Kumpulan avant | Lirik Lagu avant

1. Lirik You & I – Avant

lirik You & I – Avant Wooh, ladies and gentlemen And all the lovers around the world I wanna talk about the one I love (Talk about the one I love) I know alot of times we forget, How they take good care of you But tonight

2. Lirik My First Love – Avant

lirik My First Love – Avant Silhouette, of a perfect frame Shadows of your smile, will always remain (Will always remain) Beginners love, soon fades away, ah baby We go on, I will long as (Long as I live) Long as I live, you

3. Lirik Right Place, Wrong Time – Avant

lirik Right Place, Wrong Time – Avant Every time I see your face Every time I look in your eyes (Makes me remember, I still remember) Takin’ that flight out West Just down in LAX (It was December, the end of winter) Stopped at the

4. Lirik Where Did We Go? – Avant

lirik Where Did We Go? – Avant Oh, babe, we used to do everything Now it’s, it’s like we do nothing Oh, oh, in a lot of ways I blame myself but I’m not the only one who plays it We just, we need to talk Cell

5. Lirik Jack & Jill – Avant

lirik Jack & Jill – Avant Girl close your eyes, got a surprise Don’t run and hide, let me take you on ride First, we’ll go to Cleveland We’ll kissin’, huggin’ is what we’ll do Next, we&#

6. Lirik Six In Da Morning – Avant

lirik Six In Da Morning – Avant A V, A V, they know what it is come on, A V Steve Stone, DJ, lets get this party jumpin’ Straight V.I.P when I ride in the six get out of me whip Givin’ my tips, slidin’ in the mix

7. Lirik Stickwitu – Avant

lirik Stickwitu – Avant I don’t want to go another day So I’m telling you exactly what is on my mind Seems like everybody is breaking up And throwing their love away But I know I got a good thing right here That
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