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1. Lirik Bad – Chris Brown

lirik Bad – Chris Brown [Soulja Boy] She bad, like a student in detention Walk inside the club and my chain just glistenin' Soulja Boy Tell 'Em yeah I got Chris wit me I bet I drank the bottle 'til that b-tch empty Gucci

2. Lirik Have It – Chris Brown

lirik Have It – Chris Brown Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh Uh huh oh oh oh oh ohVerse 1- Chris Brown N-n-now whatchu ladies trynna get in extra large magnums the only one i fit in open up your mouth baby, i can be your

4. Lirik Brown Eyes – Lady Gaga

lirik Brown Eyes – Lady Gaga In your brown eyes, walked away In your brown eyes, couldn't stay In your brown eyes, you watch her goAnd turn the record on And wonder what went wrong What went wrongIf everything was everything But

5. Lirik Juara Dunia – Sir Dandy

lirik Juara Dunia – Sir Dandysiapa tidak kenal ellyas picalsiapa yang tidak kenal yayuk basukisiapa yang tidak kenal alan susi kusumasiapa yang tidak kenal ariel dan lunanah sekarang saya perkenalkan teman kecil sayanamanya chris

7. Lirik Mr Brown – Glow

lirik Mr Brown – GlowHe saw a lady and his heart was beating fast And then just accidently her scarf fell on the ground Too blind to see he didn't get up from his ass He missed the only chance he ever really had

8. Lirik Quits – Chris Brown

lirik Quits – Chris Brown [Kevin McCall] Even though you're fine as fuck We're just making matters worse Go from us kissin' to you burning my stuff What you wanna break shit for Did you buy this? no Girl what the hell yo

10. Lirik Mona Lisa – Chris Brown

lirik Mona Lisa – Chris Brown [chris brown:] girl you wanna play with me baby money ain't a thing cause i got paper i'm looking at your body you about to get exactly what you came for now i can throw it up throw it up break it

11. Lirik Won't Turn It Down – Jacquees

lirik Won't Turn It Down – Jacquees [Verse 1: Jacquees] Give me your number Do you want me to call you? Girl, I want you, like an alcoholic I'm so drunk, I'm so drowned Put you in a cup, let me pull it out! That Cali weed, roll it up,

12. Lirik Ballin – Chris Brown

lirik Ballin – Chris Brown [Chorus: K-Mac] Ballin Like A Bitch, You Can't Tell Me Nothin' Cause I'm Ballin Like Bitch (Uh-Uh-Huh) Filthy Ass Rich Swimming In This Money Cause I'm Ballin' Like A - Ballin' Like A Ballin' Like

13. Lirik Changed Man – Chris Brown

lirik Changed Man – Chris BrownDailyI've been waitingFor the time to passAnd Let it fade inBut Baby, my patienceIs driving me crazyMaking me feel apartWhat do you doWhen the truth isn'tQuiet enough?They looking at youTelling youWe

16. Lirik Hold You Down – Red Cafe

lirik Hold You Down – Red Cafe [Intro: Chris Brown] I'll hold you down I'm on my way[Verse 1: Jeremih & (August Alsina)] All you've been thinking about Do anything you want and let emotion rule your mind And now you say you dream

20. Lirik Brown Paper Bag – Dj Khaled

lirik Brown Paper Bag – Dj Khaled DJ Khaled, we the best ***, we the best, man, listenJust got a hundred of that brown paper bag money You *** really wanna talk money? *** real, that's all I can tell 'em Just wrap 'em up good so the

21. Lirik Brown Skin Woman – Krs One

lirik Brown Skin Woman – Krs One Aiyyo Kris, yo, yo, yo That was fresh, come with that next shitUh, fat, fat, fat, fat beats How refreshing is it really? How refreshing is it really?Big shout out to Philly in the house G. Simone,

22. Lirik Minta Rekomendasi Lagu Barat Donk ?

lirik Minta Rekomendasi Lagu Barat Donk ? alirannya pop r&b atau hip hop, yang melow2 juga boleh deh yang enak didengar buat lagu tidur... ? Fitri the script - the man who can't be moved lifehouse - you and me bruno mars -

26. Lirik Lagu Barat Yang Enak Apa Ya ?

lirik Lagu Barat Yang Enak Apa Ya ?Apa Sih Menurut Kalian Lagu Barat Yang Enak ?? Terutama Owl City Thanks Ditunggu Jawabanya ? Virus Zone Kalau Owlcity sih menurutku: Fireflies Vanilla Twilight To The Sky Saltwater Room

