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1. Lirik Relax – Chamillionaire

lirik Relax – Chamillionaire Shit.Chamillionaire: Come let me tell you, man, Relax, relax. (J. Holiday: From Texas to DC, baby.)J. Holiday: It's goin' down. Come here now, J. Holiday. That's the reason I come home, baby.

4. Lirik Hold Up – Chamillionaire

lirik Hold Up – Chamillionaire [Intro - Chamillionaire - talking] Hold up, hold up If you got change for a dollar in your pocket right now Then it's time to exit the club If you've been sippin out the same cup since you got here

7. Lirik I'm True – Chamillionaire

lirik I'm True – Chamillionaire Here lizard-lizard-lizard, uh It's the almighty king koopa, chamillionaire The color changing lizard, the mixtape messiah Please stand for the ghetto national anthem, let's go[chorus - 2x] Forget

11. Lirik N Luv Wit My Money – Paul Wall

lirik N Luv Wit My Money – Paul Wall [Chorus: Chamillionaire] Big Swangaz and Vouges Them 20 inches sitting low We Ball 24's 7's all that we know Screens and neon lights are showin When my trunk unlock pop and show Ya already know Paint

12. Lirik The Other Day – Paul Wall

lirik The Other Day – Paul Wall [Watts] its goin down, repesentin H-Town make sure you pick up the Southern Classic Get Ya Mind Correct Swishahouse player, N Paid in Full[Paul Wall] I'm not the type that likes to think about the

13. Lirik Diamonds Exposed – Paul Wall

lirik Diamonds Exposed – Paul Wall (Feat. Chamillionaire & Lil Keke)[Paul Wall talking] I'm comin down I'm bangin screw Lookin good Feelin good[Chorus] You know i'ma crawl slow/ Popped up sittin on my swangas & 4's/ Jockin all hatas

17. Lirik Lagu Yang Bagus Buat Dance 5 ?

lirik Lagu Yang Bagus Buat Dance 5 ? tpi bukan lagu boy/girlband .. Tolong dibantu ? Junifor(_J??) le'ts play... Gamal, Audrey, Cantika - Ingin putus saja Rihhana - We Found Love Britney Spears - Toxic Rizky lmfao -

19. Lirik Welcome To Houston – Slim Thug

lirik Welcome To Houston – Slim Thug (slim thug) Now welcome to the city of game piece of chains and swangs pop, trunk n bang yeh im still here mayne born and raised of the stead block braise no dreadlocks married to the hood me and

20. Lirik Daze Remix – J-bar

lirik Daze Remix – J-bar IntroMan I'm in a daze J-Bar Soulja Boy Tell'em SOD Money game Southern SmokeChorus: Roscoe DashMan im in a daze, walking round, round in a maze there's money to be made, guess im on the paper chase
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