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2. Lirik Fix (remix) – Blackstreet

lirik Fix (remix) – Blackstreet Clap, clap, clap, clap If you need a fix, yeah If you need a fix, baby, I got itAnd you say Blackstreet, and you say Clap your hands, just clap your hands Just clap your hands, just clapOh, sugar

3. Lirik Yo Love – Blackstreet

lirik Yo Love – Blackstreet Get higher, baby, uh, yo Get higher, baby, catch the beat Get higher, baby, ugh, yoGet higher, baby, yo, yo, yo, yo Get higher, baby, ugh Get higher, baby, yo, oh Get higher, babyAll day long, I've

4. Lirik Finally – Blackstreet

lirik Finally – Blackstreet You know you and I've been through many hardships in life They say people who believe, hardship has made us doubt The very God of gods But the apostle Paul said in his scripture We are troubled on

5. Lirik I Am A God – Kanye West

lirik I Am A God – Kanye WestDamn, here we go againCommon passed on this beatI made it to a clockNow everything I'm not, made me everything I amDamn, here we go againPeople talkin 'shit, but when the shit hit the fanEverything I'

8. Lirik Joy – Blackstreet

lirik Joy – Blackstreet Can't forget the day That she walked into my life It was just the kind of thing That was so right on timeAfter all the love changes My heart had locked the door Then that girl released her magic And

11. Lirik U Blow My Mind – Blackstreet

lirik U Blow My Mind – Blackstreet Yeah, I just can't get enough of your love, baby Just a touch, you make me feel so good U blow my mind, yeah, c'monU blow my mind, baby I'm so in love with you, baby U blow my mind, baby I'm so in

14. Lirik Happy Home – Blackstreet

lirik Happy Home – Blackstreet Can you make me a, make me a Make me a happy home? Can you make me, baby? Oh yeahYou say you want diamonds You say you want pearls Big car, big house You wanna be servedTell me, lady Just what can
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