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2. Lirik American Girls – Weezer

lirik American Girls – WeezerDarlin'I'm afriad to close my eyes when I'm going to bedI'm afraid you'll crack the phone down over my headWhy are all American girls so rough?Damn the girl can't even hurt you enoughLadyYou knocked

3. Lirik American Oxygen – Rihanna

lirik American Oxygen – RihannaBreathe out, breathe inAmerican oxygenEvery breath I breatheChasin' this American DreamWe sweat for a nickel and a dimeTurn it into an empireBreathe in, this feelingAmerican, American oxygenAmerican

4. Lirik Post-American World – Megadeth

lirik Post-American World – MegadethWe see each other through different eyesSegregating ourselves by class and sizeIt's me against you in everything that they doThis planet's become one big spinning disasterIf you don't like where we're

5. Lirik American Gangster – Jim Jones

lirik American Gangster – Jim Jones American Gangster is what i want to be. the song goes thru my ears,but it's to loud. my feather used to be a gangster in his band. he was a mexaen then he turned into a american. so everyone called

6. Lirik American – Skylar Grey

lirik American – Skylar GreyWheres your honor, wheres my pride?Even when it's hard to findFrom seed to harvest, it's been engrainedDrive me past the fields of cornAs Johnny Cash blasts in your FordJust get me home to catch the

9. Lirik London Queen – Charli XCX

lirik London Queen – Charli XCXRide away from HollowayI said mum, this isn't a holidayListen up, I ain't comin' backTo let them fill the shack up with all gold plaquesSoon come, home run (What?)Locket on the part with the baseball

11. Lirik Imagination – Harry

lirik Imagination – HarryShe lit a cigarette, both hands behind her back But she was hungry on the choice of that Only you can try to see what I'm really like She said "only you can understand the way I feel

13. Lirik Mountaintop Removal – Lissie

lirik Mountaintop Removal – LissieMy darling my dearI tell you what is wrongI went to the mountainBut the mountain top was goneRemember those treesWhere as kids we dreamedThey tore em down years agoAnd built a factoryAnd when that

14. Lirik The Last Battle – Sabaton

lirik The Last Battle – Sabaton5th of May, V day is just around the corner1945 the Fhrer's reign is at its endJenny at the gates, as the SS open fireThere's no time to waste, the final battle has begunAfter the downfall, a castle

15. Lirik Carefree American – Kelis

lirik Carefree American – Kelis (Chorus) Ah, ah, I'm just a carefree American Big house, big car I'm just a carefree American Come and make me a star(s and stripes) Biggest lights, never die The good lifeFeel the cool breeze Forget

18. Lirik 100 Grandkids – Mac Miller

lirik 100 Grandkids – Mac MillerI made a promise to my mommaThat I'll bless her with some grandkids, she can spoil themUntil then, I'm getting dollars, I'm just doing what I gottaCan a man live? And it's all day (homie)I'm a God,

19. Lirik 100 Grandkids – Mac Miller

lirik 100 Grandkids – Mac MillerI made a promise to my mommaThat I'll bless her with some grandkids, she can spoil themUntil then, I'm getting dollars, I'm just doing what I gottaCan a man live? And it's all day (homie)I'm a God,

20. Lirik Gypsy – Lady Gaga

lirik Gypsy – Lady Gaga Sometimes a story has no end Sometimes I think that we could just be friends 'Cause I'm a wandering man, he said to meAnd what about our future plans? Does it seem we have even make sense? When I got

22. Lirik Limelight – Reks

lirik Limelight – Reks Oh, what a marvelous thing my dear To be among glorious stars in here The limelight, the limelight Say, ta ta, fading stars Never wanna say it's over love The limelight, the limelightExcuse me, Niki

23. Lirik Ada Yang Suka Lagu Lagunya Greenday ?

lirik Ada Yang Suka Lagu Lagunya Greenday ? Kalo menurut loe lagu greenday yang paling bagus dan paling loe sukai itu yang mana ? Kalo gue paling suka sama lagunya yang 21 guns. ? Didi Tuh hruzN jwbanN lebih dr 1,. Tp brhubung yg paling,

