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1. Lirik Danny – Tiffany

lirik Danny – TiffanyHere in the darkSilence is much too hard to bearDon't know where to startI'm hurtin' everywhereIf we don't stop nowWe're gonna loseWe should try somehow'cause it's too easy

2. Lirik Summer Nights – Grease

lirik Summer Nights – Grease[Danny]Summer lovin’ had me a blast[Sandy]Summer lovin’ happened so fast [Danny]I met a girl crazy for me [Sandy]Met a boy cute as can be [Both]Summer days driftin’ away, to uh-oh

4. Lirik Mirror – Keke Wyatt

lirik Mirror – Keke Wyatt Look me in my eyes mirror Cuz I've seen that look before Tell me whats inside mirror Cuz we both agreed no moreWe were so close to getting over him Now you're telling me we're going back Again -

6. Lirik Mirror – Lil Wayne

lirik Mirror – Lil Wayne With everything happening today You don't know whether you're coming or going But you think that you're on your way Life lined up on the mirror don't blow itLook at me when I'm talkin' to you You

9. Lirik Man In The Mirror – The Voice

lirik Man In The Mirror – The Voice Ooh ooh ooh aah I'm gonna make a change For once in my life It's gonna feel real good Gonna make a difference Gonna make it right As I turned up the collar on My favorite winter coat This wind is

10. Lirik Memory Remains – Metallica

lirik Memory Remains – MetallicaFortune, fameMirror vainGone insaneBut the memory remainsHeavy rings on fingers waveAnother star denies the graveSee the nowhere crowd, cry the nowhere tears of honorLike twisted vines that growThat

11. Lirik A Stranger – Anggun

lirik A Stranger – AnggunLooking in the mirror i'm a strangerTo this land and air belong to elsewhereYears have passed me byAnd harder to deny what's missing from my eyesThe path i'm drawn into behind this ocean blueMade my

12. Lirik The Memory Remains – Metallica

lirik The Memory Remains – MetallicaSongwriters: Hammett, Kirk L; Hetfield, James Alan; Ulrich, Lars;Fortune, fame, mirror vainGone insaneBut the memory remains, yeahHeavy rings on fingers waveAnother star denies their graveSee the

15. Lirik Panda – Desiigner

lirik Panda – DesiignerPanda, Panda, Panda, Panda, PandaPanda, PandaI got broads in AtlantaTwisting dope, lean, and the FantaCredit cards and the scammersHitting off licks in the bandoBlack X6, PhantomWhite X6 looks like a

16. Lirik First Love – Maudy Ayunda

lirik First Love – Maudy AyundaEveryone can seeThere's a change in meThey all say i'm not the sameKid i used to beDon't go out and playI just dream all dayThey don't know what's wrong with meAnd i'm too shy to sayIt's my first

18. Lirik 4 Walls – fx

lirik 4 Walls – fxgamjeongiran kkocheun jjalbeun sungan pieonaneun geoltikkeul hana eopsi wanbyeokhaetdeon sijageul neomeonatseon paran bichi pagodeureoeojireophin geon Mysteric (Mysteric Oh oh oh~)nun kkamjjakhal geu

19. Lirik These Times – SafetySuit

lirik These Times – SafetySuitThese times will try hard to define meAnd I'll try to hold my head up highBut I've seen despair here from the insideAnd it's got a one track mindAnd I have this feeling in my gut nowAnd I don't know

21. Lirik Shower – Becky G

lirik Shower – Becky GI don't know, it's just something about yaGot me feeling like I can't be without yaAnytime someone mention your nameI be feeling as if I'm around yaAin't no words to describe you babyAll I know is

23. Lirik Ballad Of Youth – Bon Jovi

lirik Ballad Of Youth – Bon Jovi(Sambora, Morolda) Growing up today There's many mountains you must climb You're not the only one 'Cause everybody's on that line Hey mister know it all What do you recommend You think you know the

25. Lirik I Am – JOJO

lirik I Am – JOJO[Verse 1]Mirror, mirror on the wallYou seem to think you know it allWhy do, why do I believe?You tear me down just to laughBut if I break your shining glassI'll just see pieces of me[Pre-Chorus]No, no

26. Lirik She Wants To – Ten 2 Five

lirik She Wants To – Ten 2 FiveShe Wants To - Ten 2 FiveStanding in front of the mirrorLooking at her selfMessy her ugly dressSo not a girl make upUnbelievebly she fell in loveDeeply in a loveShe change everything to get

32. Lirik Feeling Myself – Will I Am

lirik Feeling Myself – Will I Am I'll be everywhere, everybody know me Super, super fresh, what a dope styling Hunny on my wrist, couple karats on my neck Givenchy, keep the chickens in check All these car keys, drive them chickens

33. Lirik Creepin’ – Eric Church

lirik Creepin’ – Eric ChurchLike a honeybee beating on my screen doorI got a little buzz and my head is soreAnd from my bed I can feel the sunLord I hear the morning comeJust a creepin'Creepin' creepin' creepin'You shot outta

35. Lirik Black Swan – Rainbow

lirik Black Swan – Rainbowgunggeumhaeyo nae moseubi byeonhandago sangsanghaeyomaeil gateun gose gachin naega meomchul sudo eomneun naeganan sumi gappa tosyujeureul gochyeo maejyoppuyeon geoul soge bichin useum naega anin

38. Lirik LOSER – Big Bang

lirik LOSER – Big BangLoser oetori sen cheokhaneun geopjaengiMosdoen yangachi geoul soge neonJust a loser oetori sangcheoppunin meojeoriDeoreoun sseuregi geoul soge nan im aSoljikhi sesanggwa nan eoullin jeok

40. Lirik Mad Solar – Kid Cudi

lirik Mad Solar – Kid Cudi I guess I'm a loony, I guess I'm on one Guess I'm just a star of my movie They say I'm the chosen and so it goes I'm supposed to live and grow old and die alone Talking to myself in the mirror Take

41. Lirik Fixxxer – Metallica

lirik Fixxxer – MetallicaDolls of voodoo all stuck with pinsOne for each of us and our sinsSo you lay us in a linePush your pins, they make us humbleOnly you can tell in timeIf we fall or merely stumbleBut tell meCan you heal

50. Lirik More – Usher

lirik More – Usher Watch me as I dance under the spotlight, Listen to the people screaming out more, and more 'Cause I create the feeling that keep 'em coming back, Yeah, I create the feeling that keep 'em coming back
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