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1. Lirik Always – Bon Jovi

lirik Always – Bon JoviSongwriters: Bon Jovi, Jon;This Romeo is bleedin'But you can't see his bloodIt's nothing but some feelingsThat this old dog kicked upIt's been rainin' since you left meNow I'm drownin' in the floodYou

2. Lirik Undivided – Bon Jovi

lirik Undivided – Bon JoviSongwriters: Sambora, Richie; Bon Jovi, Jon; Falcon, Billy;That was my brother lost in the rubbleThat was my sister lost in the crushThat was our mothers, those were our childrenThat was our fathers,

4. Lirik I Got The Girl – Bon Jovi

lirik I Got The Girl – Bon JoviSongwriters: Bon Jovi, Jon;It feels like I'm walkin' on airWalk down our streetWhen the neighbors stop an' watch us goin' byYou can hear 'em talkin'(Ah let them talk)Sometimes I think that you're the

7. Lirik Blaze Of Glory – Bon Jovi

lirik Blaze Of Glory – Bon JoviSongwriters: Bon Jovi, Jon;I wake up in the mornin'And I raise my weary headI got an old coat for a pillowAnd the earth was last night's bedI don't know where I'm goin'Only God knows where I've beenI'

8. Lirik Two Story Town – Bon Jovi

lirik Two Story Town – Bon JoviSongwriters: Hudson, Mark; Sambora, Richie; Bon Jovi, Jon; Grakal, Dean;{One, two, one, two}I couldn't sleepTook a walk down Second AvenueSick of dreaming dreams that never come trueOne way street and

9. Lirik Novocaine – Bon Jovi

lirik Novocaine – Bon JoviSongwriters: Bon Jovi, Jon;You can take back all your secrets, we'll divide up all the liesKeep all the pictures in their frames, cut me out, yeah I'll be fineTell the neighbors all my feelings, go on

10. Lirik Have A Nice Day – Bon Jovi

lirik Have A Nice Day – Bon JoviSongwriters: Sambora, Richie; Bon Jovi, Jon; Shanks, John;Why you wanna tell me how to live my life?Who are you to tell me if it's black or white?Mama, can you hear me? Try to understandIs innocence

12. Lirik Joey – Bon Jovi

lirik Joey – Bon JoviSongwriters: Bon Jovi, Jon; Sambora, Richard;Joey keys was from my neighborhoodSome would say that he was bad and Joe thought that was goodJoey got the name "Keys" picking locksHe never really robbed

14. Lirik Satellite – Bon Jovi

lirik Satellite – Bon Jovi(written by: Bon Jovi)Are you out there?Can you hear me?Do you know my whereabouts?Do you know what I'm all about?Through the static you're so close, so far awayAre you listening?I'm desperate.Sendin

15. Lirik Homebound Train – Bon Jovi

lirik Homebound Train – Bon JoviSongwriters: Richie Sambora;Jon Bon JoviWhen I was just a boyThe devil took my handTook me from my home, home, homeMade me a manWe don't talk too lateAbout sympathy, now'Cause you can't danceIf you

18. Lirik Shut Up And Kiss Me – Bon Jovi

lirik Shut Up And Kiss Me – Bon Jovi(written by: Bon Jovi)I don't wanna talk about itBaby wanna talk all nightYou're on your feet six days a weekWe're working nights just trying to make ends meetWe break our backs on the killing

20. Lirik Ride Cowboy Ride – Bon Jovi

lirik Ride Cowboy Ride – Bon JoviSongwriters: Richie Sambora;Jon Bon JoviRide cowboy rideThrough the back door to heaven to the other sideI wanna know the danger of a kiss at midnightRide, cowboy, rideYeah, I learn my lessonIn the

24. Lirik We Rule The Night – Bon Jovi

lirik We Rule The Night – Bon Jovi(written by: Bon Jovi)We walked through the sunshine, we walked thru the rainAs endless as time the thoughts will remainWe'll take what we wantYou take what you needWe are the targets, you better

25. Lirik Living In Sin – Bon Jovi

lirik Living In Sin – Bon JoviSongwriters: Bon Jovi, Jon;I don't need no licenseTo sign on no lineAnd I don't need no preacherTo tell me you're mineI don't need no diamondsI don't need no new brideI just need you, babyTo look me

28. Lirik Cold Hard Heart – Bon Jovi

lirik Cold Hard Heart – Bon JoviJ. Bon Jovi You said you loved to watch me sleep You put your head down on my chest To hear me breatheGo on, take my last breath from me I don't want to live no more And cut my eyes so I can't see I

29. Lirik Nobody’s Hero – Bon Jovi

lirik Nobody’s Hero – Bon Jovi(written by: Bon Jovi)You're afraid and it feels like you're too tired to fightEven your heart don't know if you're still aliveMan, you never felt so all alone in this world tonightAnd I, don't you

32. Lirik Thief Of Hearts – Bon Jovi

lirik Thief Of Hearts – Bon Jovi(written by: Bon Jovi)You can lock up all the doors,Pull up the coversTurn out the lights,I'll know where you are,It's alright.You can go ahead and hide,You know you can't keep me out,I'll find my

