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6. Lirik A New Day – Angie Martinez

lirik A New Day – Angie Martinez Yo, uh The animals are here It's a new day, yo yo uhIt's about being close to the ground Like dope fiends and not even fallin' Some people frontin' now they keep callin' But that's life, ain't no

7. Lirik Never – Angie Martinez

lirik Never – Angie Martinez And you will never break me (Never) Till the day I die (Animal house)Yo every time I turn around they say How I deal with that weak shit I told yall of the stages I can't agree wit We showed yall,

12. Lirik It Wasn't Me – Ginuwine

lirik It Wasn't Me – Ginuwine Ginuwine] Chorus X2 Your girlfriend's lyin' baby, it wasn't me Your girl said I hit it baby, it wasn't me Your girl wants to do it to me She wants to give it to me She will not stop until I let her

13. Lirik Bbj – Kevin Mccall

lirik Bbj – Kevin Mccall (Kevin McCall Verse) look at her booty dont you see her booty x 2 judy got a booty from here to there make a nig*a smile from ear to ear order 3 more bottles of that belvedere then i point her out

14. Lirik Bigger Picture – Cam'ron

lirik Bigger Picture – Cam'ron Killa, Heatmakerz, Jones, Santana, Freekey, The Union Holla at da boys, man, this is Diplomat Records, man Ya'll can't fuck wit us, we can go to war for years Let's do it, man, nuffin', manYo, yo,

16. Lirik Not Tonight (remix) – Lil' Kim

lirik Not Tonight (remix) – Lil' Kim Uhh {dice thrown} yeah Uhh, here's another one, and another one Yeah Lil' kim, the queen beeIt's ladies night what, it must be angie on the mic The butter p honey got the sugar got the spice Roll the

23. Lirik U-haul – Angie Stone

lirik U-haul – Angie Stone I bet you realize this time that When you see my friends sitting outside they were There to help me pack my bags And tell me don't listen to you if you're beggin''Cause they know I'm coming straight

24. Lirik I Don't Care – Angie Stone

lirik I Don't Care – Angie Stone I don't care what people think about me. I don't care what people say about me. With all of my haters yet still I rise,I wanna thank you cuz I recognize; without you I wouldn't be relevant, because

25. Lirik Wish I Didn't – Angie Stone

lirik Wish I Didn't – Angie Stone Same old story is back again She's not a lover, she's just a friend I'm sick and tired for you to blame on me Now you think it's funny Now you wanna spend your money on girls But you forgot when you

26. Lirik Bottles & Cans – Angie Stone

lirik Bottles & Cans – Angie Stone Everybody wants some type of success in life Like every woman wants to one day be a wife Your success is measured, but to a degree 'Cuz all the money in the world, dont add up to you and meId rather
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