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1. Lirik We Can Do It Now – Common

lirik We Can Do It Now – Common [Jennifer Hudson] Guess I gotta forget all about this issue and try to live my life just like it is whooa, but I want everyobody to remember me (everybody) I will come back 10 years ago (well, hey)

2. Lirik They Say – Common

lirik They Say – Common They say what's happenin'? We say the facts and if, they lie We comin' back for them They might say, but they don't know! (they say, they say) They don't knowThey say a nigga lost his mind But in the

3. Lirik I Want You – Common

lirik I Want You – Common Once the love was strong Now it's long, long gone Cause the pain, came down like a storm I remained, holdin' on Cause I want you, cause I want you I want you, I want youI been thinking bout I been

4. Lirik The Food – Common

lirik The Food – Common I walked in the crib, got 2 kids And my baby momma late (uh oh, uh oh, uh oh) So I had to did what I had to did Cause I had to give (dough, dough, dough) I'm up all night gettin' my money right Until

5. Lirik The Dreamer – Common

lirik The Dreamer – Common For the world world world My name is Common, No I.DFerrari testers, Armani dressers Exquisite thick bitches that body bless us Rest assured, we getting festive in Miami now Told my nigga 'Ye I'm

6. Lirik I Am Music – Common

lirik I Am Music – Common Candy sweet, your words of bedtime I was just saying to myself the other day Most don't believe in the magician, but you're bewitching Because of this I must say I, I, I appreciate what you give to

7. Lirik Nobody's Smiling – Common

lirik Nobody's Smiling – Common Don't stop Getting their trap Hand in the pot Baby that'll do itI'm from Chicago, nobody's smiling Niggas wyling on Stoney Island Where the chief and the president come from Pop out, pop pills, pop

9. Lirik Windows – Common

lirik Windows – Common [Chorus] If your eyes are the window to your soul Open eyes when you're cold If your dreams keep you warm in night Baby just keep 'em closed If your eyes are the window I can sneak in at night In

10. Lirik Blue Sky – Common

lirik Blue Sky – Common Aston Martin king, Luther with dreams The young Denzel the way I move through scenes I'm like a preacher that once was a fiend A story of change that came with wings Pretty as the skyline, the sky is

11. Lirik Come Close – Common

lirik Come Close – Common It's just a fly love song, whatAre we living in a dream world? Are your eyes still green girl? I know your sick and tired of arguing But you can't keep it bottled in Jealousy, we got to swallow it

12. Lirik Retrospect For Life – Common

lirik Retrospect For Life – Common Yo we gotta start respectin' life more y'all You look at your brother man you gotta see yourself Gotta see the God within him Brothers gettin' changed real quick over nothin' We losin' too many of

13. Lirik Driving Me Wild – Common

lirik Driving Me Wild – Common It's this thing now, that's driving me wild I gotta see what's up, before it gets me down It's this thing now, that's driving me wild I gotta see what's up, before it gets me down It's this thing now

14. Lirik Real People – Common

lirik Real People – Common Yeah, yeah You know how me and 'Ye do YeahReal People walk in the streets, the streets is talkin' Often it's beef this city never does people walk and talk in they sleep Cold sweats and wet dreams on

16. Lirik Stay Schemin (remix) – Common

lirik Stay Schemin (remix) – Common [Hook] I ride for my niggas dawg, I ride for my niggas I slide for my niggas dawg, I ride for my niggas dawgStay schemin' Niggas tryna get at me (dawg) I ride for my niggas Stay schemin' Niggas tryna

19. Lirik I Am A God – Kanye West

lirik I Am A God – Kanye WestDamn, here we go againCommon passed on this beatI made it to a clockNow everything I'm not, made me everything I amDamn, here we go againPeople talkin 'shit, but when the shit hit the fanEverything I'

21. Lirik Gimme, Dat, (woy) – Krs One

lirik Gimme, Dat, (woy) – Krs One [KRS One] Right right! (Woy) Bring it (Woy) BDP (Woy) BDP (Woy) BDP (Woy) Now smooth it out (Woy Woy) (Woy) (Woy) (Woy) Alright here we go (Woy Woy)Hi hello whassup and what's happenin? I am known as

22. Lirik Blue Eyes – Halestorm

lirik Blue Eyes – HalestormYou think you're knowing what you're doing, where you're goingYou just fall a little further every timeYou think your life is getting harder by the momentNo one seems to want to help you get it right.

