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1. Lirik Apocalypse – Athena

lirik Apocalypse – AthenaWhen I see the hands of thunder crawling in the night, evil's dream around the creatures (is) waiting for its time. Now the beast trusts your sorrow now it's time to die. Silence comes, the

2. Lirik End Of A Life – Athena

lirik End Of A Life – AthenaTwilight of days, shadow of a shade I feel the rain falling down on my face. Tears that I've cried Now're lost in time… This is the end of my life denied. No more days to come My life

3. Lirik Every Word I Whisper – Athena

lirik Every Word I Whisper – AthenaI walk the light that burns the sand and join all horizon's lands, a new disorder comes to my eyes with all your rhymes you're always telling me. Every word I still and whisper makes me walk

4. Lirik Falling Ghosts – Athena

lirik Falling Ghosts – AthenaThe meaning of destiny's lost far in time, You can't retire leaving the past behind, Your mind is clear for all those who can see: What you've done inside is no longer a secret for me! And

5. Lirik Hymn – Athena

lirik Hymn – AthenaRazor's edge deep is your sight Woman in black tell me why’ People's life is a real slight, Full of displeasure and fights. Wich of the water with long braids Protectress of human's

6. Lirik Lord Of Evil – Athena

lirik Lord Of Evil – AthenaRun and fight to kill the enemy Up your blades and trust your king! Rage and anger, war and hate, victims of evil. Hidden there is lying our destiny so Show no mercy and taste their blood! Storming

7. Lirik Making The History – Athena

lirik Making The History – Athena[Bonus Track] I feel so empty I feel it inside, I feel unclean 'cos my heart is broken. I feel the power I'm ready to fight You will burn in the flames of hell! I've lost my life in that

8. Lirik My Silence – Athena

lirik My Silence – AthenaThere's a voice a word that sleeps away, she screams and shows the land for a moment. There's a place where you are not the same and tears leave your mind so the world will cry no more. I need

9. Lirik Not Too Far – Athena

lirik Not Too Far – AthenaAnd so you want to leave an empty glass now to fill, I'm dying just for you. How can I forget all those crazy little things said and done, for me. Left silent here. It's time to know a sharp

10. Lirik Secret Vision – Athena

lirik Secret Vision – AthenaHere we are empty spaces, You could be the only one. Here we are, rain is falling all around this silent sea. 'Cause never, you'll never be yourself and never, never see your end. Silence

11. Lirik Soul Salior – Athena

lirik Soul Salior – AthenaStill I go, I bring a new beginning I control thefinal destination of your soul untill the end of the world. I ride on, to show you what's the meaning of nature, don't pray for your salvation

12. Lirik Take My Life Away – Athena

lirik Take My Life Away – AthenaNow I know why I am alone Answers grow, in this room I will know my past. Two different minds inside my brain I fear my ashes once again Watching in silence all alone I sold lies, and I have burnt my

13. Lirik The Highest Tide – Athena

lirik The Highest Tide – AthenaOpen your eyes so I can see you die! Your last whisper, tell me your last desire! Don't pray for your life Look in my eyes my spite! I am the night I've discovered your hide You can run far

14. Lirik The Keeper – Athena

lirik The Keeper – AthenaThere's no time to explain why the flower's fadin'. It just loses its days walking in a drop of water. Forever shines a tear that's falling taking you down to empty words, I wonder why

15. Lirik Till The End – Athena

lirik Till The End – AthenaCold blades, end of life Violent pleasure in his eyes. Rising storm there's no hide for me. Smell of fear, smell of death I see the sorrow on their faces, words of pain whisper in my head. I will

16. Lirik Touch My Heart – Athena

lirik Touch My Heart – AthenaLife is a whisper we don't have the time to find The meaning of wisdom, the sense of try. We don't remember the evil we have done We'll fight forever against our hearts. I can feel the

17. Lirik Twilight Of Days – Athena

lirik Twilight Of Days – AthenaMemories of ancient kings let us understand, It's time to commemorate, time to claps our hands. Remember the pride we had, glories of our past, Don't forget we must defend the honour of this

18. Lirik Twisted Feel – Athena

lirik Twisted Feel – AthenaI can't sleep and I can't stand and I feel so cold forget me don't tell me there's more time for me. Don't look back leave my way and I can reach my way I don't care about what

19. Lirik Your Fear – Athena

lirik Your Fear – AthenaA new day in this land, a new way to find an old to forget. The sound of a silent cry Tears that I've left behind. They come to destroy, they scream their anger, their pleasure of pain, but now
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