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1. Lirik Digital Get Down – NSync

lirik Digital Get Down – NSync[Justin (Spoken)]: Baby, baby get nasty, nasty and we can get freaky deaky [Spoken low] Baby, baby, we can do all that we want We're gettin' nasty, nasty, we're getting freaky, freaky Baby

3. Lirik Digital World – Kelis

lirik Digital World – Kelis Surfin' for love, spelling my heart out Somewhere real far out in a digital worldMessages to start my day Been sitting on my bus since Wednesday Tried to hit you on your two way Your mailbox was full

4. Lirik Uprising – Sabaton

lirik Uprising – SabatonWarsaw Rise!Do you remember when when the Nazis forced their rule on Poland 1939 and the allies turned awayFrom the underground rose a hope of freedom as a whisperCity in despair but they never lost

6. Lirik Hujan – Inspektor Remos

lirik Hujan – Inspektor RemosMuda memberontak etika yang kononnya akan dipegang sampai ke hari tuanya Jari jemari contoh lidah tidak bertulang yang berkuasa Sains dan agama tidak sehaluan menjadi puak-puak yang lemah Hanya

7. Lirik Talkin' – Three 6 Mafia

lirik Talkin' – Three 6 Mafia Aye my nigga, with tha green hat. U need to shave my nigga. Ah my fault, I mean with tha grey hat. Get yo muthafuckin shave man. Yo whats goin down? Kings of Memhpis (yeah) Triple 6 Mafia Underground

9. Lirik Out Of Bounds – Bon Jovi

lirik Out Of Bounds – Bon JoviA loaded gun needs no alibisOut on the street where the truth's a lieWasted blood that I left behindBroken hearts leave a young man blindI need protection on the undergroundI'm going down, down, down

11. Lirik Star Castle – Avatar

lirik Star Castle – AvatarDomes cover underground Chambers raising a (Mighty) tower tall to the Sky Where the Lords of the West gather Once again to explore the Crystal Night Instruments of Oak and Brass at hand Before

12. Lirik Reign Of Terror – Sabaton

lirik Reign Of Terror – SabatonThe sky is on fire burning black goldEyes of the west turn to eastDriven by greed and an urge to destroyMerciless killing your ownSlave to the power a slave to the goldRuthlessly ruling the eastYour

15. Lirik Oil On Water – Bastille

lirik Oil On Water – BastilleSo her fingers ran away with themselves'Till everything was documentedOur mind it was reaching outTo put into words what their bodies had doneThey lie together, ohOil on waterAnd they lie upon her,

20. Lirik Die For You – Chris Brown

lirik Die For You – Chris BrownMurder, murder she wroteMy blood spills all over the pagesAnd my last breath is a crawlI say that I love youMy dying wish, you can, you hold me close?I'm going six feet undergroundWhere you left meI'm

27. Lirik Last Man Standing – Bon Jovi

lirik Last Man Standing – Bon JoviCome see a living, breathing spectacle Only seen right here It's your last chance in this lifetime The line forms at the rearYou won't believe your eyes Your eyes will not believe your ears Get your

31. Lirik In My Dreams – Kid Cudi

lirik In My Dreams – Kid Cudi Yeah, yeahWuddup, wuddup, you're in my dreams I can have anything and everything I ever wanted, yeah I can think of anything and everything I ever needed Right here in my dreamsEverything is a-okay I

32. Lirik Windpipe – Wu-tang Clan

lirik Windpipe – Wu-tang Clan [RZA] Yo Yo Yo doodododododo Yo pssh yo Yo park the jeep on the street of the Sunset Marquis Autograph sign and pass wit a gold tip sharpee Permanent ink blots undrunk from velly poo scotts All you

35. Lirik Mau Tanya Nie Seputar Lagu Lagu ?

lirik Mau Tanya Nie Seputar Lagu Lagu ? 1. lagu yang bagus apa aja ya (RnB song)? 2. lagu nya J.B yang baru tapi bagus (gk slow) apa ajahh? 3. lagu beat tapi bagus ,,, apa ajahhh?? mohon jawabannya yg memuaskan ea!!! ? ? 1.JB

36. Lirik Where Did We Go? – Avant

lirik Where Did We Go? – Avant Oh, babe, we used to do everything Now it's, it's like we do nothing Oh, oh, in a lot of ways I blame myself but I'm not the only one who plays it We just, we need to talkCell phone, internet

37. Lirik Get Along With You – Kelis

lirik Get Along With You – Kelis Don't need no paper Don't need no pencils Don't need no love letters Cause I just wanna get along with you No beeper, don't need no cellular Though Digital's better, listen I just wanna get along

39. Lirik Loving Someone – The 1975

lirik Loving Someone – The 1975Yeah, you should be loving someoneOh, oh, loving someoneYeah, you should be loving someoneOh, oh, loving someoneYeah, you should beMy heart is telling me the telly isn't telling me anythingI need but

42. Lirik Out Of Hell – Skillet

lirik Out Of Hell – SkilletI've been down in the dirt, lost for so longAnd pushed around, beaten downGot nothing left to lose, all hope is goneGot buried deep undergroundOh, can you see me?Oh, can you hear me?Can you hear me

43. Lirik Something New – Girls Aloud

lirik Something New – Girls AloudGo girls g-g-go go goWe girls gonna take controlYou boys better know know knowWe girls gonna run this showGo girls g-g-go go goWe girls gonna take controlNo noWe girls gonna run this run thisWe girls

44. Lirik Blood Money Pt. 3 – Noreaga

lirik Blood Money Pt. 3 – Noreaga [chorus] [repeat 2x] Yo, new york get the blood money Drty cash, smoke hydro green Sill mix it wit hash To all the weed spots Niggaz know I'm known to cop All the good shit, smell me nigga I'm on

46. Lirik So Special – Oka

lirik So Special – OkaSome special, oka, sabrinaReff: special in my eyes since you’re in my life always on my mind so special in my eyes everyday and night i feel i found home and singing you this song you never be

49. Lirik Time's Up – Jadakiss

lirik Time's Up – Jadakiss Yeah, yo, I'm the nigga with the perpetual oyster bars Mother of pearl delivery, voice of God And, it's hard just being the boss Being I can't go to jail cause them years'll cost me Don't get me
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