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1. Lirik Who You Are – Jessie J

lirik Who You Are – Jessie J I stare at my reflection in the mirror Why am I doing this to myself? Losing my mind on a tiny error, I nearly left the real me on the shelf No, no, no, noDon't lose who you are, in the blur of the

6. Lirik Masquerade – Jasmine V

lirik Masquerade – Jasmine V Id like to take this Time just too Apologize The Way You See Me Now What I Am Inside maybe your Character wasnt in it For Us I Tryin To Keep It Up but when I Look Into Your Eyes tonight I Saw You

10. Lirik There He Go – Fabolous

lirik There He Go – Fabolous [Hook: Red Cafe] I'm so fly, so fly You might see a nigga if you look up in the sky like There he go, (there he go), there he go, (there he go), (there he go) There go that motherfucker[Woman:] I'm

12. Lirik Everybody Goes – Royce Da 5'9

lirik Everybody Goes – Royce Da 5'9 If you need me I will be nearby, mountain high, valley low If you need me I will be nearby, mountain high, valley low(Uhh, uhh, uhh) It depends on the type of men you keep in your regime And when it'

15. Lirik First Love – EXO

lirik First Love – EXOo- o- oooo- oooo oooo- oye hangeoreum hangeoreum neol ttarageoreo neomollae neomollae bareul majchumyeo ojarage seuchin neoui hyanggi wae iri tteollyeooneungeonji neomuna dalkomhanjijogeumhan

16. Lirik Under The Westway – Blur

lirik Under The Westway – BlurThere were blue skies in my city todayEv’rything was sinkingSaid snow would come on SundayThe old school was due and the traffic grewUpon the WestwayWhere I stood watching comets lonesome

17. Lirik The Puritan – Blur

lirik The Puritan – BlurAre we institutionalisedBy the demands of today?In our regalia are we ok?Because the flash of a bladeIs one less getting paidThere in the lineAnd the ice and goldIs just a double codeIt’s a

18. Lirik Popscene – Blur

lirik Popscene – BlurA fervored image of another worldIs nothing in paricular nowAnd imitation comes naturallyBut i never really stop to think howAnd everyoneis a clever cloneA chrome covered clone amiSo in the absence of

19. Lirik Fool’s Day – Blur

lirik Fool’s Day – BlurWake up straightCaught out by the sunOn the first day of AprilOut of bedThought it was a plane crashBut I'm sure that I was dreamingTv onOf course caffeineA science of submission againAnother dayOn

20. Lirik My Terracotta Heart – Blur

lirik My Terracotta Heart – Blur[Verse 1]And the bright rings we got in summertimeSeemed like a breath of fresh air back in the summertimeWhen we were more like brothers, that was years agoSo if it doesn't sing like a broken chord[

21. Lirik Sunday Sunday – Blur

lirik Sunday Sunday – BlurSunday sunday here again in tidy attireYou read the colour supplement, the tv guideYou dream of protein on a plate, regret you left it quite so lateTogether the family around the table, to eat enough
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