Kumpulan disturbed | Lirik Lagu disturbed

1. Lirik You’re Mine – Disturbed

lirik You’re Mine – DisturbedI’ve begun to realizeThat whenever I am with youYou deliver me from the painIn my lifeEasy now to recognizeAll the misery I have been throughIt was beating me to submissionTill the day you

3. Lirik The Light – Disturbed

lirik The Light – DisturbedLike an unsung melodyThe truth is waiting there for you to find itIt’s not a blight but a remedyA clear reminder of how it beganDeep inside your memoryTurned away as you struggled to find itYou

4. Lirik Who – Disturbed

lirik Who – DisturbedWho! Who!Who! Who!Who! Who!Who! Who! You once were someone I could dignify A guiding force, in which I thought I could relyI watched as you began to metamorphosize Can’t face it anymore, it&#

7. Lirik Warning Sign – Disturbed

lirik Warning Sign – DisturbedDo you want this?Do you need this?You know you want thisYou’ll feed on what we decideYou really want thisYou really need thisYou know you’ll want toListen close to what’s

9. Lirik Forsaken – Disturbed

lirik Forsaken – DisturbedI’m over ityou see I’m falling in the fast abyssclouded by memories of the pastat last I seeI hear ir fadingI can speak itor else you will take my placeyou feelin finding…always

10. Lirik Glass Shatters – Disturbed

lirik Glass Shatters – DisturbedStep up! Cause you’re the next one in line for the kill. You don’t believe me but I’m betting that you will. Stand up! I’ll let you live a little bit with the pain that I bring
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