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3. Lirik Laser Gun feat. Mai Lan – M83

lirik Laser Gun feat. Mai Lan – M83Small town, too hotI'm going for a tripA place where dreams are made like comic stripsI see colours and planes, laser guns and champagneI feel strong and smart, ready for a new startIt got me tooAnd I

6. Lirik Ride The Lightning – Metallica

lirik Ride The Lightning – MetallicaGuilty as chargedBut damn it, it ain't rightThere is someone else controlling meDeath in the airStrapped in the electric chairThis can't be happening to meWho made you God to say"I'll take your life

8. Lirik Welcome Home – Metallica

lirik Welcome Home – MetallicaWelcome to where time stands stillNo one leaves and no one willMoon is full, never seems to changeJust labeled mentally derangedDream the same thing every nightI see our freedom in my sightNo locked

9. Lirik Amp – Orbit

lirik Amp – OrbitWhe rips my mind out she tears my tongue out She pulls my brain out And feeds it to me She wants it so bad The worst I ever had But something's peculiar And she says it to me Oh, didn't anyone Oh,

11. Lirik The Anchor – Bastille

lirik The Anchor – BastilleWhat do you know about it?Well, you gonna tell meWhy, I can't tell you. You don't - you can't - you can't explain now what's going on in your brain. You can't tell somebody how - wha-what's happening

14. Lirik Freaky Gurl (remix) – Lil' Kim

lirik Freaky Gurl (remix) – Lil' Kim She's a very freaky gurl, don't bring her to mama First you get her name then you get her number Then you get some brain in the front seat of the Hummer Then you get some brain in the front seat of

15. Lirik Take My Life Away – Athena

lirik Take My Life Away – AthenaNow I know why I am alone Answers grow, in this room I will know my past. Two different minds inside my brain I fear my ashes once again Watching in silence all alone I sold lies, and I have

17. Lirik Poisoned Garden – Pas Band

lirik Poisoned Garden – Pas BandPost most guys oh maybe poisoned garden Thing that empties only be wall and grease Think forever seems like nor and pass and give It must be sick and had no balance Skater, evidence, principal,

18. Lirik New Generation – The SIGIT

lirik New Generation – The SIGITWe are the noodle generation Our foods are made of preservation We don't need your education Things not set in proportion Look around in our perspective Don't acting to naive You know it's all

21. Lirik Invisible Kid – Metallica

lirik Invisible Kid – MetallicaSongwriters: Rock, Robert Jens; Hammett, Kirk; Hetfield, James; Ulrich, Lars;Invisible kidNever see what he didGot stuck where he hidFallen through the gridInvisible kidGot a place of his ownWhere he'

23. Lirik Do The Right Thing – Ludacris

lirik Do The Right Thing – Ludacris Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Hip hop nation, this is Spiz-ike Lee Been sleepin' for too long, wake up Wake up, wake up, wake upI see the sunshine gazin' through the window pane, yeah Blazin'

25. Lirik Be Warned – Tech N9ne

lirik Be Warned – Tech N9ne Tech N9ne: The Omega Tech N9ne: The end Tech N9ne: Check it out, check it out [Tech N9ne] Anybody wanna go to war wit a nigga like Tech Neezle When he killin them evil people Anybody thinkin evil is

27. Lirik Bullet To The Brain – Megadeth

lirik Bullet To The Brain – MegadethNo one knows what draws the moth to the flameAnd nothing costs as much as playing the gameShe had to know, know, know he'd give love for sexHe had to know, know, know she'd give sex for loveThe taste

28. Lirik Give Me Green – Netral

lirik Give Me Green – NetralI feel just like stupid I feel just like a dumb I don't know what the hell is this Keep me cool... Something satisfy my soul like and enjoy it Feels like touch the heaven and now I am free All my

31. Lirik It’s You – Zayn Malik

lirik It’s You – Zayn MalikShe got, she got, she gotHer own reasons for talking to meShe don't, she don't, she don'tGive a fuck about what I needAnd I can't tell you whyBecause my brain can't equate itTell me your liesBecause I

33. Lirik Lazarus – David Bowie

lirik Lazarus – David BowieLook up here, Im in heavenIve got scars that cant be seenIve got drama, cant be stolenEverybody knows me nowLook up here, man, Im in dangerIve got nothing left to loseIm so high it makes my brain

34. Lirik Ain’t No Way Around It – Future

lirik Ain’t No Way Around It – FutureAin't no way around itAin't no way around itAin't no way around itAin't no way around itChorusA bitch gone be a bitchA hoe gone be a hoeA killer gone be a killerThat's sumthin' you need to knowAin't

36. Lirik Slow Down – Aurora

lirik Slow Down – AuroraYou tell what i do what i need but i feel the brain is trapped and i'm insane' hey woman slow down hey woman slow down as you don't need to set the control of the heart of me

37. Lirik Get Over It – Nadia

lirik Get Over It – NadiaPower in my hand Love is where I stand Gotta keep it up Gotta keep it on Gotta keep it up Gotta keep it on top There's no complain No fear of a wall No tears in vain No trouble at all Got

38. Lirik War – Pas Band

lirik War – Pas BandA long long time ago i was born From the restless and tears I always lonely walking with this shadow And i don't know where i'm going Why...yayayayay...hay Why...yayayayay...hay Why...yayayayay...hey

40. Lirik Troublemaker – Olly Murs

lirik Troublemaker – Olly MursYou’re a troublemakerYou’re a troublemakerYou ain’t nothing but a troublemaker girlYou had me hooked again, from the minute you sat downThe way you bite your lip, got my head spinnin

41. Lirik My Own Way – Three 6 Mafia

lirik My Own Way – Three 6 Mafia [Intro] Three 6 Ma-fi-UHH~! Good Charlotte Hypnotize Minds, dat executive Some real shit man, let's drop it Let's go![Chorus: Good Charlotte] You know I can't live my life, workin no 9 to 5 No matter

42. Lirik Never Too Late – Nidji

lirik Never Too Late – NidjiSilent sound broke my heart A doze of pain will start your brain In one and two three second has passed When i'm with you i will never be sad Busy sound blows my mind Heart beat central in this

43. Lirik Paper Bag – Orbit

lirik Paper Bag – OrbitTake my hands Take my arms Take my light If you don't I'm going home Tie my hands Tie my tongue The poison haze It comes over me again Yeah, the poison in my head Would it make me brave The

46. Lirik I Believe – Bon Jovi

lirik I Believe – Bon JoviAll I know is what I've been sold You can read my life like a fortune told I've seen the dream, there's no land of Oz But I got my brain and I got a heart And courage built I won't let go What we need

47. Lirik Holier Than Thou – Metallica

lirik Holier Than Thou – MetallicaNo more!The crap rolls out your mouth againHaven't changed, your brain is still gelatinLittle whispers circle around your headWhy don't you worry about yourself instead?Who are you? Where you been?

49. Lirik Call Me Wild – Edane

lirik Call Me Wild – EdaneCall me wild ! I walk in empty streets Broken child I've got nothing to hide Life's so dirty the world so filthy Don't wash my brain don't tell me lies ! Get out of my way ! You Can't push me down !
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