27. Lirik Lay Low – Dj Drama

lirik Lay Low – Dj Drama [Verse 1 - Meek Mill] Bought a brand new loft, five thousand a month Bitch my sour is special, hundred dollars a blunt Only smoke if it's proper, in the words of Big Poppa Rush his ass to the doctors

31. Lirik California Dreamin’ – Sia

lirik California Dreamin’ – SiaAll the leaves are brown and the sky is grayI've been for a walk on a winter's dayI'd be safe and warm if I was in L.ACalifornia dreamin' on such a winter's day[x2]I stopped into a church I passed

32. Lirik Feeling Myself – Will I Am

lirik Feeling Myself – Will I Am I'll be everywhere, everybody know me Super, super fresh, what a dope styling Hunny on my wrist, couple karats on my neck Givenchy, keep the chickens in check All these car keys, drive them chickens

33. Lirik Waterbed – Kevin Mccall

lirik Waterbed – Kevin Mccall [Kevin McCall: ] I believe in love right now, and I can't hold back, gotta let it out Got a song stuck in my head, I wanna make love on this waterbed You give me every reason to To think about

34. Lirik Mau Tanya Nie Seputar Lagu Lagu ?

lirik Mau Tanya Nie Seputar Lagu Lagu ? 1. lagu yang bagus apa aja ya (RnB song)? 2. lagu nya J.B yang baru tapi bagus (gk slow) apa ajahh? 3. lagu beat tapi bagus ,,, apa ajahhh?? mohon jawabannya yg memuaskan ea!!! ? ? 1.JB

37. Lirik Oops (oh My) – Tweet

lirik Oops (oh My) – Tweet I'll tell ya what I did last night I came home, say around a quarter to three Still so high, hypnotized In a trance, from his body So buttery brown and tantalizing You would have thought I needed

39. Lirik Lagu Apa Saja Yang Kalian Suka ?

lirik Lagu Apa Saja Yang Kalian Suka ? Tolong berikan judul lagu baratnya dan judul lagu indonesianya sekalian link downloadnya... ? Andika Sunanda Klo lgu barat Lady Gaga - Poker Face, Paparazzi Black Eyed Peas - Let's

41. Lirik Mack The Knife – Westlife

lirik Mack The Knife – WestlifeOh the shark, Babe, has such teeth, dearAnd he shows them pearly whiteJust a jack knife has old MacHeath, dearAnd he keeps it out of sightYou know when the shark bites with his teeth, babeScarlet

42. Lirik Motorama – Orbit

lirik Motorama – OrbitI got the car To see the world Saint Chris and me We got the fuel Beat up pile V8 Ford The don't make em like this no more Takes my money yeah my whole time But when I'm driving baby I feel fine The

43. Lirik Lift Off – Robert Glasper

lirik Lift Off – Robert Glasper Oh yeah Hello world Peace and love I wish you the best And now for the next Coming to your mind Live and direct from the ethos Now was all in your speakers Down to your sneakersUh, now we prepare for

44. Lirik Duffle Bagz – Lil Wayne

lirik Duffle Bagz – Lil Wayne ( Lil Wayne )Uh umm okFirst let me hop out my god damn bugatti I dont whip it cuz you niggas think that i'm illuminati Bitch it's christmas and i'm santa claus tryna see who naughty Bought my side

46. Lirik Bbj – Kevin Mccall

lirik Bbj – Kevin Mccall (Kevin McCall Verse) look at her booty dont you see her booty x 2 judy got a booty from here to there make a nig*a smile from ear to ear order 3 more bottles of that belvedere then i point her out

48. Lirik Satan State – The SIGIT

lirik Satan State – The SIGITYou fade in lie Can't even fix your tie Sexy machine on the glue Take a posy pose with the cruel You've got to look into my eyes i gave truth to your eyes I've got devil inside my green brown eyes

49. Lirik No…say No – N2u

lirik No…say No – N2u Look, I need to talk to you To tell you what I'm 'bout to do And I need your help to stop me 'Cuz I gotta girl at home that loves meBoy, I got myself in a tight situation 'Bout 5'5" long hair with

50. Lirik Way Too Gone – Young Jeezy

lirik Way Too Gone – Young Jeezy What the fuck am I doing Wake up in the morning who the fuck am I screwing My partner on brown and you know I'm on white You know it's going down, I can do this all night Gotta get to the paper one
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