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1. Lirik When The Last Time – Clipse

lirik When The Last Time – Clipse Niggas and bitches You are now listenin’ to The real And that would be Clipse, the Neptunes And the new label Star Trak Top down, chrome spinnin’ You see the boss grinnin’, I’

2. Lirik The Funeral – Clipse

lirik The Funeral – Clipse Whether they gag me, bound me, hollow point ’round me (I feel ya) Dump me off the side of a bridge and drown me (Uh huh) Spare my family, the details on how they found me (Yes) Vigil by candle

3. Lirik I'm Serious – Clipse

lirik I'm Serious – Clipse Okay, Pusha, minus the T Niggas is talkin’ to blasphemous Tell me, is it these ashy cuts that got you thinkin’ I’m not in touch with that mask ‘n glove Don’t let the

5. Lirik Popular Demand – Clipse

lirik Popular Demand – Clipse Mami you miss me don’t you? Haters wish you? could hit me don’t you? Heh, you should call me uncle I understand I’m back by popular demand That new C-L fly Outside of Popeye’s

6. Lirik Never Will It Stop – Clipse

lirik Never Will It Stop – Clipse Never will it stop, The 50 in the duffel won’t crush, It settles to the bottom like dust, Fuck what ya heard, You ain’t countin’ paper like us. A million in the ceiling I can touch

7. Lirik Mr. Me Too – Clipse

lirik Mr. Me Too – Clipse You know we back, right? Clear the streets out Come on with it, ha-ha, Star Trak Niggas is haters, I’m doin’ deals like the majors Ice Cream sneakers, I signed my first skater So you can

8. Lirik Warning – Clipse

lirik Warning – Clipse Yes yall and guess whos back ballin Them eses found a way across the border and they haulin Creepin, crawlin and Clinton tryna stall em From bouncing these bricks on a nigga like they Spaulding The

9. Lirik Famlay Freestyle – Clipse

lirik Famlay Freestyle – Clipse It ain’t nothin” y’all can teach me I been locked up more times than sweet pea See I’m from Norfolk here’s a coffin if ya sleepy Turn ya children into orphans tryna

10. Lirik Let's Talk About It – Clipse

lirik Let's Talk About It – Clipse I’m gettin’ in the groove now, so I’m like, givin’ it my own shit now Alright, could the drummer have some, y’all? Could the drummer have some more? Said the drummer ain

11. Lirik Ain't Cha [clean] – Clipse

lirik Ain't Cha [clean] – Clipse Hmm, you’re tryna get some good fame ain’t cha? Hmm, you’re tryna slang in tha rain ain’t cha? Hmm, you’re tryna save for tha range ain’t cha? Hmm, you’re

12. Lirik Pussy – Clipse

lirik Pussy – Clipse I ain’t in to fat lippin’, I’m in to gat grippin’ A cat’s slippin’, is a cat drippin’ Why I say that? the cat’s slippin’, the Mac’s spittin

13. Lirik Young Boy – Clipse

lirik Young Boy – Clipse I’m a tell you what I’m talking bout When I was a young boy My mama always told me don’t take no shit Motherfucker hit you then you better hit him back So when I hit the nigga it go

14. Lirik Dirty Money – Clipse

lirik Dirty Money – Clipse Yo wattup ma I got a pocket full of stinky’s Let’s go spin these right quick, what’s that? All my fly bitches like (Dirty money, dirty money) All my stripper bitches like (Dirty

15. Lirik Fast Life – Clipse

lirik Fast Life – Clipse (Bridge) I can show you what my paper like Money first, fast cars, out come the chicks of they panties and Bras Come on I said come on (Pusha T verse 1 I do hits for my go-getters, to my O flippers

16. Lirik Ego – Clipse

lirik Ego – Clipse Yes sir Don’t let ‘cha ego trick your ass ‘Cause this motherfuckin’ tech will get your ass Yes, the semi-automatic tech is know to jam But if it don’t, that’s your

18. Lirik Guns N' Roses – Clipse

lirik Guns N' Roses – Clipse Uh, uh, uh, huh Clipse (Clipse) Exclusive shit (Exclusive shit) Yeah, who Guns n’ roses mafia proses Briefcase money, hot cars, and hot clothes This is the life, nigga that’s the life I

19. Lirik Gangsta Lean – Clipse

lirik Gangsta Lean – Clipse Gimme somethin’ to roll Somethin’ gangstafied Gimme somethin’ to roll Somethin’ gangstafied Gimme somethin’ to roll Somethin’ gangstafied Hey, hey, Star Trak, Star

20. Lirik Got Damn – Clipse

lirik Got Damn – Clipse Cot damn, it’s a new day Cot damn, but the nigga wanted money Hoo, hoo, hoo, oh, cot damn They just can’t understand or fathom my demeanor Unapproachable appearance to how I pack the

21. Lirik Life Change – Clipse

lirik Life Change – Clipse [Chorus] Last night what I seen made my life change Made my life change, Made my life change, Made my life change, Made my life change, Made my life change, Yeyet yet yet I move on, Yeh yes I move on

22. Lirik Trill – Clipse

lirik Trill – Clipse I got jewels, plus wheels Pullin’ up in your grill, I’m so trill Your girl want Cosmos, Cristeels And she feelin’ around for them pills Bitch I’m trill, bitch I’m so
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