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1. Lirik The First Noel – Josh Groban

lirik The First Noel – Josh GrobanThe first NolThe angel did sayWas to certain poor shepherdsIn fields as they layIn fields where theyLay keeping their sheepOn a cold winter's nightThat was so deepNol, Nol, Nol, NolBorn is the King of

2. Lirik Ex's & Oh's – Elle King

lirik Ex's & Oh's – Elle King Well, I had me a boy, turned him into a man I showed him all the things that he didn't understand Whoa, and then I let him goNow, there's one in California who's been cursing my name 'Cause I found

3. Lirik King Nothing – Metallica

lirik King Nothing – MetallicaSongwriters: Hammett, Kirk L; Hetfield, James Alan; Ulrich, Lars;Wish I may, wish I mightHave this, I wish tonightAre you satisfied?Dig for gold, dig for fameYou dig to make your nameAre you pacified?

9. Lirik Facedown – Matt Redman

lirik Facedown – Matt Redman Welcomed in to the courts of the King I've been ushered in to Your presence Lord, I stand on Your merciful ground Yet with every step tread with reverenceWelcomed in to the courts of the King I've

10. Lirik All Hail The King – Bon Jovi

lirik All Hail The King – Bon JoviHeavy is the head that wears the crownAll the people came to hear him speak from miles aroundThey hug on every word a song in every soundHeavy is the head that wears the crownHe touched the sky to

11. Lirik King Of The Mountain – Bon Jovi

lirik King Of The Mountain – Bon JoviListen people can't you hear the voices that are crying out There's a hunger burning in the heart of their souls Maybe now that I got you let me tell you what I'm talking 'bout Stand up and shout

13. Lirik King – Years & Years

lirik King – Years & YearsI caught you watching me under the lightCan I be your line?They say it's easy to leave you behindI don't wanna tryCut cover, take that testHold courage to your chestDon't wanna wait for youDon't wanna

16. Lirik Lord Of Evil – Athena

lirik Lord Of Evil – AthenaRun and fight to kill the enemy Up your blades and trust your king! Rage and anger, war and hate, victims of evil. Hidden there is lying our destiny so Show no mercy and taste their blood!

17. Lirik The First Noel – Delon

lirik The First Noel – DelonLagu Natal Delon - The First Noel The first noel the angels did say Was to certain poor shepherds in fields as they lay; In fields where they lay keeping their sheep On a cold winters night that

19. Lirik Bad Girl – Usher

lirik Bad Girl – Usher Showed up, shawty What it do? Ooh Pimpin', oh boy, uhWhat cha'll know about a supermodel, fresh outta Elle magazine Buy her own bottles, look pimp juice, I need me one Bad than a mutha, I hear you

20. Lirik Holy – GMB Band

lirik Holy – GMB BandFather we've come to seek Your face Desperate we ask You show the way As we pour out our hearts Come and never be apart We will lift our voices to join the heaven's song Reign over us Lord now we

21. Lirik Head Over Boots – Jon Pardi

lirik Head Over Boots – Jon PardiI wanna sweep you off your feet tonightI wanna love you and hold you tightSpin you around on some old dance floorAct like we never met before for fun, causeYoure the one I want, youre the one I

22. Lirik Glorify You – Kara

lirik Glorify You – Karain this moment let the world just melt away let my Worship find Your heart and bring You nothin' but praise All I have to give I offer up to You yeah, yeah chorus You pour Your life into me

24. Lirik Microphone Anthem – Saint Loco

lirik Microphone Anthem – Saint LocoI never alone I make the zone is stoned I never leave home without my freak to the bone It's the break by the cross with the king I grow A kickback of flashback I'm ready to flow We are the tombstone

25. Lirik Alex On The Spot – Will I Am

lirik Alex On The Spot – Will I Am I've been around the world in the pouring rain feeling out of place, I'm feeling strange. Take me to a place where they know my name, where everyone knows my name...Check it Check it out I'm about to

29. Lirik Even If – Tompi

lirik Even If – TompiThis is like a fairy tale, You're the princess and I'm the king, We fell in love together I feel so happy at the day you came It feels so strong, I feel no pain, This love wonderful Bridge And the

31. Lirik The Dance – Westlife

lirik The Dance – WestlifeLooking back on the memory of The dance we shared beneath the stars above And For a moment all the world was right How could I have known that you'd ever say goodbye And now I'm glad I didn't know The

33. Lirik Undignified – Matt Redman

lirik Undignified – Matt Redman I will dance, I will sing to be mad for my King Nothing, Lord, is hindering the passion in my soul I will dance, I will sing to be mad for my King Nothing, Lord, is hindering the passion in my

36. Lirik Crash Your Party – Karmin

lirik Crash Your Party – Karmin[Hook:]Who do you think you are, a super s-t-a-r?Who do you think you are, you can kiss my oh my god![Verse 1:]All eyes on you tonightSo let's toast to you, you got so much to proveAnd you say,

38. Lirik Golddiggers – Gunther

lirik Golddiggers – Gunther(golddiggers) I’m so sexy (mmmhh) And I love it! We are the golddiggers oao, ooh, yeah We are the golddiggers oaoa, oooooooh, (ahh) The gentlemen are rich and have a lot of hunger the ladies are

40. Lirik ask Lagu lagu Blues ?

lirik ask Lagu lagu Blues ? Lagu-lagu blues yang bagus dan enak didengar menurut kalian apa?? (sekalian nama penyanyi/band + judul, biar gampang download,hehehe).. Oya, dari tahun 70'an / 80'an kayaknya lebih bagus

45. Lirik Whiplash – Metallica

lirik Whiplash – MetallicaLate at night, all systems go, you've come to see the showWe do our best, you're the rest, you make it real, you knowThere is a feeling deep inside that drives you f**king madA feeling of a hammerhead

46. Lirik That’s Life – Westlife

lirik That’s Life – WestlifeThat's life (that's life), that's what all the people sayYou're ridin' high in April, shot down in MayBut I know I'm gonna change that tuneWhen I'm back on top, back on top in JuneI said that's life (

47. Lirik Heroes – David Bowie

lirik Heroes – David Bowie I, I will be king And you, you will be queen Though nothing, will drive them away We can beat them, just for one day We can be heroes, just for one dayAnd you, you can be mean And I, I'll drink all

48. Lirik Twilight Of Days – Athena

lirik Twilight Of Days – AthenaMemories of ancient kings let us understand, It's time to commemorate, time to claps our hands. Remember the pride we had, glories of our past, Don't forget we must defend the honour of
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