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1. Lirik Got Me Good – Ciara

lirik Got Me Good – CiaraMy back is aching, my bra too tightMy booty’s shaking from the left to the rightMy back is aching, I’m so in loveBaby all I know is you got me good It’s been too long baby too longIt

2. Lirik Sorry – Ciara

lirik Sorry – CiaraAll I wanna say…Girl I wanna say…I’m saying that I’m sorry… Ooh ooh, ooh, ooh August 4th, we were chilling at the houseSaid I’m done, I told you to get outDidn&#

3. Lirik Sweat – Ciara

lirik Sweat – CiaraLet me in your head, watch you learn someTryin’ to see you sweat, watch you burn some Eh, uh-huh, sweat Yo, yo, I peek wank cause I came with itUh, insure wanna claim with it?Some say that’

4. Lirik Up and Down – Ciara

lirik Up and Down – Ciara[Verse 1:]You got that budda love, that kinda love to make me fall in love againPour it in a Bottle Baby, I cant get enough of it.Addicted to this Cronic, got me floating high up in the sky, sky In

5. Lirik Livin It Up – Ciara

lirik Livin It Up – CiaraOhhh ohhhYeah, yeah I do not believe in muchBut I believe in youI do not believe I can not‘Cause I do not follow rules, heyI see your star so bright,No one can dim that lightNo one can cross you

6. Lirik Give Me Love – Ciara

lirik Give Me Love – CiaraI got money, I got carsSo I don’t need it, I need moreI’ll show you mine if you show me yoursYou best believe it, I got what you want No holding backAin’t no holding backI need all

7. Lirik Ride – Ciara

lirik Ride – Ciara alihak Uh-huh Ciara Uh-huh aliha Catch me in the mall, you know I buy it out G5 plane, yeah, I fly it out Lud’s in the back look like Lex in them 28’s And, oh you can’t get her if

8. Lirik Work – Ciara

lirik Work – Ciara When the song come on in the club Put it up, put it up, put it up Turn it up, turn it up, turn it up Turn it up, turn it up When the song come on in the club Put it up, put it up, put it up Turn it
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