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3. Lirik Bangkit – Nidji

lirik Bangkit – NidjiSaat ku merasaKala Hidupku tak adilKu sadar menyerah bukan pilihankuKu tabuhkan genderangKu taklukkan takutkuWalau cobaan menerpaKu tetap bangkit dan menangBangkit dan menangBangkit dan menangBangkit

4. Lirik 101 – The Veronicas

lirik 101 – The VeronicasYou are the one that changed meYou are the one that keeps me openRight from the start oh babyI couldnt keep my heart from floatingup up up to far away to seeHow your love is got the best of meCant get

6. Lirik Let Me Love You – Dj Snake

lirik Let Me Love You – Dj Snake I used to believe We were burnin' on the edge of somethin' beautiful Somethin' beautiful Selling a dream Smoke and mirrors keep us waitin' on a miracle On a miracleSay, go through the darkest of days

8. Lirik Chewing Gum – NCT Dream

lirik Chewing Gum – NCT DreamChew-chew-chew-chew chewing gumChew-chew-chew-chewChew-chew-chew-chew-chewChew-chew-chew-chew chewing gumnae kkaman seunikeojeureuljigeum meomchuge (mandeun neo)beomineun eoseo nawajoheun mal hal ttae

9. Lirik Nitip Kangen – Eny Sagita

lirik Nitip Kangen – Eny SagitaWis pirang-pirang bengi ora biso turuMergo tansah kelingan marang sliramuNing netro katon nyoto esem gemuyumuAti tansah tratapan naliko nyanding sliramuArum wangine kembang nggugah kangen ikiKoyo

14. Lirik Ukulele – Jay Chou

lirik Ukulele – Jay ChouChuān huā chnshān yo pi shng yī bǎ wū k l lBrn kn qǐli hu xing limng xiōngdChuān xīzhuāng yo jde di g di g nǚ bnBrn kn qǐli hu xing b

15. Lirik Talk – DJ Snake

lirik Talk – DJ SnakeTouch of your skin, blurring my visionSeeing the same film againUnder the tableSign of how this might end!But if you don't want to hold meMaybe I can change your mindCause I'm waitin', hesitatin'And

16. Lirik Itchin’ – Future

lirik Itchin’ – FutureMy fingers, they itchin they itchin for dat paperMy momma said fuck it niggah hit the streets and liveGot some crack in the corner and I did what I didThe neighbors they don't like me I got jays at

17. Lirik My Boo – Ghost Town DJs

lirik My Boo – Ghost Town DJsBoy you should know thatI've got you on my mindYour secret admirerI've been watching youChorusAt night, I think of youI want, to be your lady, maybeIf your game is on, give me a call booIf your lovin'

19. Lirik My Boo – Ghost Town Djs

lirik My Boo – Ghost Town Djs Boy you should know that I got you on my mind Your secret admirer I've been watching youAt night I think of you I want to be your lady, baby If your game is on, give me a call Boo If your love is

21. Lirik Name On It – Dustin Lynch

lirik Name On It – Dustin LynchThere's a four by four, blacked out four doorIce cold six pack in the floorboardThat's got my name on itHot little chick, cherry bomb red lipsSitting shotun, fresh tat on her hipThat's got my name on

25. Lirik Tick – Mike Posner

lirik Tick – Mike PosnerTick, Tick, Tick!Tick, Tick!, Tick!Tick, Tick!, TickTick, Tick, TickTick!, Tick, Tick!Tick, Tick!, TickTick, Tick, TickYou are now rocking with the best!Your boy dark kenAkA Mr representing al thatAnd

27. Lirik You Know You Like It – DJ Snake

lirik You Know You Like It – DJ SnakeSome people want me to be heads or tailsI say no way, try again another dayI should be happy, not tipping the scalesI just won't lay, letting my life get awayI'm no fool, no, I'm not a followerI don't

28. Lirik Jumpman with Future – Drake

lirik Jumpman with Future – DrakeIf Young Metro don't trust you, I'm gon' shoot youYeahHalloweenTaliban, Taliban(I'm gon' shoot you)Yeah, jumpman, jumpman, jumpman, them boys up to somethingThey just spent like two or three weeks out

