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1. Lirik Fake It – Bastille

lirik Fake It – BastilleAnd I dont think that thats a selfish want, I really dontIm not saying that I have this capacity because its hard to develop that capacity on your own,Stopped at every turn Drive around, night time,

2. Lirik Way Beyond – Bastille

lirik Way Beyond – BastilleIn my left hand there is the familiarIn my right hand there’s the great unknownI can see the madly different grass thereBut I’m drawn to wilder nights at home Don’t listen to your

3. Lirik Snakes – Bastille

lirik Snakes – BastilleOoh, I’m not readyOoh, I’m not readyOoh, I’m not readyOoh, I’m not ready Snakes are biting in my heelsThe worries that refuse to let us goI’ve been kicking them awayWhen

5. Lirik Winter Of Our Youth – Bastille

lirik Winter Of Our Youth – BastilleSo the question is, why doesn’t he grow upWhy does he still behave as a childHow can we help him get rid of these Leftovers from chidish behavior This is the winter of our youthOh but I’m

6. Lirik The Anchor – Bastille

lirik The Anchor – BastilleWhat do you know about it?Well, you gonna tell meWhy, I can’t tell you. You don’t – you can’t – you can’t explain now what’s going on in your brain. You can&#

7. Lirik Shame – Bastille

lirik Shame – BastilleThere is no love lost here between usWhere are those friends who pulled no punchesShock from my hip with one anotherWe got so far from themWe’re miles from way back when I’m so nervous

8. Lirik Oil On Water – Bastille

lirik Oil On Water – BastilleSo her fingers ran away with themselves‘Till everything was documentedOur mind it was reaching outTo put into words what their bodies had done They lie together, ohOil on waterAnd they lie upon

9. Lirik Final Hour – Bastille

lirik Final Hour – BastilleSo, what would you little maniacs like to do first? Watching through my fingers, watching through my fingersShut my eyes and count to tenIt goes in one ear out the other, one ear out the otherBurning
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