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24. Lirik U Don't Own Me – Mo Thugs

lirik U Don't Own Me – Mo Thugs Yeah wassup baby? Before we even get into this I want you to know one thing, I don't own you U don't own me, got to keep it like thatU don't own me and I don't own you, let's keep it like that Cool,

25. Lirik This Ain't Livin' – Mo Thugs

lirik This Ain't Livin' – Mo Thugs Yeah, what's happening my peoples That's how we're struggling Yeah, I know it's hard out here man But ain't nobody said it was gonna be easy You know what I mean? Together we stand That's how we're

26. Lirik Mo' Thuggin' – Mo Thugs

lirik Mo' Thuggin' – Mo Thugs Yeah, Poetic Hustla'z (Hustla, Hustla) Thought we was gon' fall? Right back at ya Yeah, yeah (Hustla, Hustla...) Aw, shit It's over now(Chorus) I'm just a Hustla from C-Town And my life's been turned

27. Lirik Thugs 'r' Us – Dj Clue

lirik Thugs 'r' Us – Dj Clue [noreaga] Them niggas really think that it's a game but it's not Niggas kept frontin', brown got popped Word on life, word on my click All a niggas really got in his life is his word and his dick And

28. Lirik Riot – Mo Thugs

lirik Riot – Mo Thugs RiotFlesh-N-Bone: Yeah, yeah. Unh huh, unh huh, callin' all my trues trues. Mo Thug family bringin' it to ya once again. Callin' all my thugstas, thugstas, thugstas, thugstas and hustlas, hustlas,

29. Lirik Thug Devotion – Mo Thugs

lirik Thug Devotion – Mo Thugs We got the Thugs, the Shifters, hustla'z, hustla (And we are Mo Thug, Mo Thug, Mo Thug) Afta Maff, II Tru, and Tre, Tre (And we are Mo Thug, Mo Thug, Mo Thug) Ken Dawg, and Souljah Boy, Souljah Boy (

30. Lirik One Wish – Fifth Harmony

lirik One Wish – Fifth HarmonyWoke up to the same old uh ohHeartbreak cause I won't let go-ohSix weeks and I still don't knowWho or where we went wrongLovesick and I feel so uh-ohThat's it gotta let you go-ohAll good but I still

31. Lirik Who Are You – Fifth Harmony

lirik Who Are You – Fifth HarmonyMonday you sent me flowersTuesday made me feel stupidWednesday the world was oursThursday you didn't prove itFriday fell back in loveSaturday we didn't talkSunday you said you needed spaceDo you miss

33. Lirik Boss – Fifth Harmony

lirik Boss – Fifth HarmonyEveryday is pay daySwipe my card, then I do the nae naeYou're talking to a ladyI want a Kanye-ye not a Ray JSo that's a no noI'm a Maybach and you's a VolvoThis convo beat like DreI already know

40. Lirik Taste Of Harmony – Homogenic

lirik Taste Of Harmony – HomogenicIf I could show to you someday I`ll have all my dreams in my hands Don`t ever close your eyes again Its all in front of you, its all in front you Make it real You will see Cause you will always be

46. Lirik Malas – Black Dog Bone

lirik Malas – Black Dog BoneIni zaman bukan untuk orang orang malas Yang hidup hanya untuk bersenang saja Tidak mahu bekerja keras Gerakkan tulang mu empat kerat dengan cergas Jangan takut peluh mengalir membasah tubuh Demi

49. Lirik Flesh And Bone – Bon Jovi

lirik Flesh And Bone – Bon Jovi(written by: Vedran Devcic)They judge you by your moneyOr the color of your skinThey read you by the coverDon't take time to read withinThey judge you without juryAnd you struggle to believeNo one
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