30. Lirik Middle – Dj Snake

lirik Middle – Dj Snake Staring at two different views on your window ledge Coffee is going cold, it's like time froze There you go wishing floating down our wishing well It's like I'm always causing problems, causing hell

33. Lirik What’s Wrong? – IKON

lirik What’s Wrong? – IKONIf you ever loved somebody say yeah say yeah If you ever loved somebody say yeah say yeah nan geobina dalkomhaetdeon ni moksoriga saranghaetdeon uriga wae tto i moyang i kkorilkka

35. Lirik 100 Black Coffins – Rick Ross

lirik 100 Black Coffins – Rick Ross"Oh, now you are one lucky nigger""You better listen to your boss, white boy""Oh, I'mma go walking in the moonlight with you""You wanna hold my hand?""Hahaha"I need a hundred black coffins for a

38. Lirik Brown Skin Woman – Krs One

lirik Brown Skin Woman – Krs One Aiyyo Kris, yo, yo, yo That was fresh, come with that next shitUh, fat, fat, fat, fat beats How refreshing is it really? How refreshing is it really?Big shout out to Philly in the house G. Simone,

39. Lirik Come To Da Party – Krs One

lirik Come To Da Party – Krs One Come to da party, come to the dance Everyone is fightin' So they fired up, up and away Come to da party, come to the dance To pull out the vinyl So they fired up, up and awayYeah, yeah Hardcore lyric

40. Lirik The Victory – Krs One

lirik The Victory – Krs One Look who just walked in the door Look who just walked in, DJ Premier, huh, word up Oh, you got Poet wit'chu, Blaq Po' whattup man Yo, gimme some headphonesYeah, distort the mic, Marley, I want you to

41. Lirik Gimme, Dat, (woy) – Krs One

lirik Gimme, Dat, (woy) – Krs One [KRS One] Right right! (Woy) Bring it (Woy) BDP (Woy) BDP (Woy) BDP (Woy) Now smooth it out (Woy Woy) (Woy) (Woy) (Woy) Alright here we go (Woy Woy)Hi hello whassup and what's happenin? I am known as

42. Lirik Essays On Bdp-ism – Krs One

lirik Essays On Bdp-ism – Krs One You've got the time I've got the time You've got the timeAm I supposed to stand here? These bright lights, I'll probably get a tan here Scott, turn up the master so I can hear, and talk faster I'm

44. Lirik Camouflage Unicorns – N.o.r.e.

lirik Camouflage Unicorns – N.o.r.e. This voice and I ain't fake, jury niggas faker than they chain The audio, the mixed show, I still obtain Queens legend, it's Nas and it's me Anyone to disagree, I smack em out they misery 16 years,

45. Lirik Wall Street – Royce Da 5'9

lirik Wall Street – Royce Da 5'9 [Intro - Royce talking] You are now rocking to the sounds of my dawg. DJ Green Lantern Bar Exam 2 nigga. It's a motherfuckin' holiday bitches[Verse 1 - June the Great] I slang hope to the world like

46. Lirik Down For The Count – Dj Hi-tek

lirik Down For The Count – Dj Hi-tek One, two, three, four Grimy bitch stomp the bogey outside your front door (yeah) Puffin on Goodie, eatin tuna and rye Blow the spot with some old school shit from junior high One, two, three, four

48. Lirik Iceman – Royce Da 5'9

lirik Iceman – Royce Da 5'9 [Intro: Crooked I] Okay! What we have here? It's what the game been talkin'... SLAUGHTERHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUSE! {BRING IT BACK!} [scratches?]Okay! What we have here? It's what the game been

49. Lirik Come On – Dj Clue

lirik Come On – Dj Clue Come on, BCC, come on, MFC, come on, BCC Come on, yeah, aiyyo Rock, Rock, Rock Everybody say Rock, not Lou from suburbs to PJ's So watch ya hootchie, groupies get dudes beat upOr heat is leave the

50. Lirik Soul Rebels – Dj Hi-tek

lirik Soul Rebels – Dj Hi-tek We don't live for Hip-Hop, It lives for usIt's the eternalist, y'all burn to this, blaze da dro' Soul rebels trap up, we got a long way to go Before this here blow like a volcano We get eternal, this
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