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1. Lirik Fire – Sean Paul

lirik Fire – Sean Paul Mayday..mayday..day..day..day..day..day..day Sean Paul..This one ya is hot, It is a next Dutty Rock, Dah one ya gone...It gone now..It gone clear, Cuh deh, Cuh deh, Cuh Deh....The Trinity..see it,

2. Lirik Problem – Ariana Grande

lirik Problem – Ariana Grande [Iggy:] Uh huh! It's Iggy Iggs! I got one more problem with you girl One less, one less! Aye Problem[Ariana Grande:] Hey baby even though I hate ya! I wanna love ya I want you! (you you) And even

5. Lirik A$$ – Big Sean

lirik A$$ – Big Sean [Hook] Ass ass ass ass ass Ass ass ass ass ass Ass ass ass ass ass Ass ass ass ass ass ass Stop! Now make that motherfucker hammer time, likeGo stupid, go stupid, go stupid[Verse 1 - Big Sean] Wobble

6. Lirik In Da Club – Clyde Carson

lirik In Da Club – Clyde Carson [Sean Kingston]who in the club tonight ? compton , kingston.Throw your dubs in the sky, twist it up lets get high, hit the switch in the ride, front to back side to side, compton kingston, who gun

7. Lirik Naked – Kevin Mccall

lirik Naked – Kevin Mccall Kevin McCall Ft. Big Sean - Naked Big Sean : You know you like it with your face in the pillow Break the hotel, thank god for incidentals Rubber on tight, no time for a kiddo 5 minutes in it are you

8. Lirik Wine It – Sean Paul

lirik Wine It – Sean Paul Ted Smooth...Straight face manAh to di gal dem we do it all wild Sean a Paul ah mi kill dem wid di style yoUp inna di club she wine rubba dub Bokkle a di bob Henessy inna mi crop yo Up inna di club

9. Lirik Put That On My Hood – Bow Wow

lirik Put That On My Hood – Bow Wow Cash money ! Eyoohoh I do this for the hood (Eyoohoh) I put that on my hood Sean Kingston This my life Boweezy Yeah ahaa Boweezy Put that on my hoodIf you from the hood like me put your hands up They

10. Lirik Deep – Big Sean

lirik Deep – Big Sean Do or die nigga I'mma keep poppin' this champagne (Ain't worried about shit) Finally famous niggaMan I look up to God I wonder if I fell from the sky Will I hit the ground or will I learn how to fly

16. Lirik Big Nut Bust – Big Sean

lirik Big Nut Bust – Big Sean [Big Sean - Chorus] Asshole then, bigger dick now Don't believe me? Bitch look down How I look now? Tell me how I look now How I look now? Bitch look downAirhead hoes on my kush cloud thought I was

17. Lirik Platinum & Wood – Big Sean

lirik Platinum & Wood – Big Sean Come roll with a nigga, get high with a nigga Count stacks with a nigga, fuck hoes with a nigga Back in high school we used to trade clothes with my niggas Back when Iceberg and Girbaud was like the

19. Lirik Play No Games – Big Sean

lirik Play No Games – Big Sean Ok, I won't deny it Half the time you send a text, yep, you know I'm not replying Just to let you know, I'm not one of them niggas you be dodging I'm the one that you dodge with I'm the one that you

24. Lirik Control – Kendrick Lamar

lirik Control – Kendrick Lamar [Intro: Big Sean] I look up Yeah and I take my time I'ma take my time, whoa Power moves only, nigga[Verse 1: Big Sean] Boy I'm 'bout my business on business, I drink liquor on liquor I had women on

25. Lirik Jordan Diddy Interlude – Future

lirik Jordan Diddy Interlude – Future[Hook]Jordan, Diddy [10x]Ay I'm Micheal Jordan bitch in every city, I'm making movies think I'm P DiddyI'm Balling hard fucking spanish bitches, I got a main girl and a mistressJordan, Diddy [8x]I'm

26. Lirik Finesse – Soulja Boy

lirik Finesse – Soulja Boy [Verse:] Pull up in that Bentley, that new Coupe Soulja Boy my name, b***h, I still jug Me and Sean Kingston gon' drop an album I just copped the chain for 100 thousand I be smokin' loud, I should?

27. Lirik Bring Me Down – Mike Posner

lirik Bring Me Down – Mike Posner (Mike Posner) Now as I seen more money, there's more problems Every time I look around They say I'm not hungry and I lost it But you're never gonna, ever gonna, ever gonna bring me down Bring me down

31. Lirik Lifestyle – Ace Hood

lirik Lifestyle – Ace Hood [Chorus - Sean Kingston] I'm addicted to this lifestyle Blowing all my cash, in the strip club, trying to find me some ass I'm addicted to this lifestyle Shorty I can't change because that's just who

33. Lirik Mau Nanya Lagu Barat Come 5 ?

lirik Mau Nanya Lagu Barat Come 5 ? lagu barat yang paling kalian suka cukup sebutin 5 ga butuh banyak dikit az yang penting seru menurut kalian seru banget sebutin 5 lagu barat yang paling kalian suka. kalau bener lagunya

34. Lirik Let A Nigga Know – Saigon

lirik Let A Nigga Know – Saigon Let a nigga know You wanna go to war, bop You wanna hear the 44 pop You wanna see the gun that will make More than just your jaw dropYou wanna mess with the best But do you want to save Your mama

35. Lirik Starlight – VIXX

lirik Starlight – VIXXHannaje beonkaecheoreom nae-ge kkojhin neolNan gyeol-ko pihal su eop-seoSarangye hwahsarimyeon ne-ge gikkeoiNae shimjang mat-kyeodul-ke nareul yeo-reo neonNae nuneun neo hanaro bichi naEodumi naerin i

42. Lirik Climax – Usher

lirik Climax – Usher Going no where fast We've reached the climax Were together, now we're undone Won't commit so we choose toRun away, do we separate Oh Don't wanna give in So we both gave up Can't take it back It's too

43. Lirik They Call Me – Bei Maejor

lirik They Call Me – Bei Maejor Pops call me. Moms call me baby B, Girl call me baby, my fans call me USD. Tom call me young, but my bank say Im gone Street call me gone, but my mind say Im on! Little sister call me Branny, Same

44. Lirik Six In Da Morning – Avant

lirik Six In Da Morning – Avant A V, A V, they know what it is come on, A V Steve Stone, DJ, lets get this party jumpin'Straight V.I.P when I ride in the six get out of me whip Givin' my tips, slidin' in the mix, playas envy me '

46. Lirik Minta Rekomendasi Lagu Barat Donk ?

lirik Minta Rekomendasi Lagu Barat Donk ? alirannya pop r&b atau hip hop, yang melow2 juga boleh deh yang enak didengar buat lagu tidur... ? Fitri the script - the man who can't be moved lifehouse - you and me bruno mars -

49. Lirik Looking For Love – Rick Ross

lirik Looking For Love – Rick Ross [Usher] She say she looking for love all the girls in the club you know wats up she say she undercover though and this is what she wants[Rick Ross] money making extraordinaire its my pedigree
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