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1. Lirik A Pertect Light – Aurora

lirik A Pertect Light – AuroraBeyond the metaphysical spectre there was perfect light Only light, there was no hint of darkness Nor was this moment ever in the past Nor could it ever be. Outside time It simply was. Perfect.

2. Lirik All The Thing – Aurora

lirik All The Thing – AuroraWhat i feel today is somehow a slow decay so i guess i will pray together with bottle i dismay so i can end my day but the booze won't kill so i swallow ten pills in the hope they will release me

3. Lirik Aurora Borealis – Aurora

lirik Aurora Borealis – Aurorasitting in the fields the blood coloured fields and wonder about the day i was coming back to life i clearly remember the bright shining light coming through the skies gazing through my eyes i

4. Lirik Black Heavy Cat – Aurora

lirik Black Heavy Cat – AuroraImagine the complications in our useless lives and the frustrations we're building withing our selfless tries We're consumed within our mediocre tears and our minds are fucked for several

5. Lirik Black Tears – Aurora

lirik Black Tears – Auroralook at the colours in the dreaming water the moon sets in a sea of love far away stands a girl watching the slit open the sky tears are falling in her mind – a pictured boy in her vain –

6. Lirik Blue – Aurora

lirik Blue – Aurorathe sun glows like an inflamed eye and blinds our cosmos with illuminated beams blue… but who cares’ in faint we slumber we don't percieve what is happening outside these cold walls

7. Lirik Catharsis – Aurora

lirik Catharsis – AuroraWe are the beloved sons but we shine like dead suns give us too much rope and we fuck it up the world keeps diving and we don't give a fuck 'cause we can choose straight from hate to love and

8. Lirik Causa Sui – Aurora

lirik Causa Sui – AuroraWe were the avengers of life The men without heads Playing with ourselves like marionettes We were lost in streams Lost inside an electric dream Believed we were ego cuasa sui Another God, another

9. Lirik Chains Of God – Aurora

lirik Chains Of God – Auroraas children we always played among a certain tree and i remember you always asked me why can't we fly’ at the time i didn't have the right answer and i still haven't but i've

10. Lirik Danzig Summer – Aurora

lirik Danzig Summer – Aurorasilent we are laying here in the desert no trues, no flowers just us bathing in eachothers blood and passions stoned we are the sun glows like an inflamed eye the light is bright and the eye of a

11. Lirik Devotion – Aurora

lirik Devotion – AuroraNo one felt like you and little i like a fragile leaf on a rainy night we opened our eyes in the sky in the hope of seeing the sign to move further our devoted lives and we bubbled with love and our

12. Lirik Elyzium – Aurora

lirik Elyzium – Aurorahow lovely you're standing in the rain i want to feel you hold you and kiss you i want to kill you and see you flying high but how can i make your dream come through and how can i show you elyzium

13. Lirik Ethereal Goddess – Aurora

lirik Ethereal Goddess – Aurorainnocent and erotic she slept in the arms of nature she was the princess of passion the light of day, fairly and sinful she woke up to a dewfull morning which kissed her body and the feeling of

14. Lirik Home – Aurora

lirik Home – Auroracan you hear a man hammering his face against the door’ he is to numb to use his hands can you see a man trying to talk with his wife’ but she'll never let him in "because she is

15. Lirik In This Room – Aurora

lirik In This Room – AuroraDid you ever feel me’ did you ever taste me’ did you hear my cries’ they were thirsting they were bursting through my darkest skies no and you never gave a damn thing…but! you

16. Lirik Jack – Aurora

lirik Jack – AuroraHey little girl I would like to show you my photo collection Here I stand with Jack in my hand You were perfect little girl So perfect Hey yellow girl Here I stand in No-mans-land With a stupid sun in

17. Lirik Matyr Of Life – Aurora

lirik Matyr Of Life – AuroraYou nawseate by your mediocre life Gasping for breath like a dying child Lowering your head from the heaviness of the stone that has kept you from your selfishness You strumble down the path of

18. Lirik Metaphysical Electric – Aurora

lirik Metaphysical Electric – AuroraSilently flew away Away from sun, moon and big dismay Away from earth and all the stupid people Away from thoughts and evil Away from fruitless tries Away from all the feeble lies Round and round

19. Lirik New God Rising – Aurora

lirik New God Rising – AuroraGreatest species on Mother Earth were you and I I greeted hallucinations and you holy survived I seek meaning of life I walked wind and fire We created a world so fertile that we someday could feed

20. Lirik Numbed Eyes – Aurora

lirik Numbed Eyes – Aurorai wish i could turn me into something try to neglect the reason that you passed away i wish i could hide into the dark vanish through my reflection into the blood coloured sun all the love we once had

21. Lirik Pisah Saja – Aurora

lirik Pisah Saja – AuroraHalo.. Bila cinta kita tak lagi bisa bicara Untuk apa kita bertahan di sini Mungkin lebih baik ku cari jalan berbeda Kau di sana ku di sini Kita seperti air dan minyak takkan menyatu Kau di atas ku di

22. Lirik Psychedelic – Aurora

lirik Psychedelic – Aurorathey where born in the name of god they where the superiors in the name of god hey you outside the cold dressed in white and looking old what did you think you were told’ did you think we were

23. Lirik Sadiam – Aurora

lirik Sadiam – Aurorawhen you feel like someone to rely on and you feel like someone who kissed the snake ran away hid in the dark for someone you relied on who needed to run for the hidden gun in vain for the twisted one

24. Lirik Slow Down – Aurora

lirik Slow Down – AuroraYou tell what i do what i need but i feel the brain is trapped and i'm insane’ hey woman slow down hey woman slow down as you don't need to set the control of the heart of me anymore het

25. Lirik To Hell – Aurora

lirik To Hell – Aurora… now my barbaric body becomes an easy prey to every wildanimal and every wind shall breath in the shadow of every numbness tree murmuring and whispering for his hideous sin julia went down down

26. Lirik Turn It Around – Aurora

lirik Turn It Around – Aurora(Chorus) It doesn't really matter what you lack He's always there to knock the monkey off your back It's so amazing that he loves you like that You got to turn it around, turn it around,

28. Lirik You – Aurora

lirik You – AuroraSo here i stand in no-man-land with a sun in my hand which sparkles with your dead beams through moons creek no…you can't run you can't crawl through the life you (once)adored eventhough

29. Lirik Ahmad – Aurora Salwa

lirik Ahmad – Aurora SalwaHai Ahmad…. Ahmad..Ahmad… Pertama kali si aku malu-malu, Saat ku dekat ku ragu2 Mungkinkah dia suka padaku Ah Ah Ahmad… Ternyata tanpa ku duga-duga, Aku terima salam darinya Bergetar saatku

30. Lirik Aurora – Maliq N D’essentials

lirik Aurora – Maliq N D’essentialsTerdengar jelas binang utara memanggil Satu hari yang dinanti Terpancar terang dibawah langit terlihat Jejak setapak mengarah dan ku sedang mengikuti Sampaikan salam untuknya Dari hati lalui
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