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2. Lirik Coattails – Broods

lirik Coattails – BroodsI can’t remember and I can’t concentrateBut I can take a note to burn the inkA hit between the eyesAnd if souls are meant to be soldAnd if hands are only to holdThen I can’t do what

3. Lirik Everytime – Broods

lirik Everytime – BroodsAre you with us, darling?Cause you treat it like a gameAnd you mess yourself upIt’s such a shame, such a shameYou got issues, darlingCause you waste it all awayYou’re full of yourselfIt&#

4. Lirik Sober – Broods

lirik Sober – BroodsI am soberLying in my bedRecreating you inside my headYou speak softlyResonating in my subconsciousWhere did we begin Just one break in the yearWhen it’s all about the two of usAnd nothing’

5. Lirik L.A.F – Broods

lirik L.A.F – BroodsKissin’ in the hallwayTurn off all the lightsFragments of a lost loveDissolve into the night And I’ll never get this feeling out of my headAnd I’ll never wanna be the one you forget

6. Lirik Killing You – Broods

lirik Killing You – BroodsYou like to call me when I’m aloneTell me that it’s all for meAnd I wish that I was homeBut we can make up for it on the weekend Oh, we can make up for it on the weekend But it’s

7. Lirik Superstar – Broods

lirik Superstar – BroodsYou’ve been looking for more, I’ve been over my headYou’ve been filling up spaces, I’m working too much It’s the life we’re living now And it’s beautiful,

8. Lirik We Had Everything – Broods

lirik We Had Everything – BroodsI turned you into a secretTo memorize aloneTo justify my behaviorDefine who I’ve becomeEvery time I tell my storyI begin with youAnd I recall the night when I, when IWhen I broke in two We were

9. Lirik Four Walls – Broods

lirik Four Walls – BroodsYou walked in and said, I’ve got some newsI didn’t say all I wanted toYou know I told you that I wasn’t scared Well, I liedYou told me, Babe I only think of youAnd I said, All I&#

10. Lirik Are You Home – Broods

lirik Are You Home – BroodsBaby, you know that I like to be rightBut I’m hoping this time, baby, I’m wrongBaby, you know I’m loving you skin tightBut I’m thinking this time, you want me to run When she

11. Lirik Free – Broods

lirik Free – BroodsI’d lose everything so I can singHallelujah, I’m freeI’m free, I’m freeI’m free, I’m free I have lived my life so perfectlyKept to all my lines so carefullyI’
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