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3. Lirik If It Wasn’t For You – Alesso

lirik If It Wasn’t For You – AlessoI was aloneI was made of stoneYou took me homeWe've built a world, a world for usWe flew like birds, a new beginningIt's better (better better), you keeping me together (gether gether)you know that I

4. Lirik Tear the Roof Up – Alesso

lirik Tear the Roof Up – Alesso(Drop drop drop drop drop drop drop drop)Tear the roof up!We're getting loud in the boothAnd I'mma tear up the roofWe're getting loud in the boothAnd I'mma tear up the roofWe're getting loud in the

5. Lirik Cool feat. Roy English – Alesso

lirik Cool feat. Roy English – AlessoI saw stars on the pavementCalifornia dreamsLooked up through the bright lightsNo skies that I seeYou said its all yours if you take it thereI said I cant do it alone I swearYou said its all yoursIts

6. Lirik Heroes feat. Tove Lo – Alesso

lirik Heroes feat. Tove Lo – AlessoWe go hideaway in daylightWe go undercover when under sunGot a secret side in plain sightWhere the streets are emptyThats where we runEveryday people doEveryday things but ICant be one of themI know

7. Lirik Years Feat Matthew Koma – Alesso

lirik Years Feat Matthew Koma – AlessoThese will be the years [x4]YearsThese will be the yearsYearsThe sun hits like a bullet of faithAnd then suddenly I'm wide awakeFake bliss, our apologies madeWas an enemy with no escapeMy hands were

8. Lirik Scars feat. Ryan Tedder – Alesso

lirik Scars feat. Ryan Tedder – AlessoI think scars are beautifulI think black is whiteI'm stuck between the hell I'm in and where we lieYou say that this could kill youYour words cut like a knifeWe are the beautiful mistakeThat I can't
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