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1. Lirik Little Bit Of Soul – Bon Jovi

lirik Little Bit Of Soul – Bon JoviYou been robbed You been used You been crucified and You been abused You been sacrificen and Now you're confused Ain't it the truth You got a hole in your head And a cold empty spot In your big brass

2. Lirik Save My Soul – R City

lirik Save My Soul – R CityI'm feeling like I can kill a manI'm feeling like I don't give a damnBut I mean could you blame meOh maybe I'm just going crazyI feel like I've seen everythingI still don't believe in anythingIs like

3. Lirik Why Did You Leave Me – Westlife

lirik Why Did You Leave Me – WestlifeIf only you could see the tearsIn the world you left behindIf only you could hear my heartJust one more timeEven when I close my eyesThere is an image of your faceOnce again I come to realizeYou have

5. Lirik Soul Sister – The SIGIT

lirik Soul Sister – The SIGITSoul sister Chilling in the street Around her midnight chase With her high heel shoe And her pale bold make up face Soul sister Working late,making money,have some fun She's like a walking time bomb

6. Lirik Undiscovered Soul – Bon Jovi

lirik Undiscovered Soul – Bon JoviR.Sambora She was standing at the station small town suitcase in her hand there were dreams she found inside her that no one cared to understand she never talks about her childhood so much past to

8. Lirik I’m Like A Bird – Little Mix

lirik I’m Like A Bird – Little MixYoure beautiful, thats for sureYoull never ever fade, woahYoure lovely but its not for sureThat I wont ever changeAnd though my love is rareThough my love is true, wo, wo, woahIm like a bird, Ill only

9. Lirik Touch and Go – Ed Sheeran

lirik Touch and Go – Ed SheeranWaking up, midnight NovemberAnd just still in my bedIt's kinda rough, cause since I met yaThere's things we've never saidSo if I go for a little while longerWhen I'm home we can talk about the big

12. Lirik Silent Night – Innocenti

lirik Silent Night – InnocentiThey took my soul in the silent nite Thinks that I'm gonna be just alright Can't you see I've sorry for this before you caged my soul It's more like a play I have to show The play I have to do so They

13. Lirik Hey Soul Sister – Train

lirik Hey Soul Sister – Train Hey, hey, hey Hey, hey, heyYour lipstick stains On the front part of my Left side brain I knew I wouldn't forget you And so I went and let you Blow my mindYour sweet moonbeam The smell of you in

14. Lirik Hey, Soul Sister – The Voice

lirik Hey, Soul Sister – The Voice Hey, hey, heyYour lipstick stains On the front lobe of my Left-side brains I knew I wouldn't forget you And so I went and let you Blow my mindYour sweet moonbeam The smell of you in every Single

15. Lirik Save My Soul – Padi

lirik Save My Soul – PadiSave My Soul - Padi Now I’m sitting in the corner of my roomStaring through the window, watching the sun goes downAnd the shadow starts to creep accross the floorIn this Loneliness, I’m

16. Lirik All Of My Life – Cinta Laura

lirik All Of My Life – Cinta LauraBisikan angin pagi menyapa tiada hentiAku di sini sendiriMelangkah dalam sepi, mencari dan cariBagian dari diriku masih hilangAll of my life, all of my timeAll of the paths i keep passing byHope that

20. Lirik Ba55 – Switchfoot

lirik Ba55 – SwitchfootI want a fire that could burn me cleanLight the sky with my black-eyed dreamsAnd let my soul flyAnd let my soul flyI want a fire burning down the doorLet the wounds of my embers soarAnd let my soul

21. Lirik Always – Ning Baizura

lirik Always – Ning BaizuraHave you ever loved someone so much Deep in your soul Have you ever loved someone so much Deep in your soul Boy I never knew what love like you before You came into my life and left me more You were

26. Lirik Unblessing Life – Burgerkill

lirik Unblessing Life – BurgerkillCrawling In Disgrace! So much pain, that i cannot pretend Restless soul shocking in hollowness.. In hollowness! Emptiness this soul completelly this hole Reallity of this fate is denied in this only

