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3. Lirik Mortal Combat – Afu-Ra

lirik Mortal Combat – Afu-Rafeaturing Masta Killa [Afu-Ra] Nine-nine style, you know what'm sayin? Comin at ya This is how we do... Parapalegic, my fighting stance too strategic No shadows on my kicks too much chi Horrific,

4. Lirik Trilogy Of Terror – Afu-Ra

lirik Trilogy Of Terror – Afu-Ra[Featuring Guru, Hannibal] samples: "Now here in the studio.. where its all knuckles and know how.. but when that red light goes off.. just a friendly word of advice.." [Afu-Ra] You don'

5. Lirik Whirlwind Thru Cities – Afu-Ra

lirik Whirlwind Thru Cities – Afu-RaINTRO (scratched): -Yes, ah ha, I like the rhyme-(scratch)-the rhyme-(scratch)-the rhymes -All of us are born with a miraculous ability to determine the direction from which sounds approach us -Let us

7. Lirik Icy – Gucci Mane

lirik Icy – Gucci Mane(Feat. Young Jeezy, Boo)I'm icy, I'm icy, I'm icy, I'm icy, I'm icy, I'm icy, I'm icy, I'm icy [Chorus:]All these girls excited Oooo ya know they like it I'm so icy, so icy Girl don't try to fight it

9. Lirik There He Go – Schoolboy Q

lirik There He Go – Schoolboy QAin't got no jewelry on still I'm shinin' hardAin't got no bodyguard walkin' solo through the mallBitches and the hoes know they see me they like There he go!They be like There he go! Schoolboy, there

10. Lirik Go Harder – Future

lirik Go Harder – FutureChorusI done been lied toI been neglectedI done had all kind of people turn against meYou try to break me down Ima go harderYou try to break me down Ima go harderI done took lossesI done been crossed

11. Lirik Itchin’ – Future

lirik Itchin’ – FutureMy fingers, they itchin they itchin for dat paperMy momma said fuck it niggah hit the streets and liveGot some crack in the corner and I did what I didThe neighbors they don't like me I got jays at

12. Lirik Magic – Future

lirik Magic – FutureChorusFishtailin' out the parkin' lotLeavin' MagicTwo bad bitches & I got 'em out of magicThe way I make that work - disappear call it magicSipping on the purple and the yellow drinking magic.

18. Lirik POV – Kid Ink

lirik POV – Kid InkYou ready? This when you see the little red light come onNow, I need you to preform to sellThis sound like porn musicNow, I need you to preform to sellThis that new porn musicI see you girl,

20. Lirik Blunted – Kid Ink

lirik Blunted – Kid InkI got 1.5 for the bluntGo ahead and pass me a SwisherBlunted, blunted, blunted, where the blunt at?I got 1.5 for the red eye flightIf you tryna get high bitch just my typeSittin' in the room full of

22. Lirik The Transporter – Rick Ross

lirik The Transporter – Rick RossOne time for the niggas that's huggin' the blockTwo times for the boys that's bubblin' rockThree times for the G's including myselfFour times for the brothers that's reachin' the wealthFive times for

24. Lirik Come On – Dj Clue

lirik Come On – Dj Clue Come on, BCC, come on, MFC, come on, BCC Come on, yeah, aiyyo Rock, Rock, Rock Everybody say Rock, not Lou from suburbs to PJ's So watch ya hootchie, groupies get dudes beat upOr heat is leave the

26. Lirik Colors – Chief Keef

lirik Colors – Chief Keef [Hook] I'm coolin' with my brothers, my brothers Red and blue our colors, our colors Catch you at the red light, I'm bustin', mothafucka Since I was a youngin I ain't care 'bout nothin' I do not give

27. Lirik Captain Kirk – Master P

lirik Captain Kirk – Master P Intro: [Master P]Are you ready to boldly go, where no family has gone before? The Ghetto Enterprise has landed. Captain Kirk has arrived, I repeat, Captain Kirk, has arrived. Women, if you're lucky,

28. Lirik Wdyw – Carnage

lirik Wdyw – Carnage I turn five to a ten I turn twenty to a fifty Forty forty hit your woadie shorty Balmain, Saint Laurent with the Fendi I turn five to a ten I turn twenty to a fifty Fourty fourty hit your woadie

30. Lirik Shabba – Asap Ferg

lirik Shabba – Asap Ferg [Verse 1] Short nigga but my dick tall What I told your bitch dog Only thug nigga down at the Pitchfork Dirty van bitches wanna suck my dick off Pop a Xany 'fore her panty get to hit floor Run up in

31. Lirik Kissin' Pink – Asap Rocky

lirik Kissin' Pink – Asap Rocky [Hook] She's all that I want [Verse 1: ASAP Rocky] She's all that I need, I'm filling your cup up With Sprite and codeine, she get me so high But I'm down on my knees, was it your desire? Your life

33. Lirik Water – Rich Homie Quan

lirik Water – Rich Homie Quan [Intro] You get a little money, that shit can change you or make you. I ain't spittin' nothin' but facts now. Facts only[Verse 1] (What you do Quan?) I made a lil' money, then I moved my mama, yeah

34. Lirik Gone – Juelz Santana

lirik Gone – Juelz Santana God will never put you in a situation that you can't handle But you can definitely put ya self in a situation that you can't handle And some situations end in death And death is a mothafucka, ya

35. Lirik Peso – Asap Rocky

lirik Peso – Asap Rocky [Verse 1] I be that pretty mothafucka, Harlem's what I'm repping Tell my niggas quit the bitching and we gon' make it in a second Never disrespected plus I'm well connected With this coke that I

36. Lirik Try Me – Trae Tha Truth

lirik Try Me – Trae Tha Truth [Hook 1 - Young Thug] I'm on molly, I'm on fuckin' molly I'm on molly, I'm on muthafuckin' molly Three hoes, let's have a trolly, have a fuckin' trolly I wanna have a trolly, have a fuckin' trolly

37. Lirik Respect My Game – Master P

lirik Respect My Game – Master P [Intro] No matter what you do my nigga It's not gonna be enough You tryna feed mothafuckas that always gonna be hungry If you feed the wrong mothafucka they gon' bite you But you know what, if you're

40. Lirik Keep It 100 – Rich The Kid

lirik Keep It 100 – Rich The Kid (Hook) I gotta keep it 100 Bitches got fucking for nothing Pull up in my truck and I'm fronting Rich, but I started with nothing I'm in the trap with a bad bitch Hottie go feel on the whole wrist Too

42. Lirik Roll One Up – Asap Rocky

lirik Roll One Up – Asap Rocky [Hook] Let me know know what's up Before I roll roll one up X2I been rollin up that reefer got me high I been rollin up that weed it got me high I been rollin up sativa got me high I been rollin all

43. Lirik Straight Outta Southside – G-unit

lirik Straight Outta Southside – G-unit I dont know what the fuck I been doin But this what they want Id like to give a R.I.P. in advance For all my enemies, die quick niggasStraight outta Southside Crazy muthafucka named Bank-o Crack rap

44. Lirik Pussy Money Weed – Asap Rocky

lirik Pussy Money Weed – Asap Rocky All I think about is life, nights, sippin' on Sprite Little codeine, nigga get throwed right Two blonde dykes wanna kiss all night I just pray to God that the shit go right Little ugness in the fist

48. Lirik Wassup – Asap Rocky

lirik Wassup – Asap Rocky [Intro] Clams Casino, ASAP (Wassup) See me in the hood the gangsters saying wassup (Wassup)[Verse 1] Back once again, sipping Henn, mixed with juice and gin Bitches in, couple lady friends countin
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