Kumpulan banks | Lirik Lagu banks

1. Lirik Banks Workout Part Ii – G-unit

lirik Banks Workout Part Ii – G-unit 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks 50 Cent chorus: nobody get hurt and nobody don’t move just give it up smooth G UNIT Motherfucker you move,I’ll flash my 2 and blast my 2 G UNIT Nigga,you don’t

3. Lirik So Forgetful – Lloyd Banks

lirik So Forgetful – Lloyd Banks Boy wonder, one summer, I was stunting Winter falls when I cake more Bag models and crush ’em I ain’t never been a cuffa and my lifestyle is custom Chromy Cartier, carrot glare keep me

5. Lirik Cake – Lloyd Banks

lirik Cake – Lloyd Banks Money, money, money, money Cake I need the cake nigga The Unit don’t play, we rap but we strapped Buck got the shotgun, 50 got the mack Spida got the sweeper and you bound to hear it clap You

9. Lirik Blow My Mind – Lloyd Banks

lirik Blow My Mind – Lloyd Banks Ayo whassup you know who the fuck this is This the kid BANKS, ya heard me The number one fuckin draft pick in any hood.. G-G-G-UNIT! Banks bout to bubble like crushed grapes I don’t give a fuck

12. Lirik Karma – Lloyd Banks

lirik Karma – Lloyd Banks I am the one you denied, brushed off every time I tried But I’m alright, I’m able to swallow my pride And put all the bullshit to the side, yf you’re ready to ride I’m down

18. Lirik Change – Banks

lirik Change – BanksAlways coldWhile you’d self-incriminateBy avoiding all my questionsAnd calling me an instigatorCut me downAlways calling me unstableYou so easily can make me cryJust cause you are in a moodAnd

19. Lirik Fuck Em Only We Know – Banks

lirik Fuck Em Only We Know – BanksI don’t mindDon’t mind if everybody’s far behindDon’t care if they can’t understand the wayThat you and I just want to be next to each other every dayYou and IWe’re

20. Lirik Stick – Banks

lirik Stick – BanksCold shouldersSo sick are you make it come quickHard to demonstrateSo down for you, licorice stick I got to take you homeWe’re living in hard times, we’re living in hard timesBaby, you

22. Lirik Drowning – Banks

lirik Drowning – BanksYou try to lie, I can see that you don’t need meNeed me don’t need me, need me don’t need meAll of your words they’ve been cursed with dishonesty(With dishonesty, with
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