28. Lirik Someone Like You – Gavin Mj

lirik Someone Like You – Gavin MjSatu saja senyumanmu beri indah harikuJadikan rindu setiap waktuTelah lama ku menanti, ingin ku ungkap kataKarena ku cinta hanya padamuForever my heart, forever my soulForever my whole life trough and

29. Lirik Faith – Kaldera Band

lirik Faith – Kaldera BandYour Soul,.. will always be a part of me, guiding like a melody.. Your Soul,.. will always be a part of me, Staying like a melody.. Faith, of my life.. Give me a reason to survive.. From Million

30. Lirik Feel Again – Onerepublic

lirik Feel Again – Onerepublic It's been a long time coming since I've seen your face I've been everywhere and back trying to replace Everything that I've had till my feet went numb Praying like a fool that's been on the run Heart

35. Lirik Ghetto Prayer – Master P

lirik Ghetto Prayer – Master P {Master P prays in the background} Our father, who art in heaven Hallowed be thy name Thy kingdom come, thy will be done On earth, as it is in heaven {spoken over prayer} Hail Mary (Hail Mary) Hail

36. Lirik Scarred – Kevin Rudolf

lirik Scarred – Kevin Rudolf She came from a small town Hypnotized by the big city life She came looking for a piece of action All she got was the big city lifeShe tried to convince herself This was leading somewhere Just like

37. Lirik Save My Soul – Daye Jack

lirik Save My Soul – Daye JackI walk a lonely roadI walk it all aloneThe hope isAll I got isAll I need isAll I want Save my soul Save myA man that could manageTo live life abandonedHe realized his anticsWould leave him in

38. Lirik The Prayer – Kid Cudi

lirik The Prayer – Kid Cudi Plain Pat what up?(Verse 1) My heart thump not from being nervous Sometimes I'm thinking God made me special here on purpose So all the while 'til I'm gone make my words important so If I slip away,

39. Lirik Soul Survivor – Pete Rock

lirik Soul Survivor – Pete Rock From the basics and warm, weather places Dedicated to the brothers that never made it Cut short, they prime read life between the lines Photographed by rhymes yo it's hard times All across the nation

40. Lirik One Night – The Corrs

lirik One Night – The CorrsLong day and I'm ready, I'm waiting for your call, Cos I've made up my mind. My heart aches with a hunger, And a want that you were mine, No, I can not deny. So for one night, Is it alright, That I

41. Lirik Angel – Annie Lennox

lirik Angel – Annie LennoxUnderneath this canopy of snowWhere fifty-seven wintersTook their tollWhere did you go?And I believed in youI believed in youLike Elvis PresleySinging psalms on a SundayWhere did you go?Well she's

43. Lirik Far Away – Alena

lirik Far Away – AlenaThere’s no other word from your whispering voiceThe kind of words that tells me how much you careThere’s no other touch from which i care so muchIt’s the kind of touch you gave me

44. Lirik I Want It All – Konspirasi

lirik I Want It All – KonspirasiI want it all, i want it all I want it all, i want it all I want it all, i want it all I want it all, i want it all Save my soul, save my soul yeah yeah Aku lelah, ku lelah selalu mengalah Aku lelah,

45. Lirik Sect – Aura

lirik Sect – AuraHatred breeds Disorder Strangled by Angels we fell Every Step brings us closer to Dystopia Tear down and sunder your Idols tall! Condemn your Gods Revoke your Faith Control Reprisal

47. Lirik Like The Sun – Soul ID

lirik Like The Sun – Soul IDreff:Feels like the sun when you close to meFeels like the sunFeels like your love is healing meFeels like the sun I need somebody to give me light in my lifeCould it be your love should it be your

48. Lirik I Feel Beautiful – Fantasia

lirik I Feel Beautiful – Fantasia Nothin' I ever did was good enough for you Nothin' I ever did could ever seem to please you You always tried to make me feel small And all I did was give you my heartNever felt pretty enough Never
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