33. Lirik Only In My Dreams – Bon Jovi

lirik Only In My Dreams – Bon Jovi(written by: Bon Jovi)Barkeep pour me one last shot 'cause I must be on my wayGotta make that same old stop that this soul makes everydayTell me why am I holding on? Harry, why is love like a flame?It

34. Lirik Diamond Ring – Bon Jovi

lirik Diamond Ring – Bon JoviSongwriters: Desmond Child;Richie Sambora;Jon Bon JoviDiamond ring wear it on your handIt's gonna tell the world I'm your only manDiamond ring, diamond ringBaby you're my everything diamond ringRed

35. Lirik Outlaws Of Love – Bon Jovi

lirik Outlaws Of Love – Bon Jovi(written by: Bon Jovi)In his mind he was a man, at least he thought he wasIt's hard to understand how old is old enoughYeah, she was his girl they met back in high schoolAnd they ran off and got

37. Lirik Ordinary People – Bon Jovi

lirik Ordinary People – Bon Jovi(written by: Bon Jovi)Little Jimmy just bought high-top sneakersHe wants to fly high like his heroes canHe's got a smile like Michael JordanIn the school yard, Jimmy, he's the manI'm sitting here

38. Lirik Keep The Faith – Bon Jovi

lirik Keep The Faith – Bon JoviSongwriters: Bon Jovi, Jon; Sambora, Richard S.; Child, Desmond;Mother mother tell your childrenTheir time has just begunI have suffered for my angerThese wars can't be wonFather father believe meI am

39. Lirik Damned – Bon Jovi

lirik Damned – Bon JoviLying here beside you in someone else's bedKnowing what were doing's wrong, but better left unsaidYour breathing sounds like screaming, it's all that I can standHis ring is on your finger, but my

40. Lirik Come Back – Bon Jovi

lirik Come Back – Bon JoviSongwriters: Richie Sambora;Jon Bon JoviNow that you're gone, I can see whatWas going on and how you liedWhen you'd said you'd never love againFriends telephone and they sayYou weren't out alone last

41. Lirik Last Cigarette – Bon Jovi

lirik Last Cigarette – Bon JoviSongwriters: Bon Jovi, Jon; Bryan, David;Regrets are all you left on your lipstick stainsTake a picture of our past there in that ashtrayWe had our fun, I used to light your flameLike the dancing

42. Lirik Bitter Wine – Bon Jovi

lirik Bitter Wine – Bon JoviSongwriters: Bon Jovi, Jon; Sambora, Richard S.;We met some time ago, when we were almost youngIt never crossed my mind to ask, where did you come from?I didn't have much money, so I stole you a

43. Lirik It’s My Life – Bon Jovi

lirik It’s My Life – Bon JoviSongwriters: Bon Jovi, Jon; Martin, Max; Sambora, Richard S;This ain't a song for the brokenheartedNo silent prayer for the faith departedAnd I ain't gonna be just a face in the crowdYou're gonna hear

44. Lirik Wanted Dead Or Alive – Bon Jovi

lirik Wanted Dead Or Alive – Bon JoviSongwriters: Bongiovi, Jon; Sambora, Richard;It's all the sameOnly the names will changeEverydayIt seems we're wastin' awayAnother placeWhere the faces are so coldI drive all nightJust to get back

45. Lirik Rosie – Bon Jovi

lirik Rosie – Bon Jovi(Sambora, J Bon Jovi, Child, Warren) Rosie whatc'ya doin' in this low class jointDancin' in the dark all dayYou used to be the darlin' of your high school sceneNow you put your love on displaySweaty

46. Lirik Bells Of Freedom – Bon Jovi

lirik Bells Of Freedom – Bon JoviSongwriters: Bon Jovi, Jon; Sambora, Richard S.; Child, Desmond;I have walked all alone on these streets I call homeStreets of hope, streets of fearThrough the sidewalk cracks, time disappearsI was

47. Lirik Born To Be My Baby – Bon Jovi

lirik Born To Be My Baby – Bon JoviSongwriters: Desmond Child;Richie Sambora;Jon Bon JoviRainy night and the worked all dayBoth got jobs 'cause there's bills to playWe've got somethin' they can't take awayOur love, our livesClose the

48. Lirik Temptation – Bon Jovi

lirik Temptation – Bon Jovi(written by: Bon Jovi)Place my missing picture on my beer I'm running away from homeSam, I'm just a man, a rusted bucket of flesh and boneSomeday I'll seek forgiveness for the sweet smell of her

49. Lirik In These Arms – Bon Jovi

lirik In These Arms – Bon JoviSongwriters: Bon Jovi, Jon; Sambora, Richard S.; Bryan, David;You want commitmentTake a look into these eyesThey burn as fire, yeahUntil the end of timeAnd I would do anythingI'd beg, I'd steal, I'd

50. Lirik Stick To Your Guns – Bon Jovi

lirik Stick To Your Guns – Bon JoviSongwriters: Knight, Holly; Bongiovi, John; Sambora, Richard S;So you want to be a cowboyWell you know it's more that just a rideGuess you got to know the real thingIf you're gonna know the other
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