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1. Lirik Want You To Want Me – Anggun

lirik Want You To Want Me – AnggunI'm here give me a glance, been following you like a shadow This is how I spent my time dreaming about our days tomorrow Another day has gone bye another moon another sun I can wait for you my love

2. Lirik Look Into Yourself – Anggun

lirik Look Into Yourself – AnggunI'm tired of letting go all that I've tried to have I'm tired of wasting time looking up to the wrong stars I do believe in life and that everything is written But life is not a book with pages wide-

3. Lirik Go – Anggun

lirik Go – AnggunGo away broken heart there's no more space for your anger, no longer go away endless tears i've no patience for your sadness, i could careless go away far from here take all your belongings run as

4. Lirik Always You – Anggun

lirik Always You – AnggunWent from the east to the westWith stories to eraseFrom my heart, my fingers and my faceI've tried my very bestNo matter wherever I amThere's nothing I can doCause my love has only one nameAnd it's

5. Lirik Anggun – Once

lirik Anggun – OncePertama gayamu Bagai seorang ratu Tak mudah dipelukku Tak mudah dikecup Apalagi untuk jadi milikku Kedua parasmu Cantik bagai bidadari surga Yang menebarkan wangi wangi Yang mendebarkan jantung

6. Lirik Always – Anggun

lirik Always – AnggunJe vois Dans un mur de corail L'eau qui grandit ma faille Ma lame de fond Au fond de l''me J'entends Tous ces battements d'ailes Qui d'mesurent le ciel Ton aigle plane Sur mes pierres

7. Lirik My Man – Anggun

lirik My Man – AnggunBoys like you, can stop playing with the toys Girls like me won't stop trying to change your world If you wanna be my man (Ooh) I will make you understand (Ooh) If you wanna be my man Quit the games

8. Lirik My Addiction – Anggun

lirik My Addiction – AnggunOh no here we goAnother itch i want to scratchThough now i should knowThere's a flaw and there's a catchBut maybe just one timeIt can't hurt i can tryAnd i've made up my mindWith a goodbyeOh no i

9. Lirik Cover – Anggun

lirik Cover – AnggunThis is wrong Somehow the heat of the sun's not as strong As the warmth I knew and could only belong To the sky of my home No other than from my home Though I've been gone Painting lines of destiny

10. Lirik Selamanya – Anggun

lirik Selamanya – AnggunKuharap sinar rembulan, tutup mataku... selamanya Sejak kau pergi, tinggalkan bumi, tinggalku di sini Turunkan matahari / Usir bintang-bintang / Putarkan utara ke selatan untuk apa lagi semuanya

11. Lirik Mantra – Anggun

lirik Mantra – AnggunIntro: Dm Am (4X)Am E Am EKelam hitam mata, debar bimbang hati Dm Am F E7Coba tutup mata dari yang menggoda hati Am E7 Am EBerkeruh di jiwa, berakhir di mimpi Dm Am F ETak a€˜kan aku dusta ada yang

12. Lirik In Your Mind – Anggun

lirik In Your Mind – AnggunI don't want to believe And I don't want to live By the excuses Of your weakness Cause a woman should do What she wants to do There is no reason For your shallow aggravation [Chorus:] Nothing wrong

13. Lirik Undress Me – Anggun

lirik Undress Me – AnggunWhen I can't see right in your eyes When I'm surrounded in the craziness of time When you're understanding, is trying hard to stand still When I wear layers of my pride, you should Undress me,

14. Lirik Blanca – Anggun

lirik Blanca – AnggunTake away the dark clouds from the world you see Clear the haze around us, please don't rain on me Tear the page of your doubts from the words you speak Chase the pain in your brow, life can't be so

15. Lirik Non Angelical – Anggun

lirik Non Angelical – AnggunIt's certainly deceiving Cause love has fooled you once again You can't believe in That she's walking over you If she's amazing Why can't she be true to you What she hides she denies But you'll never

16. Lirik Mimpi – Anggun

lirik Mimpi – Anggundalam hitam kelap malamkuberdiri melawan sepidi sini di pantai initelah terkubur sejuta kenangandihempas keras gelombangdan tertimbun batu karangyang tak kan mungkin dapat terulangwajah putih pusat

17. Lirik Cold War – Anggun

lirik Cold War – AnggunCold war between what’s wrong and rightWhat’s in my head, what’s in my heartVoices whisper softly Trying to convince meChoices what should i pickPlay safe or challenged by

