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9. Lirik Under the Stars – John Legend

lirik Under the Stars – John LegendHere we are, under the starsHere we are, under the starsHeaven is not so farHeaven is not so farHeaven is not so farUnder the starsWe'll find a love to hold our hand through the coldWe'll find an

11. Lirik Dancing In the Dark – Rihanna

lirik Dancing In the Dark – RihannaCome onI wanna dance in the darkCome onWe're gonna light up the nightCome onI wanna dance in the darkCome onWe're gonna light up the nightUnderdogs dance in the middle of the nightCan see the night

12. Lirik Stars – Alessia Cara

lirik Stars – Alessia CaraKnock on my door, boy come homeYou stay in my headLay in my arms, why won't you?It's been way too longWhat you waiting on?Cause I've been laying hereLearning what the memories won't doSee I need you

14. Lirik Queen Of New Orleans – Bon Jovi

lirik Queen Of New Orleans – Bon JoviShe said: "Baby our love's just like your songs The beat ain't bad but the words are all wrong It's time to pack my bags, it's time to just move on" She sang: "Johnny, I'm gone, gone, gone" And she

17. Lirik Shooting Stars – Andezzz

lirik Shooting Stars – AndezzzDalam semua ucapan kataTerbersit haru dan rasaSembunyikan kesedihankuKu lepas semua di hatiBiarkan terbit tinggi* shooting stars let their wayA gentle tuck, a little swayAnd dancing the nite awayTerus

18. Lirik The Spark – Afrojack

lirik The Spark – Afrojack(Intro)A little bit of misfit dancingA little bit of jojo dancingA little bit of thoughts of mine coming outthe mind of this midnight rambler(Verse)I can't wait til these tunes of mine get me out of

19. Lirik Let’s Play – Nidji

lirik Let’s Play – Nidjilet’s playby the sun and the moonlightwe were dancing by the starlightlet’s playwe could pretend to be loverlet’s get up get updancing while we canlet’s playby the sun and the

20. Lirik Lost Stars – Adam Levine

lirik Lost Stars – Adam LevinePlease don't see just a boy caught up in dreams and fantasiesPlease see me reaching out for someone I can seeTake my hand let's see where we wake up tomorrowBest laid plans sometimes it's just a one

21. Lirik I'm Dancing For Your Love – Rufus

lirik I'm Dancing For Your Love – Rufus I see that guy that you're standing near I know you think that he's fine He gets you hot with his dancing gear But you ain't had none of mineOh, I like the way you move I'd like to feel your groove

24. Lirik Pesta – The Sister

lirik Pesta – The SisterInilah suasana di tengah pestaKu menunggu datangnya kamuTak juga kau datang menemaniTapi ku lihat kau asik dengan yang lainMeratap tapi ku coba biasa sajaLihat ku buktikan aku bisaLelaki bukan kamu

25. Lirik Dancing In The Moonlight – Hook

lirik Dancing In The Moonlight – HookDancing in the moonlight, dancing in the moonlightDancing in the moonlight moonlight moonlightDancing in the moonlight, dancing in the moonlightDancing in the moonlight moonlight moonlightDancing in

26. Lirik A Sky Full Of Stars – Coldplay

lirik A Sky Full Of Stars – Coldplay'Cause you're a sky, 'cause you're a sky full of starsI'm gonna give you my heart'Cause you're a sky, 'cause you're a sky full of stars'Cause you light up the pathI don't care, go on and tear me

32. Lirik Senyum dan Semangat – Smash

lirik Senyum dan Semangat – SmashSempat merasa sedih Karena sering dikibuli Pernah jadinya malu Karena dicibir mulu Bukannya ku tak mengelak Kata-kata yang kasar Bukannya ku tak peduli Semua caci dan maki Senyuman ku tak akan

33. Lirik Paint the Sky With Stars – Enya

lirik Paint the Sky With Stars – EnyaSuddenly before my eyes Hues of indigo arise With them how my spirit sighs Paint the sky with stars Only night will ever know Why the heavens never show All the dreams there are to know Paint

37. Lirik Too Close – Cam'ron

lirik Too Close – Cam'ron I wonder if she could tell I'm hard right now, hmmm Yeah, come on, dance for me baby, ha ha, yeah Oh, oh, you feel that? Alright Come on, don't stop now You done did it, come on, uh, yeah, alright,

38. Lirik Chevy Van – Eric Church

lirik Chevy Van – Eric ChurchI gave a girl a ride in my wagonshe crawled in and took controlShe was tired and her mind was draggingAnd I said get some sleepwe'll get on down that roadLike a picture she was laying theremoonlight

40. Lirik Star – 702

lirik Star – 702 You're my star It's such a wonder how you shine So no matter how far I'm dancing with you in my mindHow I find the time to think about What we had before When everybody that I know is Dancing on the

43. Lirik Dont Stop The Music – Play

lirik Dont Stop The Music – PlayThis little girl didn't care what anybody said She got the whole world dancing to the music in her head They loved to trash her bad, laugh at her and call her names And now they all try to copy her,

45. Lirik I Don’t Dance – DMX

lirik I Don’t Dance – DMXY’all lookin’ for names, I’m lookin’ for beatsY’all lookin’ for fame, I live in the streetsY’all talk the talk, but I walk the walkSchool street, home of the

48. Lirik Dance with Me – Tompi

lirik Dance with Me – TompiThere are lots of bands playing tonight A funk, soul, hip hop and swing A big band concert under the stars So what are u waiting for lets have fun tonite For some gals and gents. All of those events

49. Lirik When I Was Your Man – Ayie

lirik When I Was Your Man – AyieSame bed but it feels just a little bit bigger now Our song on the radio but it don’t sound the same When our friends talk about you, all it does is just tear me down ‘Cause my heart
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