Kumpulan 702 | Lirik Lagu 702

3. Lirik Perfect Strangers – Jonas Blue

lirik Perfect Strangers – Jonas Blue You were looking at me like you wanted to stay When I saw you yesterday I'm not wasting your time, I'm not playing no games I see youWho knows the secret tomorrow will hold? We don't really need to

5. Lirik Round And Round – 702

lirik Round And Round – 702 Baby to the hip hop, baby I won't stop Tell me what's your sign, is it compatible to mine? I'm gonna hit you with the 1, 2, check-a 1, 2 Are we meant to be, let me introduce you to my crewI be

6. Lirik Trouble – 702

lirik Trouble – 702 When you're alone with me I know that this could beI can't help myself baby although I try You're the flame that turned into a fire And baby there's someone else in my life But what you got, it keeps

7. Lirik Gotta Leave – 702

lirik Gotta Leave – 702 You got me pulling my hair From all your fussin' and fighting And you came into my heart And you was not invited Boy who you think you are With no invitation I heard about boys like you I just didn't

8. Lirik Beep Me 911 – Missy Elliott

lirik Beep Me 911 – Missy Elliott Like that Say what, say what? Say what, say what? Say what, say what? Missy, bring it inWhy you played on me? Wasn't I good enough for you? All those other girls you've been with can't do like I do

9. Lirik All I Want – 702

lirik All I Want – 702 All I want is someone I can talk to Someone who will listen to what I have to say All I need is some special attention Someone who will mention the special things in meI not the kind of girl who don'

10. Lirik Reality – 702

lirik Reality – 702 You don't know what we go through So I'm singin' this song for youAin't got no time to play around It ain't about just hangin' out I got so much more to do It ain't worth bein' with youSome people

11. Lirik Don't Go Breakin My Heart – 702

lirik Don't Go Breakin My Heart – 702 So many nites, I felt your beating heart As we were deep in the dark I'd watch you sleepin' tight, protect you from the light As if you were a child, put a kiss on your lipsDon't you go breaking my

12. Lirik You'll Just Never Know – 702

lirik You'll Just Never Know – 702 I bet you never imagined that one day You'd look around and I just wouldn't be there So I hear you're leaving, please, don't go I wanna make it right 'Cause tomorrow is just not promised You never

13. Lirik Show You My Love – 702

lirik Show You My Love – 702 I know just what you need Ooh, let me love you please I wanna show you my loveAnd when I start it up Ooh, you won't get enough Just let me show you my loveYes, I'm seein' you And what you're goin'

14. Lirik Certified – 702

lirik Certified – 702 Here we go again, you're about to cry I'm about to listen to another niggas lie Everytime you call, you want good advice And everytime you ask I tell you everythings all right First you let it go,

15. Lirik Steelo (remix) – 702

lirik Steelo (remix) – 702 Yeah, come on Yeah, yeah, yeahIm gonna keep it real How you make me feel Boy you give me chills, baby Im gonna break it down You just drive me wild Whenever youre aroundYou know how I do and you know

16. Lirik Star – 702

lirik Star – 702 You're my star It's such a wonder how you shine So no matter how far I'm dancing with you in my mindHow I find the time to think about What we had before When everybody that I know is Dancing on the

17. Lirik I'm Talkin – Missy Elliott

lirik I'm Talkin – Missy Elliott Nigga, waz up? You think you tough, I'm fly shit Has a bitch, dope as fuck Sho nuff I'm guaranteed, no diggities Fight you like the fucking enemies You would think there's fucking ten of me When I'm
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