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1. Lirik To Love – Brooke Hogan

lirik To Love – Brooke Hogan Briscoooooooooo! Brooke Hogan! The hatersssssssss! You don't know.(Chorus) You're tearing up my heart Breaking down my sugar walls, tell me what you think about us Wasn't really trying to fall in

2. Lirik Armpiece – Brooke Hogan

lirik Armpiece – Brooke Hogan So stacey you know I'm like dating this guy... yea and I think he's like using me... ohHey mr. big stuff wont you come and talk to me I know where you come from and I even know your name But dont be

3. Lirik About Us – Brooke Hogan

lirik About Us – Brooke Hogan Boys talkin' down on the sidelines watching Wishin' they was playin' the game we playin' But it's all good thoughPaul Wall Brooke, what up baby? What it do Paul?I see your lips moving but I don't

5. Lirik A Week Straight – Tory Lanez

lirik A Week Straight – Tory LanezNo, I believe nothing in art is inappropriate. I paint what I seeWe're going to have to insist that the face be removedAbsolutely not!Look you son of a bitchSame clothes on me for a week straightPray

6. Lirik Commercial – Lil' Romeo

lirik Commercial – Lil' Romeo Answering Machine: Your mailbox is full. Caller's cannot leave new messages until you erase some of your existing messages. 14 new messages. 16 saved messages.Girl: Hey whassup Romie? (giggles). This

7. Lirik Sex Out South – Tech N9ne

lirik Sex Out South – Tech N9ne [Chorus: Tech N9ne & Big Krizz Kaliko (2X)] Sex out south-some hit in and out Screamin n cussin-some bustin it out Sex out south-some freaks comin out Sex o s is what it's all about[Verse 1: Kutt

8. Lirik Get Big Remix – Dorrough

lirik Get Big Remix – Dorrough This is the remixHey Dorrough, you know you started something With this Get Big shit, right Got the whole world on it now, huh? Catch up suckasHey, first thing first, I hit the scene solo I rep the

10. Lirik All About Me – Brooke Hogan

lirik All About Me – Brooke Hogan If you could've heard my heart, you'd know that it was beating for you If you could've read my mind, you'd know that I was thinking of you And if you could've touched my love, then you'll know how I

12. Lirik It's My Life – Brooke Hogan

lirik It's My Life – Brooke Hogan I can do anything Theres nothing in my way I can say anything Dont care what people think YeaIt's my life Now I'm here I always wanted to feel free It's my life I dont care And it sure feels good{do

13. Lirik Slow Down – Brooke Hogan

lirik Slow Down – Brooke Hogan Baby boy why you walking away Don't act like you can't talk to me Pump the brakes it's a red light Wanna know what you're doin tonight (yeah) Don't let the sweettalk throw you off Don't get it wrong

14. Lirik Strip – Brooke Hogan

lirik Strip – Brooke Hogan I just..I just wanna see you Strip Would you strip for me ?Welcome to the freak show thanks for commin' joining me I'll just show you what I want then just repeat after me If your feelin' kinda kinky

15. Lirik Moving On – Brooke Hogan

lirik Moving On – Brooke Hogan Hey baby we need to talk You know normally I wouldnt even talk to guys I'd just dump em But I just wanna let you know you've changed And your not my problem anymoreYou've changed my life You rocked

16. Lirik Bye Heart – Brooke Hogan

lirik Bye Heart – Brooke Hogan Im afraid of the dark So he turns on the light How does he know whats in my head? Why I cry, when it rains He doesnt make me explain He just drys me off and puts me to bedChorus: But it feels good

17. Lirik Wake Up – Brooke Hogan

lirik Wake Up – Brooke Hogan Don't you tell me that this is the end The end of our story Been meaning so long to find out What we are But what have we left to prove There's no more mystery Nothing is cute anymore, anymore Gave

20. Lirik Finish Line – Brooke Hogan

lirik Finish Line – Brooke Hogan Hey Hey oh oh Hey oh oh oh Hey Hey HeyFly with me I wont let, I wont let you down Try me and I can say I wont let you down Come with me away with me I'll never let you down I'll never let you down no
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