18. Lirik Dream of Me – Anggun

lirik Dream of Me – AnggunHembusan bayu... antar dirimu (*The wind blows... to take you away) Let me Be the blue inside of the flame that you feel The heat To hold on till you are near Barkan kujadi mentari (*Let me be

19. Lirik Anggun – Altimet

lirik Anggun – AltimetChorus # Zain) Anggun pandangan di mataku Ayu cantik tutur bahasamu Sayu lebur hatiku berpalu Terpaku ingin ku tahu Siapa yang menghantui diriku (Verse 1 # Zizan) KL KL kosa nostra yang bicara Ramai

20. Lirik A Stranger – Anggun

lirik A Stranger – AnggunLooking in the mirror i'm a strangerTo this land and air belong to elsewhereYears have passed me byAnd harder to deny what's missing from my eyesThe path i'm drawn into behind this ocean blueMade my

21. Lirik Rollercoaster – Anggun

lirik Rollercoaster – AnggunThe rise and the fall anything in between the twoIt's almost like an exerciseThe high and the low we have seen beforeWhenever love and hate collideI can't live without our whispers and our shoutsThe

22. Lirik Something Sublime – Anggun

lirik Something Sublime – AnggunLife heals and bruises Defends and abuses Stares like a witness A teacher, a temptress From the east to the west I try my very best My mother's secret I learn not to forget Chorus: To walk the road

23. Lirik Only Love – Anggun

lirik Only Love – Angguneveryone playing roles each day and nightsearching for a missing piecetime can always tell the truthand mask the face of a lonely heartthinking eyes wonder what they really seedreams of gold or glory'

24. Lirik Buy Me Happiness – Anggun

lirik Buy Me Happiness – AnggunI could use that red-soled shoes with this tight jeans See what i mean Or maybe that long dress made to impressDeserve that tooEyeing for that diamond ring for my right hand Should understand a one of

25. Lirik Breathing – Anggun

lirik Breathing – AnggunI can't count Stars in the sky Or climb the mountains I can't even swim all the seas But I know Absence is Unfair Nothing can replace what I miss 'Cause I'm breathing Far away from you And every

26. Lirik Over The Walls – Anggun

lirik Over The Walls – AnggunNo way they can try to keep me here Locked inside a world of hate and nasty lies No this darkness has no hold on me See the sky light up when my love starts to fly See my love fly right over the walls

27. Lirik Still Reminds Me – Anggun

lirik Still Reminds Me – AnggunI cut off my hair Put some red on every nail on my feet I think it's pretty I repainted all the rooms Got a cat that I named June, obviously I think she's happy Friends threw some parties I've been to

28. Lirik Berkilaulah – Anggun

lirik Berkilaulah – AnggunDalamnya hati siapa yang tahuBahagiakah atau terbelengguLupakan duka satu persatuPercayakan diri dalam waktu selaluBerkilaulah tersenyumlah Sambut pagi yang cerahBerkilaulah bersyukurlahSemua pasti

29. Lirik Painted – Anggun

lirik Painted – AnggunI can't seize the river from running to the sea I can't seize the thunder from shouting so angrily I don't have the power to gather seven seas When I can't seize the fire inside me Painted like a

30. Lirik Tua Tua Keladi – Anggun

lirik Tua Tua Keladi – AnggunKata katanya selangitTersenyum penuh misteriMatanya membikin ngeriSemua gadis gadis remajaGaya lelaki katanya semua begituDia bilang aku cantikDiapun bilang ku menarikDia bilang body ku asikHingga

31. Lirik Stronger – Anggun

lirik Stronger – AnggunWant to break me down Want to tear me up Want to scream and shout Well you can try Want to let me down Want to leave me out Want to push me 'round Go a head and try Want to show your pride Want to

32. Lirik Little Things – Anggun

lirik Little Things – AnggunYou once gave me something I should always keep Little stone with the hope But it's not from you I still hide it smooth in my pocket Wrapping luck to coins I never seem to use Little things, little

33. Lirik Eternal – Anggun

lirik Eternal – AnggunIt was such a cold night in novemberThat followed by a much colder morningI feel the shivers each time i rememberBut in my heart something will keep burning and beatingReff:You’re eternal cause