26. Lirik Boss – Fifth Harmony

lirik Boss – Fifth HarmonyEveryday is pay daySwipe my card, then I do the nae naeYou're talking to a ladyI want a Kanye-ye not a Ray JSo that's a no noI'm a Maybach and you's a VolvoThis convo beat like DreI already know

28. Lirik Symba – Jaden Smith

lirik Symba – Jaden SmithI got the famUm, I got the tunesUh, we got the crystalsWe got the candlesWere sitting in a circle, were sitting in a circleCircles and squares, circles and squaresErkels and bears, lets go lets goI'm

29. Lirik Go 2 Sleep – Ludacris

lirik Go 2 Sleep – Ludacris Go to sleep hoe, go to sleep, go to sleep hoe, go to sleep If you tired be quiet and go to sleep hoe, go to sleep Go to sleep hoe, go to sleep, go to sleep hoe, go to sleep If you tired be quiet and

31. Lirik Memories Back Then – T.i.

lirik Memories Back Then – T.i. Ay, in my apartment a long time ago I knew a bad bitch, but she was kind of slow Still gave it up when it's a few of us She let me finger fuck her on the school bus We used to cut school with her and

34. Lirik Popular Demand – Clipse

lirik Popular Demand – Clipse Mami you miss me don't you? Haters wish you? could hit me don't you? Heh, you should call me uncle I understand I'm back by popular demand That new C-L fly Outside of Popeye's eating chicken and

35. Lirik Spotlight – Wiz Khalifa

lirik Spotlight – Wiz Khalifa 10 steps ahead of these niggas, fool Thats why they fuck wit me instead of these niggas YEA! Hahaha, yea, this beat go perfect with my belt Haha It match my Damiere luggage too Joints rolled up, ask

37. Lirik Respiration – Talib Kweli

lirik Respiration – Talib Kweli "What'd you do last night?" "We did umm, two whole cars It was me, Dez, and Main Three right? And on the first car in small letters it said 'All you see is..' and then you know big, big, you know

38. Lirik Someone – Kelly Clarkson

lirik Someone – Kelly ClarksonSo this is my apologyFor saying all those shitty thingsI wish I really didn't meanI'm sorry, I'm not sorryYou had your red flags up and raisedMore traffic than east LABut I drove in anywayMy common

41. Lirik Somebody's Watching You – Rufus

lirik Somebody's Watching You – Rufus You're now aware of your situation You wasted time with contemplation Instead of trying to be so cool my friend Understand this way you'll never winYou say it's darkest just before the dawn You get

42. Lirik Memories Live – Talib Kweli

lirik Memories Live – Talib Kweli Yo, you know what we got to do, man, we need to get a whole cd Get a collection of all the music and everything we've ever doneBringing back sweet memoriesLife, living in flatbush and going to house

43. Lirik Talk About You – MIKA

lirik Talk About You – MIKAWalk through the city like stupid people doA million faces, but all I'm seeing is youI'm stopping strangers and telling them your nameConvincing haters, one day they'll feel the sameWe're common

45. Lirik Pick Up The Phone – Tyrese

lirik Pick Up The Phone – Tyrese Man we talking race cars nigga, this ain't no joke (Hello, hello) Uh, yea (Hello, hello) Fresh out the kitchen (Hello, hello) So don't touch it yet, (ha ha) its hot (Hello, hello)? Uh, we bout to

47. Lirik Do The Right Thing – Ludacris

lirik Do The Right Thing – Ludacris Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Hip hop nation, this is Spiz-ike Lee Been sleepin' for too long, wake up Wake up, wake up, wake upI see the sunshine gazin' through the window pane, yeah Blazin'

48. Lirik Rollin – Game

lirik Rollin – Game [Intro x2: Kanye West] Will I ever change in this life? My grandma said I'll never change and she right Y'all think that L.A. gang banging, shit right Well you finna' find out what the game be like [

49. Lirik You and I – One Direction

lirik You and I – One DirectionI figured it out.I figured it out from black and white.Seconds and hours.Maybe they had to take some time.I know how it goes.I know how it goes from wrong to right.Silence and sound.Did they ever hold

50. Lirik Smooth Operator – Paul Wall

lirik Smooth Operator – Paul Wall I'm a chick magnet, I'm a ladies man I put a smile on your face any way that I can I got the world in my hands, you got the world in your pants My squad pimpin' there, I approach and put you under my
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