik Bright Tonight – GarbageFrom the beginning, we were always going to failWe were the next thing that the world could not wait to tear downOff balance in our own mindsOff balance in the ways we looked to everybody elseOn and
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