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2. Lirik Mountain – Blue October

lirik Mountain – Blue OctoberIf I can't be a brave boy jumping off a head of a mountainAnd I wonder why the thoughts of you brings me to the edge of my bedIf I can't tell the difference from a water fall and a fountainIs it the

3. Lirik The Scar – Blue October

lirik The Scar – Blue OctoberI'd like to sneak around your houseWhen everyone's asleepTiptoe across the door-room matThat used to welcome meThen gently shut the doorTo see a brand-new Christmas treeAnd the silence pounds like a

7. Lirik Blue – Aurora

lirik Blue – Aurorathe sun glows like an inflamed eye and blinds our cosmos with illuminated beams blue... but who cares' in faint we slumber we don't percieve what is happening outside these cold walls

8. Lirik Blue Sky – Common

lirik Blue Sky – Common Aston Martin king, Luther with dreams The young Denzel the way I move through scenes I'm like a preacher that once was a fiend A story of change that came with wings Pretty as the skyline, the sky is

9. Lirik These Days – CN Blue

lirik These Days – CN Blueashita o nugut te shimai sou nakurayami no naka mie ta monosotto fure ta hoo tsutau namidakizamu toki no irosoko ni kimi ga i taano hibi no kaze wa kimi no kake ra mune ni oi taI want , I want to stay

10. Lirik You’re So Fine – CN Blue

lirik You’re So Fine – CN BlueNae chingudeuri neol bogo nan dwiHanagati malhae neon neungryeogi johaWanbyeokhan chemistry seoroga bappeul ttaemyeonAegyo seokkin selfie-ro daedaphaneun girlNamjadeureun da ttokgatdae cheoeumeman

11. Lirik Blue Eyes – Halestorm

lirik Blue Eyes – HalestormYou think you're knowing what you're doing, where you're goingYou just fall a little further every timeYou think your life is getting harder by the momentNo one seems to want to help you get it right.

13. Lirik Almost Blue – Diana Krall

lirik Almost Blue – Diana KrallAlmost blueAlmost doing things we used to doThere's a boy here and he's almost youAlmost all the things that your eyes once promisedI see in his tooNow your eyes are red from cryingAlmost

14. Lirik Blue Satellite – Anggun

lirik Blue Satellite – AnggunI do my weightless wondering Falling down every night Fearing I have lost you Once you're out of sight I'm walking round spinning in my room Like a sleepless satellite And you say... me and you... we

15. Lirik Feel Good – CN Blue

lirik Feel Good – CN BlueOh oh oh oneulbameun naega control (oeo)Nal boneun yeojadeureun naega control (oeo)Deep deep deep gipi ppajyeobeorinModu nae nunbiche chwihae stop (raralla)Ppi ppi ppi neoreul chatneun naneun patrol(

16. Lirik Caribbean Blue – Enya

lirik Caribbean Blue – Enya...Eurus... ...Afer Ventus... ...so the world goes round and round with all you ever knew -- They say the sky high above is Caribbean blue... ...if every man says all he can, if every man is

17. Lirik Aini – Blue Savanna

lirik Aini – Blue SavannaYa Nur aini ya Safari, jatuh hati setengah mati Nanti pasti kau temui aral melintang berduri Chorus Bila habis gelap maka terbitlah terang Maka janganlah dirimu berputus asa Abah Aini, umi Aini

18. Lirik Irish Blue – Flip

lirik Irish Blue – FlipYou said that we can still be friends You said this really has to end You are standin memories Of the way it use to be Break away from times of old Like a story that's been told You can'

19. Lirik Boyz N Blue – Slim Thug

lirik Boyz N Blue – Slim Thug G'yeah, Slim Thugger, Killa Kyleon, PJ Sir Daily, C-Ward, we the Boyz N Blue motherfuckersWhat the, what them boys gon' do When them blue boys come through Blue-blue toys at you Pointing them toys at

24. Lirik Bintang Jatuh – Blue Savanna

lirik Bintang Jatuh – Blue SavannaIntro ; Dm Am Dm Am Dm C F AD G Bm G Bm AKucoba menatap dalam bola matamu, tipis bibirmuD G Bm G Bm ASaat kaujejali kata indah serapahmu, manis makimuC D Am G A Dm (intro)Tak kauhiraukan peluh basahi

27. Lirik Blue Rain 2012 – Girls Day

lirik Blue Rain 2012 – Girls Day2012 One Ra-iny Day. Were Girlt-dayEodi-l-kamyeon bol-su i-nneunji al-go isseodo na kal-su eom-neunkeonAma mollabo-ge sucheo-khaejin nae moseub bogoNollan gaseumeuro keokjeong-hal-kkabwahNal du-go

29. Lirik Misty Blue – Mary J Blige

lirik Misty Blue – Mary J Blige If my mother was out there I'd dedicate this to her tonightOh, it's been such a long, long time Looks like I'd get you off of my mind But I can't, just the thought of you, my love And my whole world

41. Lirik Winter Grays – Krakatau

lirik Winter Grays – KrakatauMorning frost is here to stay When you've gone to the winter night Air is colder than yesterday I'm walking down in the misty white Silent bird in a quiet sleep Heat in the light is too far away My

42. Lirik A Year Later – Kubik

lirik A Year Later – KubikJust when something goes wrong I hide it in my head because i'm feeling all worn out carrying your way around and maybe you are tired I had no wings to fly tasted like pearls a while now cut like a

44. Lirik Seat Next To You – Bon Jovi

lirik Seat Next To You – Bon JoviLong slow drive down an old dirt roadYou've got your hand out the window, listening to the radioThat's where I wanna be...On an old park bench in the middle of DecemberCold hard rain fallin', can't

45. Lirik Quiz Lagu lagu Menarik ?

lirik Quiz Lagu lagu Menarik ?pertanyaannya adalah 1)Lagu apa yang menyangkut dengan alam? 2)lagu yg paling lo sukain di dlm negri ato jepang tnx ya ? tigrex 1.lagu brikut tp instrumen.... - Voyage II - Manoa Moonlight

46. Lirik Nanya Tentang Lagu Nih ?

lirik Nanya Tentang Lagu Nih ? western song (lagu barat) yg melow apa aja nih? share dong :D ? Selena The eagle - hotel california daniel bedingfield - if you are not the one peter framton - while my guitar gently weeps

48. Lirik Sun Tzu – French Montana

lirik Sun Tzu – French Montana Hey yo , mic check, come through, hit you with the 1, 2, all I do is on you warrior Sun Tzu,(2x)ahh, ohh, ahh, ohh Blow up like a balloon with a granade in it (3x) Piece Of the blood, piece of a

50. Lirik It's Murda – Ja Rule

lirik It's Murda – Ja Rule Urr, uh huh Y'all motherfuckers ready or what? Is y'all motherfuckers ready or what? I don't think you are, I don't think soThey got my back against the buildin' I'm the villain that's creepin'
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