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2. Lirik I Must Not Chase The Boys – Play

lirik I Must Not Chase The Boys – PlayWon't someone tell me what is happen to me Why am I so misunderstood why can't they see Now I'm caught between the devil and the angel that I used to be They say I'll understand it all in good time

3. Lirik Take Back – Adam Lambert

lirik Take Back – Adam LambertAll you ever think is gimme gimme but you never give back. eh eh ay.All I ever do is overthink and drink until I attack. eh eh ay.We know how to talk it into the groundWe know how to wear it outIf we

6. Lirik Paparazzi – Greyson Chance

lirik Paparazzi – Greyson ChanceWe are the crowd we're c-comin' outGot my flash on it's trueNeed that picture of youIt so magical we'd be so fantasticalLather and jeans garage glamorousNot sure what it meansBut this photo of us it

8. Lirik Spirit – J-Rocks

lirik Spirit – J-RocksTakkan pernah lelah ku berlarilewati semua rintangan yang menghalangi langkahkudan membatasi mimpi-mimpikuKu takkan menyerahmeski lelah jiwa a€˜tuk hadapiSampai mati a€˜ku takkan berhenti Setiap

9. Lirik Spectrum – Zedd

lirik Spectrum – ZeddBreathin’ you in when I want you outFindin’ our truth in a hope of doubtLyin’ inside our quiet dramaWearin’ your heart like a stolen dreamOpenin’ skies with your broken

11. Lirik Joyride (Omen) – Chevelle

lirik Joyride (Omen) – ChevelleI've heard about the joyrides and I want inIt's fair to say it's in the past if you're kiddingAnd you're kidding and you're kiddingLike a God awful Omen just hit stabs like some voodoo hexAnd like

12. Lirik 25 To Life – Eminem

lirik 25 To Life – Eminem Too late for the other side Caught in a chase, 25 to life Too late for the other side Caught in a chase, 25 to lifeToo late (I can't keep chasing 'em) (Taking my life away) Caught in a chase, 25 to

15. Lirik A Whole New World – Aladdin

lirik A Whole New World – Aladdin Aladdin: I can show you the world Shining, shimmering, splendid Tell me, princess, now when did You last let your heart decide?Aladdin: I can open your eyes Take you wonder by wonder Over, sideways

16. Lirik Silver Spoon – BTS

lirik Silver Spoon – BTSHey call me baepsaeYokbwatji I sedaePpalli chase emHwangsae deoge nae garangin taengtaeng[sg:] so call me baepsaeYokbwatji I sedaePpalli chase emGeumsujeoro taeeonan nae seonsaengnim[jh:] alba gamyeon

17. Lirik Ride – Ace Hood

lirik Ride – Ace Hood Chyeah, Ace Hood See mama, all I want you to do is hold it down for me I want you to be my ride or die While I go get this money, I promise I'ma get us out the hood babyEven though I'm in the streets

18. Lirik Come N Go – Pitbull

lirik Come N Go – Pitbull I've been around the world, and back Seen a little bit of everything Heard a lot, learned the lot, on how to hit the spot, ding, ding, ding And if the price is right, I mean the night is right, I

19. Lirik Lucifer – Jay-z

lirik Lucifer – Jay-z ("Lucifer, don of de morning! I'm gonna, chase you out of earth") ("Lucifer Lucifer, don of de morning") I'm from the murder capital, where we murder for capital ("Lucifer Lucifer, don of de morning

20. Lirik Ice Cream Cake – Red Velvet

lirik Ice Cream Cake – Red VelvetLalalalala lalalala lalalalala lalalalaOh haessal nunbusin hangalon hyuil yeppeun saehayan wonpiseuleul ibgo ohnan jibeul naseossji kosnolae naoji lalalalala lalalalaneon naleul balabwa neogseul nohgo

21. Lirik I’M A SPACER – Saykoji

lirik I’M A SPACER – Saykojisee im a spacer so watchout for my laseri stun you like a taserlightsaber like i’m vaderchase that paper paperspacer i’m lovin all my hateri learn that from my makergood bye i’ll see

23. Lirik Heaven Is Not – Marcell

lirik Heaven Is Not – Marcellhappy end of my day when i hang my head and hear my heart say love is such a game you don't play you never win anyway the sun goes down comes the rain when the water touch the edge of your pain when

25. Lirik Bandz – August Alsina

lirik Bandz – August AlsinaOh, what would it take to make you happy?Dont hesitate to let me knowTell me what are you looking for exactly?Open up your mouth and let a nigga knowBaby wont you tell me, pleaseWhat I can do to make

26. Lirik Goonette – Plies

lirik Goonette – Plies Aye, bruh I'm a mother fuckin' goon So whatever chick I fuck with She got to be a goonetteI'm her goon, yeah And she's my goonette I'm her goon, yeah And she's my goonette GoonFor her birthday I

27. Lirik Hide & Seek – Agnes Monica

lirik Hide & Seek – Agnes MonicaBaby Now lets play a game of hide and seek Ally ally ally baby, wont you come out that beast inside of you Chorus: I see you looking at me through the window and youre waiting for me to say hello

