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3. Lirik Pak Sopir – Joshua

lirik Pak Sopir – JoshuaAwas pak jangan mengebut banyak anak nyebrang hati hati pelan pak supir lampunya merah jangan ngebut berbahaya Metro mini ngebut bis pun ikut ngebut bajaj ikut ikut an pak polisi biung Awas pak

4. Lirik Jumpman with Future – Drake

lirik Jumpman with Future – DrakeIf Young Metro don't trust you, I'm gon' shoot youYeahHalloweenTaliban, Taliban(I'm gon' shoot you)Yeah, jumpman, jumpman, jumpman, them boys up to somethingThey just spent like two or three weeks out

6. Lirik White Girl – Young Jeezy

lirik White Girl – Young Jeezy Yeah, ay yeah, boi, ah yeah Ay yeah, boi, ah yeah Ay yeah, boi, ah yeah, ay yeah, boiYou know we keep that white girl, Christina Aguilera My jewelry too loud, baby girl, I can't hear ya I need about

7. Lirik Speaking In Tongues – Cam'ron

lirik Speaking In Tongues – Cam'ron Harlemmmmmmmmmm Who else gon' hold us down? Huh! You In! [x5] Vado! [x5][Vado:] Say wahhhhhh!? What you mean! what you need ma? Yeah, you doing your thing ma Ass crack is seen outta your jeans ma Let

9. Lirik Mata – Tito El Bambino

lirik Mata – Tito El Bambino Hoy te veo Con un flow violento Pantalon apretado y Ese booty marcadoEee, ee Que dan ganas De comerselo UuuuQue dan ganas De comerselo Bien maquilla Bien suelta y daaEeeee Olvidate ke tu Eres grande

10. Lirik Lay Low – Dj Drama

lirik Lay Low – Dj Drama [Verse 1 - Meek Mill] Bought a brand new loft, five thousand a month Bitch my sour is special, hundred dollars a blunt Only smoke if it's proper, in the words of Big Poppa Rush his ass to the doctors

11. Lirik I Can Sell It – E-40

lirik I Can Sell It – E-40 Man, I can sell anything, mane I got the mouth piece of a pimp, manWho want it, who want it? I can sell it, I can sell it Who need it, who need it? I can sell it, I can sell itI got a gold mouthpiece

12. Lirik Who, Ruff Ryders – Dj Clue

lirik Who, Ruff Ryders – Dj Clue [DMX] Grrrrrrr From the dogz to the pups Drag-On baby, Ruff Ryders, come on[Drag-On] Drag On baby, uh Yo who them niggaz at the bar niggaz? On them job niggaz See y'all frontin mine niggaz But drugz

13. Lirik Speak To Em – Lil Bibby

lirik Speak To Em – Lil Bibby [Hook: Lil Bibby] Let me tell you how I feel This the same life I dreamed about when we was kids And since I got a couple ills I ain't gon' preach to 'em, but let me speak to 'em Let me speak to 'em

14. Lirik N Luv Wit My Money – Paul Wall

lirik N Luv Wit My Money – Paul Wall [Chorus: Chamillionaire] Big Swangaz and Vouges Them 20 inches sitting low We Ball 24's 7's all that we know Screens and neon lights are showin When my trunk unlock pop and show Ya already know Paint

16. Lirik M.I.L.F – Kungpow Chicken

lirik M.I.L.F – Kungpow ChickenNggak tau kenapaDari mana asalnyaSelera mesumku terhadap wanita tercipta agak sedikit berbedaKalau ngeliat gadis SMABurungku berkicau hanya biasa ajaTapi kalau ngeliat tante-tanteSuka pengen langsung

18. Lirik In To You – Adhitya Sofyan

lirik In To You – Adhitya SofyanEarly in the morning I was still in bed You call me just in time when the sunlight comes You said "How was your sleep? I didn't do too well. Would you be a friend and take a walk with me?" My friends

19. Lirik W Y L – Adhitya Sofyan

lirik W Y L – Adhitya SofyanA man will climb the highest mountain Fly to the moon and come back home But I can't live Without Your Love I stand up high in the pouring rain Have flashing thunder on my head But I still won't live

22. Lirik Reality – Adhitya Sofyan

lirik Reality – Adhitya SofyanI have been trying lately to close my eyes Those little lambs complaining they're getting tired Try as I may and I would fell off my bed I know just what the cure is it's gonna work I need to get you
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