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5. Lirik Touch Of Grey – Bon Jovi

lirik Touch Of Grey – Bon JoviPeople people everywhereThere's revolution in the airProtest signs and people walkingTalking heads on TV talkingPick a team, choose your sideAin't no room for compromiseWe're running out of better

6. Lirik Labels Or Love – Fergie

lirik Labels Or Love – FergieShopping for labels, shopping for loveManolo and Louis, it's all I'm thinking ofShopping for labels, shopping for love1, 2Manolo and Louis, it's all I'm thinking of1, 2, 3 Turn the lights on.I already

7. Lirik All Hail The King – Bon Jovi

lirik All Hail The King – Bon JoviHeavy is the head that wears the crownAll the people came to hear him speak from miles aroundThey hug on every word a song in every soundHeavy is the head that wears the crownHe touched the sky to

11. Lirik Secret Time – Spica

lirik Secret Time – SpicaSecret TimeWe dont need you boy ah[Bohyung] Oh What do you wantEoneu ttaeboda deo deo eunmilhan(Bimilseureongeol deo wonhae)[Boa] This is realHan yeoreum bamui kkumeun No kkumeun No[Narae] Ppuyeon

13. Lirik Cold Water – Major Lazer

lirik Cold Water – Major Lazer Everybody gets high sometimes, you know What else can we do when we're feeling low? So take a deep breath and let it go You shouldn't be drowning on your ownAnd if you feel you're sinking, I will

17. Lirik Because I Love You – WENDY

lirik Because I Love You – WENDYchanggae bureooneungaeulbarameun teong bin maeumeul seuchyeo ganeundechagawojin byeoge gidaeeomeolli balgaoneun saebyeokhaneul baraboayobogo sipjiman gakkai gal su eobseoijen geudae gyeoteul

18. Lirik Let You Know (OST. D-Day) – WENDY

lirik Let You Know (OST. D-Day) – WENDYNews Tayang>>[]BF Tayang >> ****************anayo eonjebuteoyeossneunjigeudae misoga jichin nareul swige haneyosechan gujeun biga naeryeodo apeun nunmul biga doeeodosesang modu byeonhanda hayeodoanayo

19. Lirik Because of Tears – Ailee

lirik Because of Tears – AileeHan sarami saenggyeotjyo saranghamyeon andoeneun geu saramAndoeneunde andoeneunde myeotbeoneul ppurichyeo boatjyoGeu sarameul ullyeotjyo jidokhido motdoen naui jipchageNunmuri mameul humchyeoseo

21. Lirik This Is Home – Blink 182

lirik This Is Home – Blink 182We work and slave the day awayWere raised in perfect familiesWe fuck and fight like vagabondsWe dance like fucking animalsDon't stop, the band is coming onRude boys and punks will shout alongPolice

23. Lirik Birthday Suit – The Weeknd

lirik Birthday Suit – The WeekndHere's a special cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cake, cakeWatch me throw it in the airPocket full of 1's with the zeros in a pairFind myself staring at your waist, waist, waist, waist, waist, waist,

24. Lirik Tony Montana feat. Drake – Future

lirik Tony Montana feat. Drake – FutureFuckin' cockroachesMotherfuckin' freebandzWant me to be the bad guyWanna play, cartel niggaTony Montana, Tony Montana, Tony Montana, Tony MontanaCheck up out my earsTony Montana, Tony Montana, Tony

28. Lirik Noise – Kenny Chesney

lirik Noise – Kenny ChesneyWrecking balls, downtown constructionBottles breaking, jukebox buzzingCardboard sign says The Lord is ComingTick, tick, tockRumors turn the mills back homeParking lot kids with the speakers blownWe

31. Lirik Christmas Celebration – Weezer

lirik Christmas Celebration – WeezerCristmas celebrationAnd all around the nationWon't you stay with me tonightCause I'm running out of fightAnd the pagentry is such a boreCarolers are singingRegisters Ka-chingingAnd the presents are in

35. Lirik Name On It – Dustin Lynch

lirik Name On It – Dustin LynchThere's a four by four, blacked out four doorIce cold six pack in the floorboardThat's got my name on itHot little chick, cherry bomb red lipsSitting shotun, fresh tat on her hipThat's got my name on

39. Lirik Got One – 2 Chainz

lirik Got One – 2 ChainzSometimes I have them thoughtsLike I'm too real for this shitLabels keep callin'I need 2 mil for this shit!Took a mixtapeTurned it to a mansionThen I took my last packAnd it turned into gymnasticsThe

41. Lirik Picture Baby – Young Thug

lirik Picture Baby – Young ThugThuggerTake your picture, babyNah, you okay with me, know what I'm sayin'?You okay, babeHey!Take your picture, babyTake your picture, babyTake your picture, babyTake your, take your motherfuckin'

43. Lirik Loving Someone – The 1975

lirik Loving Someone – The 1975Yeah, you should be loving someoneOh, oh, loving someoneYeah, you should be loving someoneOh, oh, loving someoneYeah, you should beMy heart is telling me the telly isn't telling me anythingI need but

46. Lirik Pillow Talk – Zayn Malik

lirik Pillow Talk – Zayn MalikClimb on boardWe'll go slow in high tempoLight and darkHold me hard and mellowI'm seeing the pain, seeing the pleasureNobody but you, 'body but me, 'body but us,Bodies togetherI'd love to hold you

48. Lirik Champion – Pixie Lott

lirik Champion – Pixie LottI'll fight for loveI'll prove to youI got the movesLike no one elseBoy, she's a foolShe's telling liesAnd talking jiveShe can go to hellCome on ring that bellIf she's Apollo CreedI'll be Rocky

50. Lirik Cry – Rick Ross

lirik Cry – Rick RossLord forgive me for my sins,But may I strike down an get vengeance,Murder my homeboy, Why you doin like that,Niggas getting churched up, Time for the get back,Found him last night, four shots in his
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