29. Lirik Warhol’s Showbiz – Chevelle

lirik Warhol’s Showbiz – ChevelleI am the lie that stood you upAll of the taste without the fussLet's sayAre we alive from dawn to duskRip out a page from Andy's bookAnd sayI had a line I had to crossOutside the box we had to lookAnd

30. Lirik Without Question – Elton John

lirik Without Question – Elton John The more I learn, the more I see The less the world impassions me The hungry heart, the roving eye Have come to rest, do not apply The frantic chase, the crazy ride The thrill has gone, I step asideI

31. Lirik I Did It For You – Westlife

lirik I Did It For You – Westlife[Shane:]Life without taking chancesIs no kind of life at allYou've gotta stand up for somethingEven if you might fallGotta take the roadWherever it might goNo matter where, no matter whatI want you to

33. Lirik Soul Sister – The SIGIT

lirik Soul Sister – The SIGITSoul sister Chilling in the street Around her midnight chase With her high heel shoe And her pale bold make up face Soul sister Working late,making money,have some fun She's like a walking time bomb

34. Lirik No Good For Me – The Corrs

lirik No Good For Me – The CorrsI see a home in a quiet place I see myself in a strong embrace And I feel protection from the human race It's not parental But it's a fantasy, not a reality And it's no good no no good for meYou have

35. Lirik Restless – Needtobreathe

lirik Restless – NeedtobreatheJust before you calledI thought we were doing fineBut I was wrongYour voice came down the lineForced me to the thought of lifeIf you were goneWere just tired of talking to the busy soundsThe hardest

36. Lirik Blanca – Anggun

lirik Blanca – AnggunTake away the dark clouds from the world you see Clear the haze around us, please don't rain on me Tear the page of your doubts from the words you speak Chase the pain in your brow, life can't be so

37. Lirik Exile – Enya

lirik Exile – EnyaCold is the northern winds in December mornings, Cold is the cry that rings from this far distant shore. winter has come too late. too close beside me. How can I chase away all these fears deep

39. Lirik Daze Remix – J-bar

lirik Daze Remix – J-bar IntroMan I'm in a daze J-Bar Soulja Boy Tell'em SOD Money game Southern SmokeChorus: Roscoe DashMan im in a daze, walking round, round in a maze there's money to be made, guess im on the paper chase

40. Lirik Secret Dreams – Bon Jovi

lirik Secret Dreams – Bon JoviRiding high, then shot down I load my guns to fire another round I look deep into her eyes And can't run there's nowhere left to hide Don't stop, no it's much too late When the night comes I can't

41. Lirik Breathe In Water – Anggun

lirik Breathe In Water – AnggunSomehow the days and the nights are all the same I can't tell the time I forget their names When I am without you And I'm spinning around like a satellite With daze in my head I can't abide When I'm

42. Lirik Sweet Amber – Metallica

lirik Sweet Amber – MetallicaWash your back so you won't stab mineGet in bed with your own kindLive your life so you don't see mineDrape your back so you won't shineOoh then she holds my handAnd I lie to get a smileUsing what I

43. Lirik Feelings Of Forever – Tiffany

lirik Feelings Of Forever – TiffanyIf there was no tomorrowThen tonight would never endIf we could freezeThe hands of timeI would stay here in your armsAnd not go back again'Cause all I wantIs for you to hold me nowAnd we can make

44. Lirik Walking On Clouds – Dj Tiesto

lirik Walking On Clouds – Dj Tiesto Chase faded days With eyes that cannot see I wanna feel it again Washing over meDiscover all of you One moment at a time Taste, smell, secret cell Your soul, it touches mineI need to feel up Hope

45. Lirik Who Dat – Young Jeezy

lirik Who Dat – Young Jeezy Dat's why dey keep saying yeah, I don't even know I got court tomorrow, I won't even go I don't even show, I got shit to do Only God can judge me, who the fuck is you?Dey say who dat? Nigga we dat 2

46. Lirik Destination Anywhere – Bon Jovi

lirik Destination Anywhere – Bon JoviHey babe, it's me parked outside your house I know that he's asleep, so listen to me now Darlin', I'm tired of living just in your dreams I'm getting out You know we both sold our souls We're just

47. Lirik Ballin' – G-unit

lirik Ballin' – G-unit Until God calls for me I'mma keep ballin', keep on ballin' To my niggas and my bitches looking down on me I know y'all see me when I'm ballin' You know I got to keep ballin' Till the FEDs come we

48. Lirik Who Are You – Bruno Mars

lirik Who Are You – Bruno MarsYou use to tell that you loved meYeah that's what you would sayYou use to buy flowers even out on valentines dayYou would surprise me with a dinner even though you just ateBut what happened? baby,

49. Lirik Ride Remix – Ace Hood

lirik Ride Remix – Ace Hood [Intro - Trey Songz] Even though I'm in the streets, you know exactly what I do And when I, chase this paper You ain't got to wait for me to bring it back home to you Because I ride, or die, girl we

50. Lirik Runaway (U & I) – Galantis

lirik Runaway (U & I) – GalantisThink I can fly, think I can fly when I'm with UMy arms are wide, catching fire as the wind blowsI know that I'm rich enough for pride,I see a billion dollars in your eyesEven if were strangers til we
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