24. Lirik Devotion – Weezer

lirik Devotion – WeezerSuddenly our shortcomingsDon't seem to matter that muchYour IQ is 20 points lowAnd I'm no Six Foot Hot LookAll American ManSad to say I pushed you awayWaiting for "Mrs. Right"You never gave upDevotion

28. Lirik Hold You – SHINee

lirik Hold You – SHINeeurin geobukseon dareunbaedeul tongtong geunyang tongtong tteoreojyeora ttongtongkeojineun ne donggong neukkyeojineun gotong urin dokjong neohuin geunyang botongurin geobukseon dareunbaedeul tongtong

31. Lirik Two Story Town – Bon Jovi

lirik Two Story Town – Bon JoviSongwriters: Hudson, Mark; Sambora, Richie; Bon Jovi, Jon; Grakal, Dean;{One, two, one, two}I couldn't sleepTook a walk down Second AvenueSick of dreaming dreams that never come trueOne way street and

32. Lirik The Way I Are – Timbaland

lirik The Way I Are – Timbaland Yeah! Yeah! Remember the time, baby, yeah!I ain't got no money I ain't got no car to take you on a date I can't even buy you flowers But together we be the perfect soul mates Talk to me, girl(Oh)

35. Lirik Lagu Rock N Pop Gw Mo Nanya ?

lirik Lagu Rock N Pop Gw Mo Nanya ? Lagu barat yang ber-genre rock / pop yang kalian suka apa aja? Jangan lupa kasih judul ma penyanyi nya ya!? ? It's me! Avenged Sevenfold Arl Indra Amaranthine lagu yg q suka tw lagux

36. Lirik Lagu Baru Simple Plan Sama ?

lirik Lagu Baru Simple Plan Sama ?tolong minta judul lagu baru : simple plan , blink 182 , green daylikin park , BFMV... ketik judul sama nama band ya gan... Thx .... ? Gabriel afterlife simple plan ; can't keep my hands

37. Lirik Highway Unicorn – Lady Gaga

lirik Highway Unicorn – Lady Gaga We can be strong, We can be strong, Out on this lonely road It's on the road to loveWe can be strong, We can be strong, Follow that unicorn On the road to love[Repeat: x7] Run, run with her t-Run,

38. Lirik My Medicine – Snoop Dogg

lirik My Medicine – Snoop Dogg Yeah, I like to dedicate this record Right here to my main man Johnny Cash, a real American Gangster I got my nephew Whitey Ford on the guitar Young Trev' on the drums Grand Ole Opry, here we come,

40. Lirik Don’t Mind – Kent Jones

lirik Don’t Mind – Kent JonesHola, hola naShe telling me thisAnd telling me thatYou said once you take me with you, I'll never go backNow I got a lesson that I want to teachI'm a show you that where you from don't matter to meShe

41. Lirik Brand Name – Mac Miller

lirik Brand Name – Mac MillerWe in between heaven and hellFuck your 9 to 5, I'd rather end up either dead or in jailAmerican ninja to these obstaclesNo stoppin' me, we on the moveYour mouth runnin' like a prostitute'sKeep your

43. Lirik Apa Lagu pop Barat Yg Kamu Suka ?

lirik Apa Lagu pop Barat Yg Kamu Suka ? lagu plus bandnya ya kawan :) buat nambah wawasan aja... thanks ? Dezka Cubrutz dragon force-season acoustic ABRB-till the break of down sabrina-i'm your all american rejects-dirty

44. Lirik It Go (25 Languages) – Disney

lirik It Go (25 Languages) – Disney The snow glows white on the mountain tonight ( English ) Not a footprint to be seen Un royaume de solitude ( French ) Ma place est l pour toujours Der Wind, er heult so wie der Sturm ( German ) ganz

46. Lirik Lagu Western Yang Up To Date ?

lirik Lagu Western Yang Up To Date ? ada yg tau gak lagu barat yg enak di dengar, bukan lagu yg slow ya! NO JADUL! ? green_boys Easy listening rap: Ed Sheeran - you need me I don't need you OliviaOlive! Jawaban terbaik lagu

49. Lirik Elastic Heart – Sia

lirik Elastic Heart – Sia And another one bites the dust Oh why can I not conquer love And I might have thought that we were one Wanted to fight this war without weaponsAnd I wanted it, I wanted it bad But there were so many
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