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1. Lirik Time To Move On – Monica

lirik Time To Move On – MonicaI tried to be a good womanBut it wasn’t good enoughBut I did everything for you babyThe pleasure was all mineBut I know things are differentThe proof is in your eyesCuz I don’t see the fireYou’

3. Lirik One More Time – Union J

lirik One More Time – Union JTonightWatching the sun go down in your eyesIt's just you and me and memories of good timesNow it's the final night of the summerLet's do it one more timeTurn it upWe're up all nightLet's get on itYou

4. Lirik Mister Big Time – Bon Jovi

lirik Mister Big Time – Bon JoviI've been watchin my TVIt's got a hundred different stationsThey all look the same to meNow I'm readyFor a new sensationNa na na na nana na na nana na na naI'm gettin ready for the big timeSomeday I'm

5. Lirik Time For Joy – Odyssey

lirik Time For Joy – OdysseyTime for joy, time for joy Baby try to get the rhythm, try to get the feeling of joy Time for joy. I can never get your body out of my head I cry to make it happen. Just let your feelings flow

7. Lirik Good Time – A.DE

lirik Good Time – A.DETake one more walk aroundHowever your heart goes, without regretGo to the end of the world, without leaving anything outUntil you wont regretyou see the stars take my handIf you cant reach and your

9. Lirik Do That To Me One More Time – Olive

lirik Do That To Me One More Time – OliveDo that to me one more time Once is never enough with a man like you Do that to me one more time I can never get enough of a man like you Whoa-oh-oh, kiss me like you just did Oh, baby, do that to me

11. Lirik Your Time – Nina Sky

lirik Your Time – Nina Sky When we first met I was drawn to you Attracted to your style, your brand new suit Didn't take that long to fall in love Built this bond, it became so strongBut as time passes, changes are visible

14. Lirik Have Fun Around – The Paps

lirik Have Fun Around – The PapsPossessung time is a life's possession It's a gift that falls like a rain to everyone I am what I call time / I am what I call life / I am what I am and I can do what I want I've forgotten how to

15. Lirik Last Time – Trey Songz

lirik Last Time – Trey Songz Songbook baby, I like to thank Mr. Bryan Micheal Cox For helpin' me illustrate my feelin' It's just gettin' too hot, baby, it's gettin' too hot This the last time and the last chapter, ah me for you

16. Lirik Father Time – Bon Jovi

lirik Father Time – Bon Jovi(Sambora, Child) Father time I couldn't make her wanna stay I couldn't seem to find the words to say Now I have to live in yesterday Father time I thought that you were on my side I thought that I

18. Lirik Have A Good Time – Rufus

lirik Have A Good Time – Rufus Have a good time, yeah Have a good time, yeah Have a good time, yeah Have a good time, yeahWho said this party's over? When I feel like my fun has just begun Together we will raise this roof and

20. Lirik Time Bomb – All Time Low

lirik Time Bomb – All Time LowFrom the get-go I knew this was hard to holdLike a crash the whole thing spun out of controlOh, on a wire, we were dancingTwo kids no consequencesPull the trigger, without thinkingThere's only one way

22. Lirik All The Time – The SIGIT

lirik All The Time – The SIGITI wanna live forever Whom you realize forever means together I hope you know When you say it wasn't over For the third times I hope you know You make me wanna give me something, more and more Aaa'

23. Lirik Disco Lazy Time – Nidji

lirik Disco Lazy Time – NidjiWake me up tonight... Drive me to the Town....aaa aaa aaa Sleep with me tonight... She's my lonely wine...aaa aaa aaa Nothing is forever.... Nothing is for real....aaa aaa aaa Do you have to leave me

24. Lirik Time Is Love – Josh Turner

lirik Time Is Love – Josh TurnerI know I gotta put in the hours,Make the money while the sunlight shinesBut anything I gotta get done,It can get done some other timeTime is love, gotta run,Love to hang longer,But I got someone who

25. Lirik Let Go – SafetySuit

lirik Let Go – SafetySuitI don’t know what happenedI guess you finally got meNow you’re off to somewhereI don’t know, kn-know, kn-know, know, kn-knowAnd I don’t wanna make upCause I’ve already

28. Lirik Second Time Around – Lady Gaga

lirik Second Time Around – Lady Gaga Oh oh oh yeah BabeLast time I thought we had this talk Boy you were getting ready to leave I thought that baby you were done Cause for a while you could barely look at meThis time I thought that we`d

30. Lirik Once Upon A Time – Mocca

lirik Once Upon A Time – MoccaOnce Upon A Time - MoccaOnce upon a time, when the sky was covered with blueOnce upon a time, when the sun was smiling tooWe’re just common people with an ordinary lookWe’re just common

32. Lirik Fly – Avril Lavigne

lirik Fly – Avril LavigneThere's a light inside all of usIt's never hiding you just have to light itIt's the one thing that you got to trustIt's like a diamond, you just have to find itSo if you ever feel like giving upYeah,

33. Lirik Borrowed Time – Jon Pardi

lirik Borrowed Time – Jon PardiWaitin at a stop sign, a school bus passes byYeah that wasnt long ago, that was me hitchin a rideAnd I lost track of many yesterdays, the way it felt to be that ageThe people, the faces, they all

35. Lirik This Time – Freestyle

lirik This Time – Freestyle Oh I'm sorry, girl, for causing you much pain Didn't mean to make you cry, make your efforts all in vain And I apologize for all the things I've done You were loving me so much but all I did was let

41. Lirik One Time – SafetySuit

lirik One Time – SafetySuitI used to think I deserved everything in this world there could beThen I met you and you brought me down it was like a diseaseI loved you so much that I couldn’t see what you’re doing to

43. Lirik All This Time – Onerepublic

lirik All This Time – Onerepublic Six on the second hand Two New Year's resolutions And there's just no question What this man should doTake all the time lost All the days that I cost Take what I took and Give it back to youAll this

44. Lirik Shine – 3 Doors Down

lirik Shine – 3 Doors DownThis is about to be historyNobody's gonna take it from meI'm gonna show you something you've got to seeTrust me people will remember this day causeIt's my time to shineCause I know what could be

45. Lirik I've Had The Time Of My Life – Glee

lirik I've Had The Time Of My Life – Glee Now I've had the time of my life No, I never felt like this before Yes I swear, it's the truth And I owe it all to you'Cause I've had the time of my life And I owe it all to youI've been waiting for

46. Lirik Waking Up – Onerepublic

lirik Waking Up – Onerepublic I found verity on Nolan's Avenue Down where the air is thick as L.A. skies are blue The water tried to break it down but it held through It gave a little for the sake of staying trueWe cut ties, we

48. Lirik Bulletproof – La Roux

lirik Bulletproof – La RouxBeen there, done that, messed around I'm having fun, don't put me down I'll never let you sweep me off my feet I won't let you in again The messages I've tried to send My information's just not goin

49. Lirik Secret Time – Spica

lirik Secret Time – SpicaSecret TimeWe dont need you boy ah[Bohyung] Oh What do you wantEoneu ttaeboda deo deo eunmilhan(Bimilseureongeol deo wonhae)[Boa] This is realHan yeoreum bamui kkumeun No kkumeun No[Narae] Ppuyeon

50. Lirik The Night Time – Dash Berlin

lirik The Night Time – Dash BerlinTime to goIts time to goWhatever this meansHes happy it seemsThe gentle accent moves me forwardWith secrets that I know were trueSo Ill be a fleeting soundA light-ray out on the waterAnd Ill know his
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