34. Lirik By the Moon – Anggun

lirik By the Moon – AnggunGold and Amber Shining through Swear by the moon I'll wait for you Silent treasures Tender blushes Soft surrender To discover Feel the wings We whisper and sigh As the angels glide On the

35. Lirik Pray – Anggun

lirik Pray – AnggunPray for life, pray for love Pray for life and for tomorrow I lay here trapped Behind my walls If you won't hear my calls I feel so small Hands lay in my head Knocked me wait awake I really feel so

36. Lirik Surrender – Anggun

lirik Surrender – AnggunBeen turning around and play some foolish games I let the fire but I didn't keep the flame Looking back to see they're all the same Until the day I said your name Wounds in my heart can show the

37. Lirik A Prayer – Anggun

lirik A Prayer – AnggunThank you for blessing the road I walk on That I'm walking on I'm sorry for every mistake I fall on Can't help but fall You've changed this heart in me And I know, I can always count on you To give

38. Lirik Silent Vow – Anggun

lirik Silent Vow – AnggunI can take a deep breath, always lean on my faithWhen hurt overcomesI can hide my teardrops, fake a laugh till i stopFeel the pain insideI can put in a smile, ditch the truth for a whileUntil it

39. Lirik Captivity – Anggun

lirik Captivity – AnggunTo the highest mountains and To the deepest seas and back to The long and rocky road I'll always be with you As far as we can go As long as we are two Your heart is all I follow Your love keeps me

40. Lirik Qui Sait – Anggun

lirik Qui Sait – AnggunQui sait, qui sait' J'aurai peut-'tre un jour besoin de 'a D'une main douce et puissante Qui sait, qui sait' D'un chemin plus s'r, o' poser mes pas Pour une guerre non violente

41. Lirik Kembali – Anggun

lirik Kembali – AnggunKan kuingat slalu sorot mata ituDihantu cemburu dalam tatapnya berjuta dugaTeringat selalu sorot mata ituTak pernah tahu di dalam dada hatiku terlukaKuingin kembali tanpa resah hati dari semua

42. Lirik Chrysalis – Anggun

lirik Chrysalis – AnggunLike a tiger Know how to lure you with my feline's touch A trouble spider Can make a trap to catch the one I want But fine as a white dove I'd do anything for the one I love To get that one kiss I'll

43. Lirik Rain – Anggun

lirik Rain – AnggunWaves of reality Lifting me unexpectedly Looking inside to see Visions of you and me Confide my heart to you Blindly erase my every doubt Surrender myself to you For passion I've lived

44. Lirik How The World – Anggun

lirik How The World – AnggunSometimes we forget to remember To learn higher and to aim further But sometimes we have gone too far Too far to understand who we are Oh I.. don't know how The world keeps turning But the world

45. Lirik Weapons – Anggun

lirik Weapons – AnggunLook at me as i smileTilt my head as I say 'please'Know i could make you go the extra mileOr maybe let you fall on your kneesSomething so deliciousLike honey is to the beesAs simple as batting these

46. Lirik Saviour – Anggun

lirik Saviour – AnggunSomewhere between my sleep Somewhere beneath my skin In places I can`t see Something is known to be a sin Hiding inside my eyes Burning from deep within Something that needs a lie Trying to turn into

47. Lirik Takut – Anggun

lirik Takut – Anggunterkadang aku pun berkhayalrasanya ingin punya pacarsebagai pengikat rasa rindudan tempat aku mengadu‘pabila hati tak menentudan ketika aku jumpa diadia yang jatuh hati padakukucoba berdua

48. Lirik Human – Anggun

lirik Human – AnggunAm I look like angels' But why there's a prize Cause inside these mottos There's a devil in disguise The lies and betrayals Make you wonder why The evil that once rocking cradles The devil that

49. Lirik Tegang – Anggun

lirik Tegang – AnggunTegang sungguh oh sungguh tegang saat kenaikan kelas datang Bimbang sungguh oh sungguh bimbang Bimbang hatiku bergoyang-goyang Wow aku bimbang aku bimbang Malang sungguh oh sungguh malang Bila

50. Lirik Au Nom De La Lune – Anggun

lirik Au Nom De La Lune – AnggunD'or et d'ambre Ou transparent Au nom de la lune Je t'attends Bulles de silence Rouge tendre Sans d'fenses Pour juste apprendre L'vres blanches Soupir et p'leur Glissent les anges sur la
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