Kumpulan chevelle | Lirik Lagu chevelle

1. Lirik A Miracle – Chevelle

lirik A Miracle – ChevelleInvasion hold me I could meltJust a warning I've been through hellPersuasions and holy hellIf only tine would turn its back againExcept for this I would collapseHold onto my other armWe'll be living

2. Lirik Fizgig – Chevelle

lirik Fizgig – ChevelleThe glass ain't half fullThe clock just struck twelveNot easy to understand what time ya leaveThe last man he probably wondered the sameThe past is on the phoneNew roads don't pave themselvesGo find

3. Lirik Got Burned – Chevelle

lirik Got Burned – ChevelleGive us a signThat part of you livesThat nobody knowsNow watch your back in defense dirty fallen egosIt's Halloween never seen Jedi walls that crawlHold up your hand to the blade say you'll never

4. Lirik Last Days – Chevelle

lirik Last Days – ChevelleWell it's my last nightDarwinian nation rulesShe held the vastness closeAnd I untied this knotGlad I caught that witchGlad I caught that witchCaught it by the tailGlad I caught that witchWhen it's

5. Lirik Rivers – Chevelle

lirik Rivers – ChevelleI feel as though you want to live foreverBorrow, beg and stealIt takes much more than toes to swim acrossThis river that we knowI don't believe the scorpion would dieClever clever crowsAnd till the

6. Lirik Enemies – Chevelle

lirik Enemies – ChevelleFeelings riseWe can walk all over Devils prizeNo one made you runWord to the wiseOne reason why I grant you piece of mindIt's not my hellIt's simply sadJust grab some shit right off the netJust grab

7. Lirik Shot From A Cannon – Chevelle

lirik Shot From A Cannon – ChevelleTen minutes in he's sweatingShould I have asked more than fameIgnore that beast he's smilingIt's not till next New Years EveWish I could get that listYes I would burn that listDown he goesSet him down

8. Lirik Warhol’s Showbiz – Chevelle

lirik Warhol’s Showbiz – ChevelleI am the lie that stood you upAll of the taste without the fussLet's sayAre we alive from dawn to duskRip out a page from Andy's bookAnd sayI had a line I had to crossOutside the box we had to lookAnd

9. Lirik Joyride (Omen) – Chevelle

lirik Joyride (Omen) – ChevelleI've heard about the joyrides and I want inIt's fair to say it's in the past if you're kiddingAnd you're kidding and you're kiddingLike a God awful Omen just hit stabs like some voodoo hexAnd like
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